News Headlines - 10 April 2017

Donald Trump puts Australia on North Korean rocket alert | Daily Telegraph

AUSTRALIA and its allies have been put on standby for the possibility of the United States shooting down test rockets launched by North Korea.

China 'deploys 150,000 troops to North Korea border' | Daily Mail Online

The Chinese army has reportedly deployed 150,000 troops to the North Korean border to prepare for pre-emptive attacks after the United States dropped airstrikes on Syria.

Egypt declares state of emergency after deadly church attacks - BBC News

Egypt's President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has announced a three-month state of emergency after attacks on two Coptic churches that left at least 44 dead.

United Airlines Passenger Is Dragged From an Overbooked Flight - The New York Times

At least two passengers documented the physical confrontation and the man’s anguished protests, and their videos spread rapidly online on Monday as people criticized the airline’s tactics. A security officer involved in the episode has been placed on leave, the authorities said, and the federal Transportation Department is investigating whether the airline complied with rules regarding overbooking.

Manchester police deal with 31 Spice-related calls in 24 hours - BBC News

Concerns over an increase in anti-social behaviour fuelled by former legal high spice - said to leave users in a "zombie-like" state - has prompted a police crackdown in Manchester.








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