News Headlines - 24 January 2017

Student Debt Payback Far Worse Than Believed - WSJ

The new analysis shows that at more than 1,000 colleges and trade schools, or about a quarter of the total, at least half the students had defaulted or failed to pay down at least $1 on their debt within seven years.

Bill Gates warns about bio-terrorism threat - Business Insider

Bill Gates warned at the World Economic Forum on Thursday that a new form of terrorism could be coming and that we are not prepared for it.

President Trump rolls out golden rug, curtain in redecorated Oval Office | Toronto Star

There were changes from floor to ceiling as the White House brought reporters into the Oval Office on Friday evening for the first time since Trump became president at noon. He was signing an executive order and other paperwork in his first major acts as president.

Here's how much Obama's pension is worth

All those extra expenses can really add up. In 2015 they ranged from a bit over $200,000 for Jimmy Carter to $800,000 for George W. Bush, according to a government report. Carter doesn't get health insurance because you have to work for the federal government for five years to qualify.

Brazilian team decimated by plane crash gets back to action | Miami Herald

Two months after 19 players and 24 club officials died in a plane crash in the Andes Mountains, the Brazil team Chapecoense returned to the soccer field this weekend.








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