News Headlines - 27 January 2017

Trump and May appear at odds over Russia sanctions at White House visit | The Guardian

Donald Trump attempted to put up a united front with key ally Theresa May on Friday but stopped short of endorsing her commitment to continued sanctions on Russia.

That Old Phone Trump Uses for Twitter Could Be an Opening to Security Threats - The New York Times

He is using the Android smartphone mainly to post on Twitter, not to make calls. But it’s unclear what security measures have been put in place on the device and how vulnerable he could be to someone stealing data or breaking into his Twitter account.

Scientists create a part-human, part-pig embryo — raising the possibility of interspecies organ transplants - The Washington Post

The experiment, described Thursday in the journal Cell, involves injecting human stem cells into the embryo of a pig, then implanting the embryo in the uterus of a sow and allowing it to grow. After four weeks, the stem cells had developed into the precursors of various tissue types, including heart, liver and neurons, and a small fraction of the developing pig was made up of human cells.

Finally, the mystery of Japan’s toilets solved

Toilets say a lot about a nation. Just ask the Slovenian philosopher, Slavoj Žižek, who once delivered a terrific speech on how a nation's ideology is at work in their loos. It’s four minutes well spent, if you get a chance.

'Rock, paper, scissors' like you've never seen it before - BBC News

Members of Japanese band AKB48 played the ultimate game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to pick their new lead singer.








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