News Headlines - 18 February 2017

Kim Jong-nam assassination: Fourth suspect arrested as dying words revealed

MALAYSIAN police have arrested a fourth suspect, a North Korean, in the shocking assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s half brother, Kim Jong Nam.

India launches world record 104 satellites on a single rocket

India launched a world record-breaking 104 satellites from seven countries on a single rocket, setting a new milestone for its pioneering space programme.

Royal Train saved from the scrapheap after Queen makes it known it is still her favoured mode of transport

The Queen is understood to have made it known that the train is her preferred mode of transport, and that she believes it to be a cost-effective and convenient way for the royal family to travel.

Protesters in Barcelona urge Spain to take in more refugees | The Guardian

Tens of thousands of people marched through Barcelona on Saturday urging the Spanish government to immediately meet its pledge to take in thousands of refugees.

With greetings from Trump, Pence says U.S. committed to Europe | Reuters

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on Saturday brought a message of support for Europe from Donald Trump, but failed to wholly reassure allies worried about the new president's stance on Russia and the European Union.









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