News Headlines - 14 April 2017

VP Pence heads to Asia-Pacific amid North Korean posturing - CNNPolitics.com

Amid increasing tension with North Korea, Vice President Mike Pence will travel to South Korea Saturday, on a scheduled trip as part of his first official visit to the Asia-Pacific region... Along with his visit to Seoul, the vice president's tour will also include stops in Tokyo, Jakarta, Sydney and Hawaii.

United passenger dragged off flight will file lawsuit, lawyer says - CNN.com

The passenger forcefully removed from a United Airlines flight this week has a concussion and broken nose, his attorney told reporters Thursday, adding that the 69-year-old physician will file a lawsuit.

McLaren-Honda brings 3D printing to Formula One

McLaren-Honda is turning to 3D printing as it tries to bridge the gap to its Formula One rivals.

While Nintendo Is Killing The NES Classic Edition In The West, The Famicom Mini Might Live On

On the official Famicom Mini site a new message has gone up today explaining that the current production run for this micro console has ended. However, Nintendo doesn’t rule out doing another batch at a later date.

The Great Japan Potato-Chip Crisis: Panic Buying, $12 Bags - Bloomberg

Demand for potato chips has surged in Japan this week, with products on offer for 6 times their retail price online after Japanese snack company Calbee Inc. halted the sale of some of its most popular chip brands.








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