News Headlines - 23 December 2016

Pro-Gaddafi aeroplane hijackers arrested, all 118 passengers and crew unharmed, weapons revealed to be replicas

Two Muammar Gaddafi loyalists who hijacked an internal Libyan flight carrying two pistols and a hand grenade were arrested after diverting the plane to Malta this morning and then surrendering.

U.N. chief Ban shows strongest indication of his presidential ambition

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Kim-moon said Tuesday that he is willing to fully devote himself to his home country, the strongest signal yet that he would run for president in South Korea next year.

Barack Obama in clash with Donald Trump after 'abandoning' Israel as UN passes resolution against Palestinian settlements

President Barack Obama has been accused of “shamefully abandoning” Israel after refusing to block a United Nations resolution demanding an end to the building of settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Greek Doctors Help 67-Year-Old Carry Daughter's Child as Surrogate Mom | GreekReporter.com

A 67-year-old woman in Greece gave birth to her own grandchild as a surrogate mother earlier this week, carrying her daughter’s child after a serious illness prevented the younger woman from becoming pregnant.

Venetians hope to solve mystery of giant stone column that disappeared nearly 1,000 years ago

A group of explorers hopes to solve one of Venice’s most enduring mysteries – the fate of a giant triumphal column that is believed to have disappeared nearly 1,000 years ago.








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