News Headlines - 20 February 2017

Theresa May warned of 'crash landing' in Brexit negotiations with EU - Liverpool Echo

Theresa May was given a fresh warning about the difficulties she will face in Brexit negotiations with Europe as peers prepared for battle with ministers over the Article 50 Bill.

UK defends Trump state visit offer despite protest | Reuters

The British government on Monday defended its decision to offer U.S. President Donald Trump a lavish state visit and an audience with the queen this year, defying protests outside parliament and dissent from lawmakers.

China grants Trump a trademark he's been seeking for a decade

The Chinese government has granted President Trump and his business something they had been seeking for more than a decade: trademark protection for the use of the Trump name in the construction industry.

Polish woman becomes 1st foreign female pro shogi player in Japan - The Mainichi

A Polish woman has become the first foreign female professional player of the chess-like Japanese board game shogi after her victory in a match Monday boosted her ranking.

Oxford University set to break with 700 years of tradition and open a foreign campus - after France offers Brexit sweetener

French officials met senior staff at Oxford last week and revealed new proposals that they hope would guarantee future European Union funding for a "satellite" base in Paris.









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