News Headlines - 26 March 2017

Google Spanks Symantec for Mis-issuing 30,000 EV Certificates

Google has announced a plan to punish Symantec by gradually distrusting its SSL certificates. The move comes after Google says it caught Symantec issuing more than 30,000 “improper” Extended Validation (EV) certificates. Symantec issues more than 30% of the web’s certificates.

Belarus police arrest over 400 protesters; many are beaten - The Washington Post

Police in Belarus cracked down hard Saturday on opposition protesters who tried to hold a forbidden demonstration in the capital — a human rights group said more than 400 people were arrested and many were beaten.

UN fears 200 died in coalition air strikes on Mosul - BBC News

A senior UN official in Iraq said she was stunned by accounts of "terrible loss of life", after claims that at least 200 people had been killed in air strikes by the US-led coalition.

TV show contestants spend a year living in wild only to find out that programme was CANCELLED last summer

Dubbed the ‘hipster Big Brother’, Channel 4’s ‘Eden’ tasked 23 strangers with building a new society in the remote Scottish Highlands – completely cut off from the rest of the world.

Dubai World Cup night: Joao Moreira had a good feeling ahead of Dubai Turf victory aboard Vivlos | The National

When Joao Moreira first sat on Vivlos at trackwork on Friday, the one thing he noted more than any other was that when the Japanese filly stretched out she had a beautiful stride... If the ice-cool Moreira was confident, then owner Kazuhiro Sasaki certainly was not.








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