News Headlines - 27 December 2016

Three Chinese men charged with hacking US law firms | New York Post

Three Chinese nationals were charged with hacking into the private e-mail accounts of major US law firms and helping themselves to juicy tips on upcoming mergers.

Trump Tower lobby evacuation prompted by bag of toys - CNNPolitics.com

Trump Tower was briefly evacuated Tuesday afternoon after authorities discovered a suspicious package that was later determined to be a bag of children's toys.

'Clean Brexit' could save UK £450m a week, claims pro-leave group | The Guardian

A pressure group backed by a string of former Vote Leave campaigners from Michael Gove to Gisela Stuart has claimed that exiting the EU with a “clean Brexit” could save the country £450m a week.

Health curse of the middle aged: 80% are now 'overweight, lazy or drink too much' as they worry about their children, ageing parents or work | Daily Mail Online

Officials say those in the 40 to 60 age group are neglecting their health because they are too busy worrying about their children, ageing parents or work.
Some 83 per cent have poor lifestyle habits, a major analysis by Public Health England and Oxford University academics has found.

Vera Rubin, who did pioneering work on dark matter, dies | Daily Mail Online

Vera Rubin, a pioneering astronomer who helped find powerful evidence of dark matter, has died, her son said Monday. She was 88.









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