News Headlines - 29 January 2017

Judge Blocks Trump Order on Refugees Amid Chaos and Outcry Worldwide - The New York Times

A federal judge in Brooklyn came to the aid of scores of refugees and others who were trapped at airports across the United States on Saturday after an executive order signed by President Trump, which sought to keep many foreigners from entering the country, led to chaotic scenes across the globe.

'The real Q is a woman': boss of MI6 makes pitch for female recruits | The Guardian

The agent known as Q, inventive head of gadgets at the UK spy agency MI6, has always been portrayed in the James Bond movies as a man. But the real head of Britain’s secret service, Sir Alex Younger, revealed on Wednesday night that Q is in fact a woman.
Younger, traditionally known as C, delivered the keynote speech at the Women in IT Awards in London in which he appealed for more women to join MI6, especially those with a scientific or technological background.

Russia rethinks criminal punishment for domestic violence - PravdaReport

The State Duma gave the third and final reading to the law on the decriminalization of domestic violence. Acts of violence committed against family relatives have been excluded from the category of crimes and are now categorized as administrative offense.
The move is meant to address the ambiguous interpretation of provisions of the Penal Code of the Russian Federation after the adoption of the law about responsibility for assault against relatives (the law was passed in July 2016).

France's wild hamsters being turned into 'crazed cannibals' by diet of corn | The Guardian

A diet of corn is turning wild hamsters in north-eastern France into deranged cannibals that devour their offspring, researchers have reported.

IKEA flat-pack refugee shelter is named best design of the year | London Evening Standard

A temporary refugee shelter designed by IKEA has been named the 2016 Beazley Design of the Year, beating the artwork featured on David Bowie’s final album and Herzog & de Meuron’s Tate Modern extension.








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