News Headlines - 29 December 2016

Head of Japan's top ad firm to quit after new recruit's death from overwork | The Guardian

The head of Japan’s biggest advertising agency is to resign, as prosecutors launch an investigation into his firm for enforcing excessive overtime after an overworked employee took her own life.

Philippines' Duterte calls U.S. envoys 'spies' over alleged ouster plot | Reuters

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte derided U.S. ambassadors as "spies" on Thursday, responding to a media report of an alleged American plot to destabilize his government, a job he said some envoys were appointed solely to do.

French police hunt 'killer' of Japanese student - The Local

Police in France are hunting for a Chilean man suspected of killing a Japanese student in the eastern town of Besancon, sources close to the case said Thursday.

German outrage after seven young refugees accused of 'setting homeless man on fire' at Berlin underground station - Mirror Online

Police in Berlin have arrested seven migrants who are accused of setting a homeless man on fire in an underground station in the German city.
The alleged attack occurred as the 37-year-old man was sleeping on a platform bench at Schönleinstraße U-Bahn station on Christmas Eve.

Germany plans creation of ′center of defense′ against fake news, report says | DW.COM

In light of the rise of fake news on social media, the German Interior Ministry has proposed the creation of a "Center of Defense Against Disinformation," according to a report on Friday from the German news magazine "Der Spiegel."








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