News Headlines - 16 April 2017

Toshiba Loses Access to Unit's Cash After Hedge Fund Sues - Bloomberg

Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corp., which had 87.8 billion yen ($806 million) parked at Toshiba at the end of last year, said it had terminated its deposit agreement and recalled the money by March 31, according to court documents obtained by Bloomberg. Hong Kong-based Oasis filed a provisional injunction against Toshiba Plant’s directors with the Yokohama District Court on March 9, asking them not to deposit funds with their parent firm.

Windows XP: Why it won't die for years to come | ZDNet

"Those machines might have been there 10 years, and they're running Windows XP, and they will probably run that until the day they're finally disposed of because there's no reason to spend any money or any effort to change it," said Kleynhans.

Prince Harry sought counselling after 'total chaos' following mother's death | The Guardian

Prince Harry has revealed how he sought counselling after coming close to a breakdown following more than 15 years of “not thinking” about the death of his mother.

Pepsi withdraws advert after social media backlash | Euronews

Pepsi has withdrawn and apologised for a new advertising campaign featuring celebrity and model Kendall Jenner. It follows a backlash for a video that has been accused of undermining the “Black Lives Matter” movement against police brutality.

Osvaldo: 'Smoked with Buffon and Prandelli' | Football Italia

Dani Osvaldo claims he “used to smoke in the Italy locker room with Gigi Buffon” and Coach Cesare Prandelli.
The striker, who retired seven months ago to focus on his music career, spoke to Fox Sport Radio in Argentina and revealed a curious titbit.








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