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News Headlines - 30 April 2017

Austrian suspected of war crimes in Ukraine detained in Poland | Reuters

An Austrian man suspected of war crimes in the conflict between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine was arrested in Poland on Sunday, Austrian prosecutors said.

Swiss spy arrested in Germany ′watched tax investigators′: report | DW.COM

A Swiss man arrested in Germany has been accused of spying on tax investigators, according to a report. The paper "Die Welt" has said the man was working for the Swiss intelligence agency.

‘Swiss Machine’ Ueli Steck killed in Mt Everest accident

Ueli Steck (41), popularly known as ‘Swiss Machine’ in the mountaineering world, was killed in an accident near Camp II on Mt Everest on Sunday morning, multiple sources at the base camp of the world’s highest peak confirmed.

Former Yahoo Japan chief Inoue dies in California traffic accident | The Japan Times

Former Yahoo Japan Corp. President Masahiro Inoue died in a traffic accident in California on Tuesday, it was learned Saturday. He was 60.

Time Inc. Decides Not to Sell Itself - The New York Times

On Friday, the magazine company, home to Sports Illustrated, People and Time, said its board had determined it would remain independent and not sell itself, ending a monthslong bidding process that had involved several suitors.

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ロシア:反プーチンデモ 100人超拘束の報道 - 毎日新聞


トルコ、ウィキペディアとデート番組を禁止 公務員も大量解雇:AFPBB News




バイエルンがブンデス史上初の5連覇達成!…無慈悲な6発完勝で公式戦6戦ぶり白星 | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 29 April 2017

Subway line services halted in Tokyo due to missile launch:The Asahi Shimbun

It was the first time that the operator has taken such precautions to confirm the safety of passengers and trains. Services were disrupted for 10 minutes, and an estimated 13,000 passengers were affected.

Sharp marks first operating profit in 3 years- Nikkei Asian Review

Sharp on Friday booked an operating profit of 62.45 billion yen ($561 million) for the fiscal year ended in March -- the company's first operating profit in three years. The previous year's figure was an operating loss of 161.96 billion yen.

Deutsche Bank executive warns thousands of UK roles at Brexit risk

A senior Deutsche Bank executive has warned that nearly half the German lender’s 9,000 staff in the UK could be forced to leave the country under pressure from regulators because of Brexit.

Germany agrees to ban full-face burka at work | Daily Mail Online

A draft law to ban German civil servants, judges and soldiers from wearing full-face burkas at work has been agreed by the country's parliament.
The move comes after Chancellor Angela Merkel called in December for a ban on full-face Muslim veils 'wherever legally possible'.

Ireland's bizarre genital sculptures revealed in new map | Daily Mail Online

The bizarre sculptures, found in medieval tower-houses, church sites and holy wells, have puzzled historians for decades.
Researchers have suggested the stone carvings, known as the Sheela-na-gigs, may represent fertility - or could even depict the wife of St Patrick.

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北朝鮮の弾道ミサイル発射失敗 米韓が分析進める | NHKニュース


仏軍艦艇が佐世保入港、日米英と共同訓練へ 北朝鮮などけん制 | ロイター






五郎丸、ラグビー仏リーグをお払い箱に わずか1年で帰国 | デイリー新潮


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News Headlines - 28 April 2017

McDonald's drops plan to sell shares in Japan unit | Reuters

McDonald's Corp has put on hold plans to sell shares in its Japan unit, which recently returned to profit for the first time in three years after a series of food scandals shook consumer confidence in the chain.

Shares in Japan's Takata suspended after report on bankruptcy plan | Reuters

Trading in Takata Corp shares was suspended on Thursday after a report that the Japanese airbag maker at the heart of the car industry's biggest-ever recall is considering a bankruptcy plan that will create a new company and ringfence its liabilities.

A Korean War Could Cut Pipeline of Vital Technologies to the World

The crisis over North Korea’s nuclear program highlights just how vulnerable South Korea’s most important companies are to an attack from Pyongyang... Along with Seoul, which has a population of 10 million, those commercial sites could quickly become targets for the short- and intermediate-range rockets the regime in Pyongyang has tested in recent years.

New Nintendo 2DS XL is the 3DS price drop in disguise - CNET

It's a New Nintendo 3DS XL without the 3D. Or, a Nintendo 2DS in a clamshell form. Nintendo has regularly released new hardware variants on its 3DS systems since 2011, and 2DS XL looks like it's the most affordable larger-screen one of the bunch.

Indiana Jones sequel gets pushed back to 2020 - CNET

Indiana Jones will return for his fifth film on July 20, 2020, as announced by the Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm Tuesday.
Harrison Ford will return in the title role. Steven Spielberg also returns to direct the movie, which has been pushed back from its previously announced 2019 release.

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トランプ氏、北朝鮮と「大きな紛争」の可能性 | ロイター


NAFTA再交渉、3カ国首脳が合意 電話協議  :日本経済新聞


ツイッター月間利用者が力強い伸び、株価急伸 | ロイター




資格停止から復帰のシャラポワが初戦で白星、薬物違反で停止1年3カ月 ポルシェ・グランプリ - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 27 April 2017

Venezuela says it will split from OAS as unrest continues - CNN.com

Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez told VTV state television Wednesday that the beleaguered country, which is facing huge civil unrest, would take the unprecedented step of leaving the pan-American organization over what it sees as attempts by foreign governments to interfere in its affairs by siding with the opposition in the latest wave of protests in the country.

Alitalia plunged into chaos as workers reject rescue deal

Alitalia, Italy’s flag carrier, has been plunged into chaos after its workers rebelled against a deal struck 10 days ago by management and trade unions to save the airline from collapse by cutting wages and laying off employees.

Olympus ex-managers ordered to pay compensation - NHK WORLD

The company and its shareholders filed a lawsuit for compensation from former president Tsuyoshi Kikukawa and other retired executives... Previously, Kikukawa and 2 other Olympus executives were found responsible for having ordered the cover-up and given suspended prison sentences. Their sentences had been confirmed.

A Japanese artist takes on a country that despises tattoos - The Washington Post

... a 29-year-old tattoo artist, is going to court Wednesday to fight a $3,000 fine that was imposed on him two years ago when police raided his studio. They relied on a 14-year-old regulation originally intended specifically to regulate cosmetic tattooing, such as creating permanent eyebrows, which stipulated that only licensed health-care providers could do such work.

Humans in California 130,000 Years Ago? Get the Facts

“I realize that 130,000 years is a really old date and makes our site the oldest archaeological site in the Americas,” says study leader Tom Deméré, the paleontologist at the San Diego Natural History Museum, whose team describes their analysis today in Nature. “Of course, extraordinary claims like this require extraordinary evidence, and we feel like the Cerutti mastodon site presents this evidence.”

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米、法人税率15%に下げ トランプ政権が税制改革案:日本経済新聞


それはイケア?それともバレンシアガ? 高級ブランドが安物を物まね - BBCニュース




「死亡」女性をパリの警官が蘇生 宣告から1時間後 - BBCニュース


『エイリアン』最新作9・15公開 “フェイスハガー”登場の予告編解禁 | ORICON NEWS


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News Headlines - 26 April 2017

Toshiba plans to replace auditor PwC after earnings impasse | Reuters

Toshiba Corp, the troubled Japanese conglomerate, wants to replace auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata (PwC) to resolve an impasse over full-year earnings and remain listed, two sources briefed on the matter said.

NZ spied on Japan as part of anti-whaling push: Snowden document - NZ Herald News

One outlines how New Zealand's Government Communications and Security Bureau (GCSB) collected information on Japan's lobbying for whaling.
That was then shared with an NSA agent before an International Whaling Commission meeting in Anchorage, Alaska in 2007, the document states.

Phuket News - Man live streams video of suicide, daughter's murder

A young father and his 11-month-old baby were found hanging at an abandoned construction site for a hotel in an apparent murder-suicide in Nai Thon last night... At about 5:45pm, Mr Wuttisan, using his Facebook account under the name of ‘Tonkla Ja’, posted a four-minute live video of the horrific incident.

Jonathan Demme Dead: ‘Silence of the Lambs’ Director Was 73 | Variety

Demme is best known for directing “The Silence of the Lambs,” the 1991 horror-thriller that was a box office smash, a critical triumph, and introduced moviegoers to Anthony Hopkins’ Hannibal Lecter, a charismatic serial with a yen for Chianti, fava beans, and cannibalism... Following “The Silence of the Lambs,” Demme used his clout to make “Philadelphia,” one of the first major studio films to tackle the AIDS crisis and a movie that won Tom Hanks his first Oscar for playing a gay lawyer.

Ivanka Trump booed in Berlin as she defends her father Donald at G20 women's summit | London Evening Standard

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka was met with jeers from an audience in Berlin as she defended her father’s attitude towards women... She was booed when she described her father as a "tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive".

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北が大規模な砲撃訓練、米原潜は空母と合流へ : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


報道の自由「悪化」過半数 155団体 朝日新聞調査:朝日新聞デジタル


ロンドン住宅が大幅値下がり-高級物件値崩れ鮮明 - Bloomberg


「世界一幸福」なデンマークはイギリス人にとっても不思議の国 | ニューズウィーク日本版


スイスの「レーティッシュ鉄道」で萌えキャラマスコットが正式採用 夢を叶えた“スイス大使”に経緯を聞いた - ねとらぼ


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News Headlines - 25 April 2017

North Korea conducts artillery drill

North Korea has conducted a big live-fire exercise to mark the foundation of its military as a US submarine docked in South Korea in a show of force amid growing concern over the North's nuclear and missile programs.

Trump administration sanctions 271 in Syrian chemical attack | Fox News

The sanctions target employees of Syria's Scientific Studies and Research Center, which the U.S. says partly enables the use of chemical weapons. The U.S. has blamed Assad for an attack earlier this month that killed more than 80 civilians in rebel-held northern Idlib.

Dentsu may face prosecution for overwork suicide | The Japan Times

The labor ministry referred advertising agency Dentsu Inc. and three officials from its offices in Nagoya, Osaka and Kyoto to prosecutors on Tuesday on suspicion of violating the Labor Standards Law by making employees work overtime beyond legal limits.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar joins fight against plastic pollution | GMA News Online

A moth caterpillar commonly bred to provide fish bait feasts on a notoriously resistant plastic, scientists reported Monday, raising hopes the creature can help manage the global problem of plastic-bag pollution.

Russia’s Tatyana Chernova stripped of Beijing Olympic heptathlon bronze over doping | South China Morning Post

The International Olympic Committee says Chernova’s urine sample revealed traces of turinabol in a retesting programme of Beijing and 2012 London Olympics athletes.
In a previous doping case, Chernova lost her 2012 Olympic bronze medal and was also stripped of the 2011 world title – which went to Jessica Ennis-Hill of Britain.

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決選投票へ運動再開 ルペン氏は党首の座一時離れる | NHKニュース


米NSA、日本にメール監視システム提供か 米報道:朝日新聞デジタル


リチャード・ギア、反中国発言でハリウッド追放 - シネマトゥデイ


CNN.co.jp : オバマ氏、シカゴ大のイベント参加へ 退任後初めて公の場に


レアル会長が遂に“ガラス・ベイル”売却を検討へ 現地メディア「1億ユーロの男はいつも医療室」 | theWORLD(ザ・ワールド)


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News Headlines - 24 April 2017

'Anti-fascist' protesters clash with Paris police in riot after Marine Le Pen French presidential success

Police clashed with left-wing demonstrators in Paris on Sunday shortly after projections from the France's presidential elections showed far-right leader Marine Le Pen had made it to a runoff vote.

Uber’s C.E.O. Plays With Fire - The New York Times

For months, Mr. Kalanick had pulled a fast one on Apple by directing his employees to help camouflage the ride-hailing app from Apple’s engineers. The reason? So Apple would not find out that Uber had been secretly identifying and tagging iPhones even after its app had been deleted and the devices erased — a fraud detection maneuver that violated Apple’s privacy guidelines.

Toshiba breaks up its core, affecting 19,000 workers- Nikkei Asian Review

Toshiba announced on Monday that it will split up its four main businesses into separate wholly owned subsidiaries. The spinoffs will begin in July and 19,000 employees will be transferred to the new companies.

Japan Post to record around 40 bln yen annual net loss - media | Reuters

Japan Post Holdings Co will book an annual loss of around 40 billion yen ($363.97 million) on the back of a 400 billion yen impairment charge on its Australian logistics unit, Toll Holdings Ltd, Kyodo news agency reported on Tuesday.

Device in bomb scare at JR Akihabara Station proves harmless - The Mainichi

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) bomb disposal unit was called to JR Akihabara Station when a suspicious device was found in a restroom, which turned out to be a harmless motion sensor, it has been learned.

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【仏大統領選】保革2大政党が敗退、アウトサイダー2人の決選投票に「政界の大地震」とルモンド - 産経ニュース


【北朝鮮情勢】トランプ米大統領 安倍晋三首相に続き、習近平氏と電話会談 緊張回避求める - 産経ニュース


北朝鮮、米空母カール・ビンソンを「沈める用意がある」 - BBCニュース


秋篠宮家の佳子さま 英・リーズ大学に短期留学へ


ポール・マッカートニー「ハーイ」2年ぶり来日 | ORICON NEWS


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News Headlines - 23 April 2017

North Korea Is Said to Detain Another U.S. Citizen - The New York Times

North Korea has detained a United States citizen, the Swedish Embassy in Pyongyang and a university chancellor said Sunday, raising the number of Americans thought to be held by the secretive nation to three.

Germany's AfD picks leaders for election drive, seen shifting right | Reuters

The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party on Sunday chose a tough-talking former member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives and an economist to lead its campaign for a September election in a line-up likely to drag the group further right.

Why gay French men are voting far right - BBC Newsbeat

We ask him if he's worried about LGBT rights and, like most of the FN supporters we speak to, he thinks the same-sex marriage thing is a bluff: a ploy to win conservative votes.
It's a view that's at least partially backed up by the facts. Counter-intuitively, the Front National has more high level gay figures than any other major party, people like Marine Le Pen's closest adviser Florian Philippot.

American Airlines Flight Attendant Suspended After Video Shows Confrontation - NBC News

American Airlines is investigating an incident captured on video showing an argument that broke out after a male flight attendant reportedly hit a female passenger with a stroller while she was holding her baby.

London Marathon: Keitany and Wanjiru make it a memorable day for Kenya | The Guardian

The 35-year-old Kenyan broke from the field after the first mile and, while her stride shortened and the pain etched on her faced grew towards the end, she always looked comfortable of victory. Her final time of 2hr 17min 01sec was the second fastest in history. Only Paula Radcliffe, whose outright world best of 2:15:25 in the 2003 London marathon was set with the help of male pacemakers, has ever gone faster.

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【仏大統領選】4氏大混戦、第1回投票始まる テロ厳戒下、対EU争点 - 産経ニュース


トランプ政権、エクソンのロシア合弁に制裁免除認めず - WSJ

ドナルド・トランプ米大統領は、米石油大手 エクソンモービル が申請していたロシア国営 ロスネフチ との黒海での合弁事業の再開を却下した。スティーブン・ムニューシン財務長官が21日、明らかにした。ロスネフチはロシアのウラジーミル・プーチン大統領とつながりの深いエネルギー複合企業で、米国の対ロ経済制裁の対象になっている。


ときに「The Grey Lady」(灰色の貴婦人)とも称されるアメリカの大手新聞社、ニューヨークタイムズ(以下、NYT)。今年で創刊166年目を迎える老舗メディア企業だが、世界で合計1億5,000万人超いる同名紙読者の約40パーセントは、1980年代以降に生まれたミレニアル世代の若者であることが判明した。

空飛ぶ車はいかが? 予約受け付け始まる:AFPBB News


クリント・イーストウッド次回作、列車テロを阻止した米軍人らを描く! - シネマトゥデイ

2015年8月21日、アムステルダム発パリ行きの国際特急列車タリスの車内で、銃を発砲したイスラム過激派の男を取り押さえ、大惨事へと発展するのを防いだ乗客の米軍人アレク・スカラトスさん、スペンサー・ストーンさん、米大学生アンソニー・サドラーさんの3人が、作家ジェフ・E・スターンとともに執筆した著書「The 15:17 to Paris: The True Story of a Terrorist, a Train, and Three American Heroes」を原作に、イーストウッド監督がメガホンを取るというもの。

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News Headlines - 22 April 2017

WikiLeaks releases more top-secret CIA docs as U.S. considers charges - CBS News

WikiLeaks released what it claims is the 31-page user guide for a CIA device code-named “Weeping Angel.” It can turn some Samsung TVs into surveillance tools with an implant for recording audio from a TV’s built-in microphone.

Sen. Frank Artiles Resigns Over Racist Remarks « CBS Miami

Artiles was chastised for using a form of the “n-word” during an exchange with two African-American colleagues Monday night. It happened when he was out with fellow Senators Audrey Gibson from Jacksonville and Perry Thurston from Fort Lauderdale.

Moritomo files for bankruptcy protection in Osaka:The Asahi Shimbun

The latest development still leaves unanswered the question of whether the wife of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe exerted influence in the school obtaining state-owned land in Osaka Prefecture for a fraction of its appraised value. Akie Abe at one point had been named honorary principal of the elementary school that Moritomo had planned to open. She relinquished the post after the scandal broke.

Ex-footballer Paul Gascoigne injured when he 'confronted burglars'

Gascoigne, 49, saw a pair of intruders at a flat near his property in Poole, Dorset. When he tried to stop them one hit him in the face, causing him to fall and hurt his wrist, according to The Sun. The intruders left empty-handed.

Abortion in Ireland: committee votes for constitutional change | The Guardian

A committee set up to deliberate on Ireland’s strict abortion regime has voted for the constitutional rules to be changed... There has been a strong campaign for women to be allowed to have an abortion in cases of rape and incest, or if there has been a fatal foetal abnormality diagnosis.

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トランプ氏、税制改革案「26日公表」 大幅減税が柱:日本経済新聞




デザインをパクられた? 世界展開の雑貨店 vs 日本のアートユニット


「ゴースト・イン・ザ・シェル」ネットに渦巻く「なぜ?」の声 ビートたけしだけが日本語をしゃべる謎の真相 - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 21 April 2017

Putin sends troops to Russia's border with North Korea | Daily Mail Online

Vladimir Putin is sending troops and equipment to Russia's border with North Korea over fears the US is preparing to attack Kim Jong-un... It comes days after it emerged that China is also sending 150,000 soldiers to its southern frontier to cope with the tidal wave of North Koreans Beijing fears would flee across the border if war breaks out.

4 S. Koreans arrested after \380 mil. robbery - The Japan News

Police arrested four South Korean men on Friday for allegedly attempting to leave Japan at Fukuoka Airport carrying \735 million of undeclared cash, in violation of the customs law.
The arrests came the day after a 29-year-old company employee was robbed of a suitcase containing \380 million in cash shortly after withdrawing the money from a bank branch in Fukuoka.

Police arrest man for 'bombing Borussia Dortmund bus for money' - The Local

Police commandos on Friday arrested a German-Russian suspect behind a bomb attack on Borussia Dortmund's team bus, prosecutors said, indicating the motive was financial and not terror-related.

Leave.EU under investigation over donations before EU referendum | Metro News

Brexit-backing campaign group Leave.EU is being investigated by the Electoral Commission.
The political group founded by multi-millionaire Arron Banks may have broken the law before last June’s EU referendum, the independent body said.

Sony lifts annual profit estimate on lower amortization costs | Reuters

The electronics company said it expected profit of around 285 billion yen ($2.6 billion), up from 240 billion yen estimated in February, it said.
It also cited lower costs for its the image sensor business and other segments.

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パリのテロで選挙戦は早め終了-フランス大統領選、審判の時迫る - Bloomberg


CNN.co.jp : 米、アサンジ容疑者の逮捕準備進める 「言論の自由」認めず

米政府関係者は21日までに、CNNに対し当局が告発サイト「 ウィキリークス」の創始者ジュリアン・アサンジ容疑者を逮捕する準備を進めていると明らかにした。……検察当局はアサンジ容疑者の訴追が言論の自由を定めた合衆国憲法修正第1条に抵触しないか検討していたが、問題を回避する方法を見つけたと考えているという。

フェイスブック、脳で操作するコンピューター技術を開発へ  :日本経済新聞


CNN.co.jp : 経済危機のベネズエラ、国営企業がトランプ氏に多額の寄付


山本地方創生相:学芸員くび発言、大英博物館「事実誤認」 - 毎日新聞


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News Headlines - 20 April 2017

Paris terror attack: French police shoot terrorist dead | Daily Mail Online

A policeman was shot dead while two other officers were seriously injured by a Kalashnikov-wielding gunman on the Champs Elysees in central Paris - just three days before the French presidential election.
The alleged ISIS gunman, identified as 39-year-old Karim C - who was jailed for 20 years for trying to kill officers in 2001 - parked his Audi and opened fire after police stopped at a red light on the world famous avenue.

George Osborne QUITS as an MP before Evening Standard job | Daily Mail Online

George Osborne has revealed he will quit Parliament to 'fight for that Britain that I love' as Evening Standard editor... His revelation missed the main print deadline for the Standard and was only run as a 'slip edition' in a few final copies.

Putin-linked think tank drew up plan to sway 2016 U.S. election - documents | Reuters

A Russian government think tank controlled by Vladimir Putin developed a plan to swing the 2016 U.S. presidential election to Donald Trump and undermine voters’ faith in the American electoral system, three current and four former U.S. officials told Reuters.

Japan Post may suffer losses over purchase of Australia's Toll - The Mainichi

Japan Post Holdings Co. is considering posting impairment losses of hundreds of billions of yen for fiscal 2016 related to its acquisition of an Australian logistics service provider in 2015, sources close to the matter said Thursday.

Waseda student becomes youngest to complete Explorers Grand Slam | The Japan Times

Marin Minamiya, a 20-year-old university student, has completed a challenge known as the Explorers Grand Slam, becoming the youngest person to ascend the “Seven Summits” — the highest peaks on each continent — and conquer the two poles.

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FOXニュースの人気看板キャスター、セクハラ報道で降板 - 産経ニュース


ヘビメタバンド「ラウドネス」、米入国拒否でツアー中止  :日本経済新聞


TPP、米抜き11か国で日本主導…政府方針 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


崖の上の修道院、50人の応募者から選ばれたベルギーの男性が入居へ:AFPBB News


米プロテニスの試合中近隣から「喘ぎ声」、選手は集中できず - 毎日新聞


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News Headlines - 19 April 2017

Bill O'Reilly ousted at Fox after sexual harassment investigation

Conservative megastar talk show host Bill O'Reilly has been dropped from the Fox News Channel lineup following an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment, 21st Century Fox said Wednesday.

Sources: Nintendo to launch SNES mini this year • Eurogamer.net

The SNES mini (or, to continue Nintendo's official branding, likely the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System) is currently scheduled to launch in time for Christmas this year. Development of the device is already under way, our sources have indicated.

First Dog on the Moon's guide to preparing for nuclear war. Are you ready? | The Guardian

Are you prepared for nuclear war? Never fear, all your existential-threat related questions are answered here

Singapore ties with Germany for most powerful passport in the world - The Straits Times

Holders of the Singapore passport can now get visa-on-arrival in Ukraine for up to 15 days, upping the Republic's score by one to 159, Arton Capital said in a press release on Tuesday (April 18).

Serena Williams Announces Her Pregnancy on Snapchat - NBC News

Tennis queen Serena Williams took to social media on Wednesday morning to announce her pregnancy on Snapchat. Rocking a yellow bathing suit with a baby bump, she captioned the photo "20 weeks."

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米空母「実は北朝鮮に向かっていなかった」判明までの経緯 | ニューズウィーク日本版


ロシアで冷めるトランプ熱、「金正恩氏よりも怖い」 | ロイター


トランプ大統領、就労ビザ厳しく 演説で米国優先強調  :日本経済新聞


英ポンドが値上がり 総選挙前倒し発表で | NHKニュース


C・ロナウド、CL史上初となる100得点達成も2つのオフサイドで議論の余地が… - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)


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News Headlines - 18 April 2017

Theresa May announces snap general election on June 8 to 'make a success of Brexit'

Theresa May has called a snap general election for June 8, claiming that divisions at Westminster risked hampering the Brexit negotiations... The move stunned Westminster, as Mrs May and Number 10 have repeatedly insisted she would not seek a general election before the scheduled 2020 poll.

Aircraft Carrier Wasn’t Sailing to Deter North Korea, as U.S. Suggested - The New York Times

The problem was that the carrier, the Carl Vinson, and the three other warships in its strike force were that very moment sailing in the opposite direction, to take part in joint exercises with the Australian Navy in the Indian Ocean, 3,500 miles southwest of the Korean Peninsula.

Suspect in Facebook murder fatally shoots himself after pursuit

An intense national manhunt for an accused killer who posted video on Facebook of a brutal murder in Cleveland ended Tuesday when Steve Stephens fatally shot himself after a police pursuit, authorities said.

Japan Nominates Reflationist, Banker, to Replace BOJ Dissenters - Bloomberg

Japan’s parliament nominated banker Hitoshi Suzuki and economist Goshi Kataoka to the Bank of Japan board to replace two members who have frequently dissented against the policy direction set by Governor Haruhiko Kuroda.

Craig Shakespeare says Leicester 'rattled Atletico' while Diego Simeone admits they were 'living in fear'

Craig Shakespeare admitted he was “immensely proud” after Leicester’s Champions League adventure finally came to an end.

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英首相 EU離脱交渉方針で信問いたい 総選挙を6月に | NHKニュース


ペンス副大統領 日本との2国間交渉に意欲 | NHKニュース


フェイスブックに男性殺害の動画投稿、男逃走 TBS NEWS


デジカメ市場、ピークの5分の1 決断迫られるカメラ各社  :日本経済新聞


仏大統領選決選投票、マクロン氏64%でルペン氏に勝利=世論調査 | ロイター


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News Headlines - 17 April 2017

Facebook Vows to Improve Content Review Procedures in Wake of Cleveland Murder | Variety

Facebook has come under fire for its reliance on users to flag violent or objectionable content. As Facebook seeks to become a more mainstream platform for advertising and high-end video content, the social media giant is under pressure to find ways to better police the tidal wave of content published daily by its more than 1.8 billion global users.

South Korea charges ousted leader Park and Lotte chief with bribery | Reuters

South Korean prosecutors on Monday charged ousted president Park Geun-hye and Lotte Group chairman Shin Dong-bin with bribery in the latest twist to a corruption scandal that rocked the country for months.

Esperance woman dies in shark attack off Western Australia - Yahoo7

Police have confirmed a teenager has died in a shark attack while surfing off the south coast of Western Australia.

How Prince Concealed His Addiction: Aspirin Bottles of Opiates - The New York Times

At the time of Prince’s death, his Paisley Park home and recording compound in Minnesota were strewn with “a sizable amount” of narcotic painkillers for which he did not have prescriptions, including some hidden in over-the-counter vitamin and aspirin bottles and others issued in the name of a close aide, according to newly released court documents related to the investigation into the accidental opioid overdose that killed Prince last year.

John Terry: Chelsea captain to leave club at end of season - BBC Sport

The defender, 36, is the Blues' most decorated player, having won four Premier Leagues, five FA Cups and three League Cups. He also has Champions League and Europa League medals.

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トルコ国民投票、改憲に賛成多数 大統領の権限強化へ:朝日新聞デジタル


ペンス副大統領、非武装地帯視察 | ロイター




米名門寄宿学校で数十年にわたり性的虐待、男女生徒が被害:AFPBB News

ジョン・F・ケネディ(John F. Kennedy)元大統領や米俳優マイケル・ダグラス(Michael Douglas)氏、イヴァンカ・トランプ(Ivanka Trump)氏ら著名人を輩出した米国の名門ボーディングスクール(寄宿学校)が、数十年間にわたる性的虐待疑惑に関する詳細な報告書を公表した。

早くも「非常事態」のヤンキース 怒りの矛先は「いじめ」やすい田中将大に - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 16 April 2017

Toshiba Loses Access to Unit's Cash After Hedge Fund Sues - Bloomberg

Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corp., which had 87.8 billion yen ($806 million) parked at Toshiba at the end of last year, said it had terminated its deposit agreement and recalled the money by March 31, according to court documents obtained by Bloomberg. Hong Kong-based Oasis filed a provisional injunction against Toshiba Plant’s directors with the Yokohama District Court on March 9, asking them not to deposit funds with their parent firm.

Windows XP: Why it won't die for years to come | ZDNet

"Those machines might have been there 10 years, and they're running Windows XP, and they will probably run that until the day they're finally disposed of because there's no reason to spend any money or any effort to change it," said Kleynhans.

Prince Harry sought counselling after 'total chaos' following mother's death | The Guardian

Prince Harry has revealed how he sought counselling after coming close to a breakdown following more than 15 years of “not thinking” about the death of his mother.

Pepsi withdraws advert after social media backlash | Euronews

Pepsi has withdrawn and apologised for a new advertising campaign featuring celebrity and model Kendall Jenner. It follows a backlash for a video that has been accused of undermining the “Black Lives Matter” movement against police brutality.

Osvaldo: 'Smoked with Buffon and Prandelli' | Football Italia

Dani Osvaldo claims he “used to smoke in the Italy locker room with Gigi Buffon” and Coach Cesare Prandelli.
The striker, who retired seven months ago to focus on his music career, spoke to Fox Sport Radio in Argentina and revealed a curious titbit.

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北朝鮮がミサイル発射に失敗か 米韓両軍が分析急ぐ | NHKニュース


仏大統領選:急進左派が猛追 4候補、支持率近接 - 毎日新聞


仏大統領選 工場流出続く北部 経済愛国主義になびく労働者 (産経新聞)


オーストリア:与党「右傾化」で2年ぶり支持率1位奪還  - 毎日新聞


アップル 自動運転車を公道で試験する許可取得 | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 15 April 2017

North Korea 'ready for nuclear attack' amid show of force - BBC News

North Korea has warned the US not to take provocative action in the region, saying it is "ready to hit back with nuclear attacks".
The comments came as North Korea marked the 105th anniversary of the birth of its founding president, Kim Il-sung.

President Trump's decision to drop 'mother of all bombs' gains plaudits from conservatives after recent flip-flops - LA Times

The move by Trump sticks to a campaign pledge that he’ll focus on defeating the Islamic State, which comes after a week of flip-flops on various campaign promises. On Thursday, in this space, we noted that some in conservative media where not happy with his recent shifts on issues ranging from China to NATO.

The rise of left-wing, anti-Trump fake news - BBC News

Since the US election presidential race, fact checking websites report what seems like an increase in anti-Trump, 'liberal fake news'.

Death penalty set for Japan’s ‘Black Widow’ | New York Post

A Japanese woman nicknamed the “Black Widow” for murdering a trio of boyfriends will now face the executioner herself.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s first trailer is here - The Verge

Our first look at The Last Jedi has arrived. Today at Star Wars Celebration, Lucasfilm debuted the trailer for for the long-awaited sequel to The Force Awakens.

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対北朝鮮「最大限の圧力と関与」 トランプ政権が新方針:朝日新聞デジタル


米国:「最強爆弾」の動画を公開 - 毎日新聞


米国:最新鋭ステルス戦闘機を欧州に試験配備 - 毎日新聞


米財務省:中国の為替操作国認定見送り、日本の監視継続-為替報告書 - Bloomberg




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News Headlines - 14 April 2017

VP Pence heads to Asia-Pacific amid North Korean posturing - CNNPolitics.com

Amid increasing tension with North Korea, Vice President Mike Pence will travel to South Korea Saturday, on a scheduled trip as part of his first official visit to the Asia-Pacific region... Along with his visit to Seoul, the vice president's tour will also include stops in Tokyo, Jakarta, Sydney and Hawaii.

United passenger dragged off flight will file lawsuit, lawyer says - CNN.com

The passenger forcefully removed from a United Airlines flight this week has a concussion and broken nose, his attorney told reporters Thursday, adding that the 69-year-old physician will file a lawsuit.

McLaren-Honda brings 3D printing to Formula One

McLaren-Honda is turning to 3D printing as it tries to bridge the gap to its Formula One rivals.

While Nintendo Is Killing The NES Classic Edition In The West, The Famicom Mini Might Live On

On the official Famicom Mini site a new message has gone up today explaining that the current production run for this micro console has ended. However, Nintendo doesn’t rule out doing another batch at a later date.

The Great Japan Potato-Chip Crisis: Panic Buying, $12 Bags - Bloomberg

Demand for potato chips has surged in Japan this week, with products on offer for 6 times their retail price online after Japanese snack company Calbee Inc. halted the sale of some of its most popular chip brands.

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米、最強爆弾「全爆弾の母」を初使用 アフガンでイスラム国に トランプ氏、軍事力誇示 - 産経ニュース


米軍:「先制攻撃の準備」 北朝鮮、核実験強行なら NBC報道 - 毎日新聞


スロベニアのホテルに共産主義時代の盗聴室、改装工事で発見 | ロイター


ウォール街「雄牛」作家、「恐れ知れずの少女」撤去求める - BBCニュース


ミラン、中国資本への売却が正式決定…ベルルスコーニ体制に終幕 | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 13 April 2017

North Korea 'to perform nuclear test to mark Day of Sun' | Daily Mail Online

New satellite images have emerged purportedly showing how North Korea is preparing to detonate a nuclear bomb to coincide with its 'Day of the Sun' national day on Saturday.

Foreign journalists in North Korea gather for 'big and important event' amid tensions

Foreign journalists visiting North Korea gathered in Pyongyang for "a big and important event" on Thursday with tensions high over the possibility of a new weapons test by the isolated state and as a US carrier group sails towards the Korean peninsula.

Beslan school siege: European court condemns Russia for role in 2004 massacre | The Independent

The European Court of Human Rights has condemned Russia over its failure to protect the hundreds of people who died when Chechen militants took over a school in Beslan in 2004.

NASA: Saturn's moon Enceladus has all the basic ingredients for life - ScienceAlert

NASA scientists have found more evidence that Saturn's icy moon Enceladus could support life: the presence of hydrogen molecules in huge geysers of water shooting up from the surface.

What happens if Leicester City win the Champions League & Man Utd win the Europa League? - Goal.com

The winners of both the Champions League and Europa League are guaranteed participation in next season's Champions League while no country is allowed more than five participants in the competition.
That means, if both Leicester City and Manchester United go on to lift European silverware and finish outside the top four, then only the top three in the Premier League will qualify for Europe's premier club competition.

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トルコ保健相 シリアでのサリン使用を確認 | NHKニュース


東芝の半導体事業売却手続きは「合弁契約に違反」、WDが抗議 | ロイター


英デイリー・メールがトランプ夫人に謝罪し記事撤回、賠償金も | ロイター


ドルトムントはミス絡みで3失点も…香川の1ゴール1アシストで望みつなぐ | ゲキサカ


ネイマールのクラシコ欠場が決定…審判への侮辱行為で3試合出場停止 | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 12 April 2017

Russia Vetoes U.N. Resolution Condemning Syria Chemical Attack - The New York Times

The United States, France and Britain had sponsored a draft resolution that would have strengthened the ability of international investigators to look into the details of a chemical attack in Syria on April 4. The resolution won 10 votes, but Russia vetoed it. China abstained.

Dollar hits 5-month low in lower 109 yen range on N. Korea worries - The Mainichi

The U.S. dollar hit a five-month low in the lower 109 yen range Wednesday in Tokyo as traders favored safe-haven assets including the Japanese currency amid worries about possible military action by the United States against North Korea.

Brazil's corruption scandal nabs more politicians, including 8 Cabinet members, and Brazilians cheer - LA Times

Fernanda Santini, an elementary school teacher in Sao Paulo, seemed to sum up the feelings of many Brazilians when a Supreme Court justice this week released a list of politicians being investigated on corruption allegations.

Biggest asteroid in 13 years is going to fly past Earth next Wednesday | Metro News

The asteroid, known as 2014 JO25, will sail safely past 1.1 million miles away – but NASA says, ‘this will be a very close approach for an asteroid of this size’.

Luis Enrique takes blame for Barcelona defeat to Juventus | Sky Sports

Barcelona coach Luis Enrique slammed his under-performing players after a "nightmare" 3-0 loss to Juventus that has severely dented the Spanish giants' Champions League hopes.

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米、北朝鮮攻撃に言及 日本政府に今月説明 - 共同通信 47NEWS


【サッカー】ドルトムントのチームバス ホテルを出た直後に爆発 側面に大きなひび - 産経ニュース


米大統領報道官「ヒトラーは化学兵器使用せず」 ユダヤ人大虐殺を軽視と批判浴び謝罪に追い込まれる - 産経ニュース




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News Headlines - 11 April 2017

Toshiba posts net loss of $4.81 billion for April-December- Nikkei Asian Review

The earnings report came without its auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata, signing off on the numbers as the two sides disagreed over internal governance at Toshiba's nuclear power subsidiary Westinghouse Electric, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection late last month. Earnings reports are usually accompanied by a statement from the company's auditor certifying the results.

Japan gov't approves Osaka's bid to host 2025 World Expo - The Mainichi

The western Japanese city will be pitted against Paris, while Russia is also seen as moving to announce its candidacy to host the world's fair... The host will be decided through a vote by member countries of the expo's governing body, the Bureau International des Expositions, at its general meeting in November 2018.

FBI obtained FISA warrant to monitor Trump adviser Carter Page - The Washington Post

The FBI obtained a secret court order last summer to monitor the communications of an adviser to presidential candidate Donald Trump, part of an investigation into possible links between Russia and the campaign, law enforcement and other U.S. officials said.

Resurrection did not happen, say quarter of Christians - BBC News

A quarter of people who describe themselves as Christians in Great Britain do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus, a survey commissioned by the BBC suggests.

The Masters had its lowest TV rating in 13 years. Why? - Golf Digest

"The weather can be an important factor," said Pilson, who also teaches at Columbia. "Extraordinarily good weather in parts of the country can bring numbers down. Cumulative number watching could be down for all television audiences."

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「パナマ文書」報道にピュリツァー賞 租税回避実態暴く:朝日新聞デジタル


ドイツの若年有権者、ほぼ半分がメルケル首相を支持=世論調査 | ロイター


米テスラ、株価最高値更新で時価総額はGM抜き業界首位 | ロイター



FIT廃止を見越して、電力会社として世界で初めて家庭向けに蓄電池を売り出したのが、オーストラリアの大手電力会社であるAGLだ。同社は2015年5月から、台湾AU オプトロニクス製のリチウムイオン蓄電池を内蔵した容量7.2kWhの蓄電池システムを供給してきた。……PCS(パワーコンディショナー)や制御システム、太陽光パネルとの接続機器を一体化したもので、価格は1台1万豪ドル(約85万円)以下とした。これは、それまでのリチウムイオン蓄電池システムの3分の1程度という安さだ。

ユナイテッド航空、定員超過でアジア系乗客を引きずり降ろす ネットに動画流れ非難殺到 - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 10 April 2017

Donald Trump puts Australia on North Korean rocket alert | Daily Telegraph

AUSTRALIA and its allies have been put on standby for the possibility of the United States shooting down test rockets launched by North Korea.

China 'deploys 150,000 troops to North Korea border' | Daily Mail Online

The Chinese army has reportedly deployed 150,000 troops to the North Korean border to prepare for pre-emptive attacks after the United States dropped airstrikes on Syria.

Egypt declares state of emergency after deadly church attacks - BBC News

Egypt's President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has announced a three-month state of emergency after attacks on two Coptic churches that left at least 44 dead.

United Airlines Passenger Is Dragged From an Overbooked Flight - The New York Times

At least two passengers documented the physical confrontation and the man’s anguished protests, and their videos spread rapidly online on Monday as people criticized the airline’s tactics. A security officer involved in the episode has been placed on leave, the authorities said, and the federal Transportation Department is investigating whether the airline complied with rules regarding overbooking.

Manchester police deal with 31 Spice-related calls in 24 hours - BBC News

Concerns over an increase in anti-social behaviour fuelled by former legal high spice - said to leave users in a "zombie-like" state - has prompted a police crackdown in Manchester.

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ノルウェー首都に爆弾、17歳ロシア人逮捕 警戒レベル引き上げ:AFPBB News


CNN.co.jp : シリア大統領のおじの不動産差し押さえ スペイン最高裁


驚愕 世界中のビジネスを「コピペ」して丸儲け!|ドイツ「ロケット・インターネット」戦略の全貌 | クーリエ・ジャポン


SFが現実に レーザー兵器、米軍でついに実用化迫る:AFPBB News

軍需・防衛大手のボーイング(Boeing)、ロッキード・マーチン(Lockheed Martin)、ノースロップ・グラマン(Northrop Grumman)、レイセオン(Raytheon)はこぞって、国防総省向けにレーザー兵器の試作品を開発している。

キャリー・フィッシャーさん死去も…『スター・ウォーズ』エピソード9にレイア姫登場へ - シネマトゥデイ

映画『スター・ウォーズ』シリーズでレイア姫を演じてきたキャリー・フィッシャーさんはエピソード9撮影前の昨年12月に急逝してしまったものの、レイア姫は同作に登場することになるようだ。キャリーさんの弟であるトッド・フィッシャーが、エピソード7および8のために撮影された彼女の素材を、エピソード9で使うことをディズニーに許可したと NY Daily News に語った。

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News Headlines - 09 April 2017

Deadly bomb blasts hit churches in Egypt | DW.COM

Two Coptic Christian churches have been targeted in bombings, the deadliest to hit the community in months. The Coptic community has witnessed a sharp rise in targeted attacks by extremists in the past year.

Norway police neutralize explosive device, arrest suspect | Fox News

Norway's police have defused an explosive device found near a busy subway station in the capital and arrested a suspect.

After Aung San Suu Kyi’s First Year in Power, Dismay Swirls in Myanmar - The New York Times

The world has been shocked by reports that the military has carried out atrocities, including rape and murder, against the Rohingya, a Muslim minority in western Myanmar, but Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi has said little on the matter and done even less.

The inflammatory telegram that pushed the US into World War One - BBC News

When Congress finally gave its approval to go to war in April 1917 it was a decision most observers at the time regarded as unavoidable. Author Patrick Gregory explains how the US got to that point.

Travel websites ticked off over 'misleading' claims - BBC News

Websites that show bargain prices for flights, hotels and other travel bookings, are not giving customers accurate information, say European consumer protection authorities.

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米空母打撃群が朝鮮半島へ - 産経ニュース


フェイクニュース対策 グーグル検索画面に検証結果表示へ | NHKニュース




CNN.co.jp : フェイスブックがリベンジポルノ防止策、同意なしの投稿阻止


CNN.co.jp : 派手なメークのプーチン氏画像、ロシア政府が拡散禁じる


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News Headlines - 08 April 2017

China and the United States 'agree to greater cooperation' in curbing North Korea's nuclear ambitions

The United States and China will increase their cooperation in convincing North Korea to curb its nuclear ambitions, Rex Tillerson the US secretary of state said on Friday.

Video shows US launching cruise missiles - BBC News

The Pentagon has released video of cruise missiles being launched from US ships, targeted at a Syrian government air base.

Stockholm attack: Arrested man was lorry driver, police say - BBC News

The man, who was arrested in the north of the city, has not been named, but Swedish media say he is from Uzbekistan.
Four people were killed and 15 were injured when the lorry crashed into the front of a department store.

Norway to build world’s first shipping tunnel | The Independent

Norway plans to build the world's first tunnel for ships, a 1,700-metre (5,610-feet) passageway burrowed through a piece of rocky peninsula that will allow vessels to avoid a treacherous part of sea.

Fox bid for Sky given green light by Brussels

The European Commission has unconditionally approved the £11.7bn takeover of Sky by 21st Century Fox, saying it would raise no competition concerns in Europe.

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在韓米軍への核再配備を検討 米NSC、大統領に提案 :日本経済新聞


米共和党が上院で「核のオプション」 米最高裁判事承認めぐり規則変更 - BBCニュース


スペイン・バスク地方の過激派組織、8日に完全武装解除 - BBCニュース


CNN.co.jp : 新50ユーロ紙幣が登場、非難の的の獣脂は使わず


米の金融引き締め新段階 FRB、資産縮小「年内に開始」  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 07 April 2017

Twitter forces US to drop demand for Trump critic's details - BBC News

The US government has dropped its request for the identity of an anti-Trump Twitter account, just a day after Twitter went to court over the issue.
@ALT_USCIS anonymously criticised President Trump’s immigration policy, and claimed to be run by employees at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The internet poised to dethrone TV as ad king- Nikkei Asian Review

The rise of smartphones provides a tailwind for spending on internet ads, which is expected to grow 13% this year to $205 billion globally and take the top spot for the first time, according to U.K. research firm ZenithOptimedia. The company projects television ad expenditures to grow only 1% to $192 billion.

Sunoco to sell 1,110 U.S. stores to 7-Eleven operator for $3.3 billion | Reuters

Sunoco LP said on Thursday it would sell 1,110 convenience stores to Japan's Seven & i Holdings Co for $3.3 billion as the Texas-based company shifts its focus to its fuel supply business.

Embattled French candidate Fillon pelted with flour at campaign rally - France 24

France's scandal-plagued conservative candidate François Fillon was hit in the face with flour on Thursday by a young man wearing a Fillon T-shirt as he prepared to address supporters in the eastern city of Strasbourg.

MTV Movie and TV awards go gender neutral - BBC Newsbeat

MTV's scrapped the male and female categories for its movie and TV awards show.
The network has announced separate awards for best actor and actress will be replaced by "non-gendered" prizes.

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米軍がシリア アサド政権へミサイル攻撃 ロシアは強く反発 | NHKニュース


トランプ米大統領の声明全文  :日本経済新聞





YouTubeは4月6日(現地時間)、視聴回数が1万回未満のチャンネルには広告を表示しないとYouTube Creator Blog内で発表した。……また、数週間後にYPP(YouTubeパートナープログラム)に参加するための審査プロセスを追加するという。



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News Headlines - 06 April 2017

Japan's economy marks third-longest postwar recovery - Nikkei Asian Review

March would mark the 52nd month of recovery since Shinzo Abe returned to the prime minister's office in December 2012, ushering in the pro-growth policy dubbed Abenomics. That streak edges out the 51-month expansion during Japan's asset-price bubble from 1986 to 1991. Should it last through September, it will surpass the 57-month recovery seen in the 1965-1970 "Izanagi boom" as well.

Toshiba rises on reports Hon Hai offers more than $18bn for chip unit

Shares in Toshiba have jumped in morning trade following renewed reports Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry is offering more than \‎2tn ($18bn) for the conglomerate’s prized memory chip business.

USITC says investigating Toshiba flash memory devices | Reuters

U.S. International Trade Commission says investigating Toshiba flash memory devices
USITC says investigating at request of Taiwan's Macronix International
USITC says Macronix International alleges patent violations by Toshiba flash memory devices

Crown-of-thorns starfish DNA reveals coral killer's weakness - Science News - ABC News

A unique messaging system used by the crown-of-thorns starfish to 'talk' to each other could hold the key to saving the Great Barrier Reef from the marine predator's devastating attacks.

Leicester’s Ahmed Musa considering legal action over reports he beat up wife | The Guardian

The Leicester forward Ahmed Musa is considering legal action after his agent described reports that he was arrested for beating up his wife on her birthday as “inaccurate”.

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バノン上級顧問、NSCから外れる マクマスター氏と対立か | ロイター


仏大統領選で勝利ならオランド大統領を司法介入で調査=フィヨン氏 | ロイター






ポップソングのイントロ、過去30年で短縮 聞き手も早送り傾向 研究:AFPBB News

米オハイオ州立大学(Ohio State University)の博士課程で音楽理論を研究しているユベール・レベイエ・ゴーバン氏(Hubert Leveille Gauvin)氏は、1986~2015年までの米ビルボード(Billboard)年間ヒットチャート上位10曲を分析した。

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News Headlines - 05 April 2017

North Korean missile fired ahead of US-China summit - BBC News

North Korea has test-fired a medium-range ballistic missile from its eastern port of Sinpo into the Sea of Japan.

Japan PM Abe says he, Trump agree North Korea missile launch a 'serious threat' | Reuters

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Thursday that he and U.S. President Donald Trump agreed in a telephone call that North Korea's latest ballistic missile launch was "a dangerous provocation and a serious threat."

Emperor, empress welcome Spain's royal couple at Imperial Palace - The Mainichi

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko on Wednesday welcomed Spain's King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, who are visiting Japan as state guests, at the Imperial Palace, with Crown Prince Naruhito and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also attending a related event there.

France's Macron clashes with Le Pen, poll sees him as having best program | Reuters

Centrist Emmanuel Macron kept his position as favorite to win France's presidential election after a televised debate on Tuesday night in which he clashed sharply with his main rival, Marine Le Pen, over Europe, just 19 days before the election.
Macron was seen as having the best political program, according to a snap survey that also placed him as the second most convincing performer in a four-hour marathon that involved all 11 candidates.

Assad chemical attack in Syria's Idlib kills at least 100 | Daily Mail Online

President Bashar al-Assad has been accused of a sarin gas attack in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib that killed up to 100 civilians, including at least 11 children, on Tuesday.

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「ルペン氏当選阻止」は方便? 社会党、造反続出で分裂状態 - 産経ニュース


英ロンドンに19年から超低排ガス地域、当初案から設置前倒し | ロイター


東芝 イギリスの原発会社の全株式の買い取りを発表 | NHKニュース


離脱後もEUへのビザなし旅行維持を、英国旅行業協会が訴え | ロイター


「Ustream」ひっそりと終了 - ITmedia ビジネスオンライン

ライブ動画配信サービスとして知られた「Ustream」が終了し、4月1日から米IBMのクラウド動画サービス「IBM Cloud Video」に変わった。運営元の米Ustreamが2016年1月に米IBMに買収されたためだ。誰もが配信できるライブ動画のムーブメントを起こし、一世を風靡したサービスのひっそりとした幕切れは、IT業界の移り変わりの早さを改めて浮き彫りにしている。

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News Headlines - 04 April 2017

OpPlan 5027 Exposed to Hackers

In an exclusive report, it has been made known that a South Korea-U.S. key war plan was exposed in a hacking attack in September of last year. While pointing to North Korea, the ministry had initially believed that there was no major security breach. However, recent investigations have revealed otherwise... It turned out to be more serious. KBS has learned that military prosecutors and other investigators recently concluded that the wartime operations plan(OpPlan) 5027 was exposed to the hackers during the attack.

Idlib chemical weapons attack: Hospitals treating patients for 'toxic gas' exposure bombed in Syria | The Independent

Children are among dozens of civilians killed in what is feared to be the worst chemical weapons attack in Syria in almost four years.

Pope urges Prince Charles to work for world peace at Vatican meeting in Rome | London Evening Standard

Pope Francis today urged the Prince of Wales to work to bring peace in the world when the pair met in Rome for the first time.

Trump Donates First-Quarter Salary to National Park Service - The New York Times

President Trump, who promised to work for free, donated his salary for the first quarter of the year on Monday to the National Park Service, which, like other government agencies, faces major cuts in the president’s first budget proposal.

Leicester still aren't safe from relegation, says Craig Shakespeare after fifth successive Foxes win | The Independent

Craig Shakespeare claimed resurgent Leicester City still aren’t safe from going down, despite pulling nine points clear of the relegation zone thanks to a fifth successive win which saw them put two past struggling Sunderland. The victory makes the champions’ recently promoted coach the first British manager to have won his first five games in the Premier League in what has been a remarkable run and transformation, but he also insisted it still doesn’t feel “easy”.

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【ロシア地下鉄爆発】プーチン氏滞在中の衝撃 IS、チェチェン、民族派…政権覆う不安要因 - 産経ニュース


仏パリで中国人ら6000人デモ、警官の中国人男性射殺に抗議続く:AFPBB News


米最高裁判事の指名、上院共和党は規則変更し7日に採決強行か | ロイター


背水 三菱重工(3)「正常とは思えない」  :日本経済新聞


アンドロイドが初の首位 OSでウィンドウズ抜く  :日本経済新聞


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News Headlines - 03 April 2017

St Petersburg Metro explosion: At least 10 dead as blast rocks underground network in Russia | London Evening Standard

At least 10 people were killed and 47 more injured after an explosion on the Metro system of the Russian city of St Petersburg.

Donald Trump warns China the US is ready to tackle North Korea

In an interview with the Financial Times, the US president said he would discuss the growing threat from Kim Jong Un’s nuclear programme with Xi Jinping when he hosts the Chinese president at his Florida resort this week, in their first meeting.

King meets UK premier over ties, region | Jordan Times

His Majesty King Abdullah on Monday discussed with visiting UK Prime Minister Theresa May bilateral relations and international and regional developments, a Royal Court statement said.

British government cuts stake in Lloyds Bank to below 2 percent | Reuters

The British government has reduced its holding in Lloyds Banking Group PLC to less than 2 percent, putting the lender on track to be in full private ownership within weeks... The government spent more than 136.6 billion pounds rescuing some of Britain's biggest high street lenders at the height of the financial crisis, including Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds, but has so far only managed to recoup half of that money.

Pining for cleaner air in the Norwegian fjords

It might be slow, but the romance of commuting by ferry is not lost on Trond Bonesmo as he boards MF Norangsfjord for the crossing from Magerholm to Sykkylven.

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ロシア:首都「反政府デモ」 若者ら29人が拘束 - 毎日新聞


セルビア大統領選:親EUのブチッチ首相勝利へ - 毎日新聞


リトアニア独立宣言の原本を発見、独外務省の書庫で | ロイター




C・ロナルド空港の胸像、製作者は「本人の指示通り」と主張 | ロイター


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News Headlines - 02 April 2017

Spain drops plan to impose veto if Scotland tries to join EU | The Guardian

Spain has said it would not veto an attempt by an independent Scotland to join the EU, in a boost to Nicola Sturgeon’s campaign for a second independence referendum and the clearest sign yet that Brexit has softened Madrid’s longstanding opposition.

Brexit: Theresa May 'would go to war' to defend Gibraltar | Metro News

But Lord Michael Howard said there was ‘no question’ about the UK’s stance on the sovereignty of Gibraltar
This comes after the Prime Minister told Gibraltar’s chief minister that Britain will never allow Spain to take over the island against its will.

At least 18 injured in bonfire blast at Paris carnival

At least 18 people were injured, five of them seriously, in an explosion at a crowded Paris carnival attended by about 1,000 children on Saturday.

Trafficked and enslaved: the teenagers tending UK cannabis farms | The Guardian

Vietnamese teens are tending Britain’s makeshift drug factories in empty buildings from suburban homes to a nuclear bunker. Here are their stories

Japan's 1st outdoor Legoland park opens in Nagoya | ABS-CBN News

Japan's first outdoor Legoland park opened in Nagoya on Saturday, with the major new attraction raising hopes that more foreign tourists will visit the area and deliver an economic boon to the country's third largest business region.

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【英議会テロ】テロ準備容疑者、全員を釈放 ロンドン警視庁、IS接点見当たらず…単独犯か - 産経ニュース


【英EU離脱】「主権取り戻せる」「孤立する」英国民や東欧移民ら、交錯する声 - 産経ニュース


アサヒ、東欧ビール事業の買収手続き完了  :日本経済新聞



スイス・バーゼルで開催された「Baselworld 2017」に、スウェーデン発の新ブランド「Kronaby」が出展していました。注目すべきは、元ソニーモバイルの開発者が立ち上げた新ブランドであるという点です。

スイスで血液サンプルの病院間搬送にドローンの遠距離自律飛行が認められた…交通渋滞の悩み解消 | TechCrunch Japan

スイス連邦民間航空局(Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation, FOCA)がMatternetに、同社の配達ドローンが昼夜を問わずいつでも、都市の上空を自律飛行してもよい、と認可した。この規制のハードルをクリアしたことによって来年早々から、MatternetのパートナーSwiss Post(スイス郵便)は、Matternetのドローンを使って血液サンプルなどの小荷物を、人口56000人の小都市ルガーノの病院間で配達できることになる。

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News Headlines - 01 April 2017

April Fools 2017: Some of the best jokes around the world - BBC News

On one day of the year "fake news" is only to be expected and this first of April is no different.

Meet Italy's 200 mph crimefighter: A Lamborghini - CNN.com

The supercar will be used for special assignments such as the urgent transport of blood and organs, but when its not required for ultra-quick deliveries, it will patrol the highways surrounding the Italian city of Bologna, according to the manufacturer. Its specialty, unsurprisingly, will be chasing down speeders.

Far-right demonstration falls flat as only 300 turn up to London march | The Guardian

Fewer than 300 members of the far-right groups Britain First and the English Defence League turned up for their “march against terrorism”, a turnout castigated by opponents as a lame attempt to whip up Islamophobia in the wake of the Westminster attack.

Police and protesters clash in Paris over death of Chinese man | The Guardian

Violent clashes have broken out in Paris between riot police and protesters angry at the police killing of a Chinese man in his own home. Three police officers were injured and 35 demonstrators arrested, the French authorities said on Tuesday.

Nobel saga all over now as Dylan finally gets prize | Reuters

Bob Dylan got the Nobel Literature prize-giving he wished for on Saturday, a Swedish broadcaster reported, finally receiving his diploma and medal in a private ceremony in Stockholm a world away from the media storm the award has generated.

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スコットランド首相、独立住民投票の交渉要求 - 産経ニュース


ドイツ:高速道路、有料化へ…19年から、隣国は反発 - 毎日新聞


EU:ドイツ取引所のロンドン証取買収阻止-事実上の独占で競争阻害 - Bloomberg


FIFAが汚職事件の内部調査を完了…1300ページ超えの報告書を捜査当局に提出 | サッカーキング


イヴァンカさん、無給の連邦政府職員に トランプ氏の「補佐官」:AFPBB News

米ホワイトハウス(White House)は29日、ドナルド・トランプ(Donald Trump)米大統領の長女イヴァンカ(Ivanka Trump)さんが大統領を補佐する連邦政府職員に就任すると発表した。給与は受け取らない。
 イヴァンカさんの肩書は、「大統領アシスタント(補佐官)」になる見込み。夫で不動産業を手掛けるジャレッド・クシュナー(Jared Kushner)氏も無給でトランプ大統領の上級顧問を務めている。

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