News Headlines - 25 February 2017

Trump says he won't attend White House Correspondent's dinner amid testy relations with media

President Donald Trumpsaid on Saturday he would not attend the White House Correspondent's Association Dinner, an annual parade of celebrities, journalists and politicians that in recent years has drawn fire for being too opulent and self-indulgent.

Use of 'weaponized' drones by Islamic State spurs terrorism fears - Chicago Tribune

Late last month, a pair of Islamic State fighters in desert camouflage climbed to the top of a river bluff in northern Iraq to demonstrate an important new weapon: a small drone, about six feet wide with swept wings and a small bomb tucked in its fuselage.

Terror chief Max Hill warns risk of attacks in Britain is highest since dark days of IRA

British citizens are facing a level of threat from terrorists not seen since the IRA bombings of the Seventies, the country’s new terrorism watchdog has warned.

Girl, 5, died of asthma attack after GP refused to see her | Daily Mail Online

A critically ill little girl died hours after a GP refused to see her because she turned up a few minutes late for an emergency appointment.

Shinzo Abe and wife under pressure over ties to ultra-nationalist school | The Guardian

Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, and his wife, Akie, have attempted to distance themselves from an ultra-nationalist educational institution mired in allegations of racism and a sweetheart land deal.









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