News Headlines - 25 March 2017

Who are victims of London terror attack? The unarmed Pc, the mother of two, the US tourist and retired window cleaner

Four people were killed - an unarmed police officer, a mother of two, an American tourist and a south London pensioner - and 50 others were injured after a terrorist brought terror to the heart of Westminster.

This brilliant London Tube message to terrorists is defiant, inspirational, and jolly well fake | South China Morning Post

A defiant message purportedly scrawled on a board at an underground railway station condemning the terrorist attack in London was read out in Britain’s parliament, praised by the prime minister and widely shared on social media before being revealed as a computer-generated fake.

Unite for Europe: Tens of thousands take to streets to demand Brexit be reversed | The Independent

The protest is being held just days before Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to trigger Article 50, which will formally start the process of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

11 New Cloud Types Named—First in 30 Years

This increased use of technology is what prompted the World Meteorological Organization to add 11 new cloud classifications to their International Cloud Atlas, a globally recognized source for meteorologists. A far cry from simple white puffs, these 11 new cloud types roll, dip, and menace their way across the skies.

Shaking Up the Dinosaur Family Tree - The New York Times

This classification has now been radically challenged by proponents of a new tree which, if accepted, swaps large subfamilies around, sheds new light on dinosaurs’ evolution and suggests they may have originated not in South America, as widely assumed, but perhaps in some Northern Hemisphere locality such as Scotland.








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