News Headlines - 14 January 2017

Heavy snow in Sea of Japan areas, coldest day in much of country- Nikkei Asian Review

A cold air mass gripped the Japanese archipelago Saturday, with many regions experiencing season-low temperatures and the Sea of Japan coastal area receiving heavy snow falls.

Australia and Japan to strengthen military ties | The Guardian

Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, met with Malcolm Turnbull and during remarks afterwards both spoke of their desire for “enhanced co-ordination” on issues including activity in the South China Sea and the nuclear threat posed by North Korea.

Japan’s Abe Shores Up Friendship With Philippines - WSJ

During a state visit to the Philippines on Thursday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe aimed to do the best thing he could in the face of the shifting balance of power in Southeast Asia: be a better friend than China.

Japanese company considers three-day weekend as country attempts to reverse long-hours culture | The Independent

A Japanese company is considering introducing a three-day weekend for its employees in a bid to tackle a culture of overworking... The move comes as the country is driving efforts to put pressure on companies to abandon the long-working-hours culture while boosting productivity.

Japan Casinos A Big Deal But Still Not A Done Deal

When Japanese lawmakers passed the Integrated Resort Promotions Bill in December, they answered decades of prayers from casino operators around the world... But legislation passed last month was just the first step in a process that promises to be as lengthy and as uncertain of a winning outcome as this first step was.








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