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News Headlines - 31 August 2017

Diana is still in our hearts 20 years on | Border - ITV News

Tributes have been paid to Diana, Princess of Wales, 20 years after she was killed in a car crash in Paris aged just 36... Mourners left flowers, posters and messages outside Kensington Palace to remember her, just as they did 20 years ago.

Britain Looks to Address Inequality With Executive Pay Measures - The New York Times

The proposals include plans to force all publicly listed companies to publish their wage ratio, comparing their chief executive’s salary with that of the average worker, as well as the creation of a register that “names and shames” firms that faced shareholder opposition over executive pay levels.

Meeting between Swedish and Norwegian ministers scrapped following 'no-go zone' claims - The Local

Sweden's Migration Minister cancelled a meeting with her Norwegian counterpart at the last minute after judging that the trip was part of campaigning for Norway's forthcoming election.

China web users debate new rules on online identity - BBC News

Chinese social media users have been debating new rules requiring internet platforms to verify a user's true identity before letting them post online content.
The new rules were issued on 25 August by the Cyberspace Administration of China.
They will take effect on 1 October.

Sea Shepherd to suspend pursuit of Japanese whalers - CNN

In a statement Monday, the group's founder Paul Watson said "Japan is now employing military surveillance to watch Sea Shepherd ship movements in real time by satellite," making it nearly impossible for them to intercept them.
"We cannot compete with their military grade technology."

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日米首脳が電話会談 異例の2日連続|日テレNEWS24




VW、本社内の極秘施設でディーゼル不正技術をテスト-関係者 - Bloomberg


ドイツ、中古車在庫が30万台に 都市部で運転禁止懸念、ディーゼル需要冷え込み - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


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News Headlines - 30 August 2017

'I'm not a quitter': Theresa May says she could fight another election as PM | The Guardian

Theresa May insisted she could fight another general election as prime minister, arguing that she is “not a quitter” despite June’s disastrous election result and repeated criticisms of her leadership style.

Sky stops broadcasting Fox News in UK - BBC News

21st Century Fox, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, said the channel was being withdrawn as it was not commercially viable.
The decision was not related to Fox's takeover bid for Sky, a source told the BBC.

China Bans Weird, Long, and Sensitive Company Names - China Briefing News

The Rules for the Prohibition and Restriction of Enterprise Names, released by China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC), ban businesses from registering company names authorities consider “weird”, overly long, politically sensitive, or mimicking existing brands. Businesses already registered with names authorities deem inappropriate may be compelled to alter them. The new rules came into effect on July 31, 2017.

La Tomatina festival: Spain tomato festival kicks off with giant food fight | Express.co.uk

Around 165 tons of the fruit were thrown, squished and splatted in an hour of fun in the annual event in the small town of Bunol.
Five thousand locals and 17,000 tourists gathered at the town, 25 miles west of Valencia, for the festival, which takes place on the last Wednesday of August.

Thousands more Rohingya flee to border as Myanmar violence flares

More than 18,000 Rohingya Muslims, many sick and some with bullet wounds, have fled the worst violence to grip northwest Myanmar in at least five years, while thousands more are stuck at the Bangladesh border or scrambling to reach it.

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国連安保理 ミサイル発射の即時停止求める議長声明採択 | NHKニュース


メイ英首相が来日、安倍首相が茶席でもてなし : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


ルノー・日産が東風と中国向けEV開発、19年に小型車を現地生産 | ロイター


初恩赦は85歳…移民取り締まりの「最もタフな保安官」 - 産経ニュース


英俳優、映画を降板 原作で日系人の役になぜ白人がと批判 - BBCニュース


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News Headlines - 29 August 2017

North Korea fires missile over Japan in sharp escalation of tensions | The Japan Times

The Japanese government said the missile flew over southern Hokkaido for two minutes, later breaking into three segments before plunging into the Pacific Ocean about 1,180 km east of Cape Erimo.

North Korea just fired a missile right over Japan — but here's why the yen is rallying anyway

Despite North Korea launching a ballistic missile that passed over Japan , in what Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called an "unprecedented, serious and significant threat," traders still see the yen as a safe-haven play, and they're pushing the currency higher.
The yen has surged, with the dollar fetching as little as 108.32 yen in early Tuesday trade, down from levels approaching 111 yen earlier in the month.

China expected to take over Japan's second spot in contributions to United Nations - The Straits Times

Japan is expected to drop from its position as the second-largest contributor to the United Nations' general budget in the 2019-2021 period, with China taking over that spot, according to a UN report estimating contributions.
Given the high possibility that Japan's current slot, which it has held since the 1980s, will be overtaken by China, Japan's presence in the UN may wane. The United States is the largest contributor.

The Biggest Misconception About Today’s College Students - The New York Times

You might think the typical college student lives in a state of bliss, spending each day moving among classes, parties and extracurricular activities. But the reality is that an increasingly small population of undergraduates enjoys that kind of life.
Of the country’s nearly 18 million undergraduates, more than 40 percent go to community college, and of those, only 62 percent can afford to go to college full-time. By contrast, a mere 0.4 percent of students in the United States attend one of the Ivies.

Emotional Sharapova tops No. 2 Halep at Open in Slam return

When Maria Sharapova's first Grand Slam match after a 15-month doping suspension ended with a victory at the U.S. Open, she dropped to her knees and covered her face, tears welling in her eyes.

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日米首脳電話会談 安倍首相「圧力強化で一致」 | NHKニュース


米テキサス州で「壊滅的な」洪水、最大2000人救助  - BBCニュース


アップル、9月12日に新製品発表会=関係者 - WSJ


英EU離脱:今秋の貿易協議入りは困難か 第3回交渉会合 - 毎日新聞


「愛人を持たない唯一のウェールズ公になりたくない」「チャールズは絶望的」…ダイアナ元妃が赤裸々に破綻語る肉声テープ公開 - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 28 August 2017

Trump on Harvey destruction: 'We are one American family' - CNNPolitics

President Donald Trump struck a unifying tone Monday as he addressed the devastation in Texas wrought by Hurricane Harvey at the top of a joint news conference with Finland's president.

Remains of all 10 missing USS John S. McCain sailors recovered - CNNPolitics

The bodies of all 10 sailors reported missing following a collision between the USS John S. McCain and a merchant vessel have been found, according to a statement from the US Navy's 7th Fleet.

White House 'pressuring' intelligence officials to find Iran in violation of nuclear deal | The Guardian

US intelligence officials are under pressure from the White House to produce a justification to declare Iran in violation of a 2015 nuclear agreement, in an echo of the politicisation of intelligence that led up to the Iraq invasion, according to former officials and analysts.

Google Removes 300 Apps Used to Launch DDoS Attacks From Play Store

Google has removed roughly 300 apps from its Play Store after security researchers from several internet infrastructure companies discovered that the seemingly harmless apps—offering video players and ringtones, among other features—were secretly hijacking Android devices to provide traffic for large-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

France has new 'first dog' as Nemo joins the Macrons at the Elysée

Francehas a new "first dog" - a two-year old black labrador-griffon cross called Nemo adopted by Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron from an animal rescue centre.
The French president paid €250 (£231) for the animal in what French media have dubbed a "canine reshuffle", after he and his wife spent two hours picking one over the weekend.

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英野党労働党、ソフトブレグジット目指すと表明 メイ首相に対抗 | ロイター






英警官襲撃で2人目逮捕 30歳の男、ロンドン - 産経ニュース


ロンドン五輪競技場:多目的化、地域にぎわう - 毎日新聞


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News Headlines - 27 August 2017

Theresa May will reportedy deliver Brexit and then resign as PM | Metro News

Theresa May reportedly wants to deliver Brexit and then quit as Prime Minister on Friday August 30, 2019... The Mirror reports she has been inviting groups of 15 Tories to Chequers and handing them prosecco and homemade chocolates on arrival.

Emmanuel Macron has spent €26,000 on makeup in his first three months as French president

Emmanuel Macron spent €26,000 (£24,000) on makeup during his first three months as president of France, it has emerged.
In potentially damaging news for the 39-year old centrist leader, whose popularity is waning, Le Point reported that his personal makeup artist - referred to only as Natacha M - put in two bills, one for €10,000 and another for €16,000.

Semi-automated truck convoys get green light for UK trials | The Guardian

Up to three wirelessly connected HGVs will travel in convoy, with acceleration, braking and steering controlled by the lead vehicle, a concept named platooning. Each lorry will have a driver in the cab ready to retake control at any time.

Birling Gap beach evacuated after suspected chemical leak - BBC News

People on the beach at Birling Gap reported painful, stinging eyes and breathing difficulties after a "mist" appeared.
Sussex Police said there was an "unknown haze coming in from the sea" affecting the East Sussex coastline.

Eight mountain climbers die in accidents in Austrian and Italian Alps | The Guardian

All five of those killed were believed to be from Germany, and one was identified as a 34-year-old man from the German state of Bavaria, the German news agency dpa reported.
Two Italians died on Sunday after falling into a crevasse on a glacier in Adamello Brenta park near Trento, in northern Italy... Another Italian climber died on Saturday after being hit by boulders in the Valtellina Alpine area, further west of Trento near the border with Switzerland.

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反テロ50万人デモ、国王も参加…バルセロナ : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


モスクワでネット規制に抗議するデモ TBS NEWS


CNN.co.jp : ロシアのタンカー、砕氷船なしで北極圏を初横断


「信じられないほど不快で、鳥肌立った」 ヒラリー・クリントン氏、回顧録でトランプ氏を批判 - 産経ニュース


ホラーの巨匠トビー・フーパー監督死去 「悪魔のいけにえ」「ポルターガイスト」― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


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News Headlines - 26 August 2017

North Korea launches three missiles into sea, heightening tensions - The Washington Post

North Korea launched three missiles into the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan on Saturday morning, reigniting tensions after a month of heated rhetoric between Pyongyang and Washington and dispelling President Trump’s assertion that Kim Jong Un had come to “respect” him.

Knife attacks on soldiers, police in Brussels and London | DW

A man armed with a machete has been shot dead after attacking soldiers in the Belgian capital. An hour later in London, two police officers were assaulted by a man with a knife outside Buckingham Palace.

French firm offered spyware to 'find out if your son is gay' - BBC News

A French company offering "invisible PC spy software" has been criticised after it said its product could be used "to find out if your son is gay".
Listing a series of "clues", the company, Fireworld, suggested that "hacking his Facebook account" and seeing if he had visited gay websites could confirm a parent's suspicions.

ESPN Pulls Announcer Robert Lee From Virginia Game Because of His Name - The New York Times

The network announced late Tuesday that the announcer, Robert Lee, a part-time employee who calls about a dozen college football and basketball games a year for ESPN, would no longer participate in the broadcast of the Sept. 2 game in Charlottesville, Va., which became the center of violent clashes this month during a white supremacist gathering.

Far-right smear campaign against Antifa exposed by Bellingcat - BBC News

Far-right activists are using fake Twitter accounts and images of battered women to smear anti-fascist groups in the US, an online investigation has revealed.

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2017年8月25日、NTTコミュニケーションズ(NTTコム)のインターネット接続サービス「OCN」で発生した通信障害に関して、インターネット通信関連の識者は誤った経路情報が大量に流れたことが原因ではないかとの見方を示した。ここでいう経路情報はルーターがBGP(Border Gateway Protocol)というプロトコルを使って交換するものだ。

トランプ大統領、トランスジェンダーの軍入隊を事実上禁ずる文書に署名:AFPBB News

ドナルド・トランプ(Donald Trump)米大統領は25日、心と体の性別が一致しないトランスジェンダー(性別越境者)の人々の米軍入隊を事実上禁止する一方、既に米軍にいるトランスジェンダーの人々の運命を国防総省に委ねる内容の文書に署名した。

米ハーバード大がアジア系米国人を差別か? 「ほぼ満点でも不合格」「人種考慮は多様性のため」 トランプ政権が調査へ - 産経ニュース


保護主義、世界的な経済成長への脅威=ECB総裁 | ロイター


エストニア、独自の仮想通貨「エストコイン」発行を検討 国家初のICOへ - ITmedia NEWS

北欧バルト三国のエストニア共和国が、独自の仮想通貨を発行して資金を調達する「ICO」(Initial Coin Offering)を検討している。同国の幹部が、Mediumに投稿した記事で明らかにした。実現すれば、国家による初のICOになりそうだ。……電子政府化の一環として今回、独自の仮想通貨「エストコイン」発行によるICOを検討していると、E-residentプロジェクトマネージャーのカスパー・コージュス氏がMediumで明らかにした。既にティーザーサイトもオープンしている。

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News Headlines - 25 August 2017

Taiwan ex-president Ma found not guilty of leaking secrets | Taiwan News

Former President Ma Ying-jeou was found not guilty Friday of leaking confidential information during a probe into an opposition lawmaker. Appeals are still possible.
The issue goes back to August 2013, when Ma discussed allegations of influence peddling with the nation’s top prosecutor and senior government officials.

Thailand's former PM Yingluck has fled abroad: sources

Ousted former Thai prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra has fled Thailand, sources close to her said on Friday, as the Supreme Court issued an arrest warrant after she failed to attend the court for the verdict in a negligence case brought against her by the ruling junta.

Samsung heir Lee sentenced to 5 years in prison

A Seoul court sentenced Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong to five years in prison Friday, finding him guilty of bribery, embezzlement and other charges in a massive corruption scandal that led to the ouster of former President Park Geun-hye.

Some U.S. diplomats in Cuba diagnosed with serious health conditions, medical records show - CBS News

The diplomats complained about symptoms ranging from hearing loss and nausea to headaches and balance disorders after the State Department said "incidents" began affecting them beginning in late 2016. A source familiar with these incidents says officials are investigating whether the diplomats were targets of a type of sonic attack directed at their homes, which were provided by the Cuban government. The source says reports of more attacks affecting U.S. embassy workers on the island continue.

Japan's field of dreams: school baseball teams vie for Koshien glory | The Guardian

The occasion is the final, decisive game in the national high school baseball championships. The national broadcaster NHK will screen every inning live, the victors are assured of front-page coverage in the following day’s newspapers and, for a couple of hours at least, Japan will come together in the name of amateur sport.

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www.fnn-news.com: 31年前日本人女性遺体切断に共通点?


ベニスで「アラーは偉大なり!」と叫んだら射殺 | ニューズウィーク日本版




盤石メルケル氏、論戦は低調 独総選挙まで1カ月 - 産経ニュース


ロンドン動物園で恒例の「身体測定」、体重計に餌で誘導 | ロイター


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News Headlines - 24 August 2017

Graft-buster Wang Qishan not on China's new leadership line-up: Report - The Straits Times

China's top graft-buster Wang Qishan is not among the latest candidates for China's seven-member apex decision-making body, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned from related sources.
Whether Wang would remain on the Political Bureau Standing Committee has been a focus of the reshuffle efforts.

SpaceX just teased a chic new spacesuit

The world just got a glimpse of the suits astronauts may one day wear when they travel to the International Space Station aboard a SpaceX craft.

With Galaxy Note 8, Samsung hopes to smother Note 7 debacle - CNET

Less than a year ago, Samsung's Galaxy Note brand was radioactive.
At that point, the Galaxy Note 7, which had the unhealthy tendency to overheat and catch fire, had endured two recalls before Samsung scrapped the line. Travelers got used to hearing airline attendants read a warning before every flight that the phone was banned from all planes... Today marks the debut of the Galaxy Note 8, the official follow-up to 2016's ill-fated phone.

Switzerland landslide: At least eight missing in Val Bondasca - BBC News

Eight people are still missing after a landslide in an alpine valley in south-eastern Switzerland, police say.
The incident in a remote valley popular with hikers and climbers forced the evacuation of a village in the Val Bondasca region, officials said.

Alastair Stewart upstaged by toddler on afternoon news | The Guardian

A discussion on milk allergies went off script during an ITV news broadcast when a little girl started walking round newsreader Alastair Stewart’s desk before climbing on to it.

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「トモダチ作戦」157人が米で東電を提訴、50億ドル基金要求 | ロイター


米艦、1月にも座礁事故…海軍「人的ミス原因」 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


ロシア首相 北方領土を経済特区に指定する決定に署名 | NHKニュース


ツイッター買収でトランプ氏の投稿阻止を 元CIA工作員が募金開始:AFPBB News

ドナルド・トランプ(Donald Trump)米大統領のツイッター(Twitter)による発信を止めようと、元米中央情報局(CIA)工作員の女性が異例のクラウドファンディングを始めた。集めた資金で米ツイッター社の経営権を握り、トランプ氏のアカウントの停止へ圧力をかけようという試みだ。……プレイム氏の米外交官の夫は、イラクの大量破壊兵器保有疑惑をめぐりジョージ・W・ブッシュ(George W. Bush)政権はうそをついていると批判。2003年、報復として政権側から同氏がCIAの秘密工作員であることを暴露された。

デンマーク海岸に女性記者の胴体 潜水艦で発明家取材後:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 23 August 2017

Mnuchin’s Wife Mocks Oregon Woman Over Lifestyle and Wealth - The New York Times

Louise Linton, the labels-loving wife of Steven Mnuchin, replied condescendingly to an Instagram poster about her lifestyle and belittled the woman, Jenni Miller, a mother of three from Portland, Ore., for having less money than she does.

Angela Merkel: Ahead, Relaxed, Reflective – Handelsblatt Global

Ms. Merkel said Germany would “not automatically” support the United States if it came to war in the Koreas. On China’s north-western neighbor, North Korea, Ms. Merkel said she’s confident that the room for diplomacy hasn’t been exhausted, insisting she sees “no military solution” to the conflict.” Here, too, Europe could play a larger role in bringing about an end to the conflict. “We can and should involve ourselves more,” she said.

Rescued piglets served up as sausages to firefighters - BBC News

The 18 piglets and two sows survived the fire in Wiltshire in February, which saw 60 tonnes of hay catch fire.
In a controversial move, farm manager Rachel Rivers thanked the Pewsey fire team by giving them sausages.

Rare white koala born at Australia Zoo seeks perfect name from Facebook fans - ABC News

A rare white koala joey has been born at a Queensland zoo, and the search is now on for the right name.

Honda scores in debut for Mexico's Pachuca | The Japan Times

Japan midfielder Keisuke Honda made an immediate impression in Pachuca colors as he came off the bench to score a goal on his Liga MX debut in a 4-1 win over Veracruz on Tuesday.

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米が対北朝鮮制裁拡大、中ロ企業・個人対象-核・ミサイル関与で - Bloomberg


CNN.co.jp : 米海軍、第7艦隊司令官を解任へ


白人至上主義への抗議、各地のコロンブス像も矛先に TBS NEWS


「Android 8.0 Oreo」リリース 新機能をおさらい - ITmedia Mobile

これまで「Android O」と呼ばれていた。お菓子にちなんだ愛称が商標(Oreoは米Nabiscoのクッキーのブランド名)になるのは2013年のスイスNestleのKitKat以来2度目。……新しいドロイドはお腹がオレオになっており、日食によって生を授かった天から来たスーパーヒーローという設定。「より安全で、より速く、よりパワフル。かつてないほどにスイートなOS」という。

CNN.co.jp : メルケル独首相、ガソリン・ディーゼル車の販売禁止を示唆


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News Headlines - 22 August 2017

McConnell, in Private, Doubts if Trump Can Save Presidency - The New York Times

The relationship between President Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, has disintegrated to the point that they have not spoken to each other in weeks, and Mr. McConnell has privately expressed uncertainty that Mr. Trump will be able to salvage his administration after a series of summer crises.

When You Already Have 35 Political Parties, What’s 63 More? - WSJ

Over the past year, a deluge of 63 wannabe political parties have jumped in line to get official status that would allow them to put up candidates for office. Some are hoping to become official in time for the general elections in October next year... Political scientists say the country’s problem is too many parties. With 35 official political parties in existence, and 26 of them represented in Congress, most lawmakers just spend their time coalition-building.

Former Libyan prime minister released after being 'kidnapped in Tripoli'

A former prime minister of Libya has been released after being held for a week by an armed group linked to the country’s UN-backed government, sources said.
Ali Zeidan, 61, had not been seen since the evening of August 13 as he was detained by armed men in at a Tripoli hotel.

Ischia earthquake: Three brothers freed from rubble - BBC News

Rescuers have freed the last of three brothers who were trapped under rubble after a deadly earthquake on the Italian holiday island of Ischia.
The fire service confirmed they had rescued the 11-year-old at 14:12 local time (12:12 GMT), some 16 hours after the quake struck.

Trump Stares at the Sun During the Eclipse: Will It Harm His Eyes?

But on Monday afternoon (Aug. 21), President Donald Trump was spotted breaking the cardinal rule of eclipse viewing: Don't look at the sun without eye protection. For a brief moment, Trump took off his eclipse glasses and stared straight into the sun — even as an aide shouted, "Don't look," according to Ted Mann, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

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トランプ米大統領、アフガン新戦略発表 増派に道開く | ロイター


米海軍 イージス艦事故受け 全艦艇対象に1~2日間運用停止 | NHKニュース


米の白人至上主義者、7割が「純粋白人」じゃない?! 関係者の「遺伝子検査結果」を分析、米研究機関が発表 : J-CASTニュース


アメリカで皆既日食を観測 99年ぶりに大陸横断


アイスランド救った観光、今は頭痛の種にも (ウォール・ストリート・ジャーナル)


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News Headlines - 21 August 2017

Pyongyang calls U.S.-South Korean war games a step to nuclear war

The United States and South Korean began long-planned joint military exercises on Monday, heightening tensions with North Korea which called the drills a "reckless" step toward nuclear conflict.

Last American soldier who defected to North Korea is dead, sons say - CNN

James Joseph Dresnok, believed to be the last remaining US soldier in North Korea, died last year, two of his sons said in video posted on a North Korean state-run news site... Dresnok defected to North Korea in 1962 in a daring dash across the heavily fortified demilitarized zone that divides the totalitarian country from South Korea.

U.S. scales back Russian visa operations after Putin cuts embassy staff

The United States began to scale back its visa services in Russia on Monday, drawing an angry reaction from Moscow three weeks after President Vladimir Putin ordered Washington to more than halve its embassy and consular staff.

Barcelona attack suspect Younes Abouyaaqoub shot dead wearing suicide belt by Spanish police

Younes Abouyaaqoub was shot on Monday by armed police in the town of Sant Sadurni d’Anoia in the district of Subirats, around 30 miles west of Barcelona, bringing to an end a five-day international manhunt.

McDonald's India ends its franchise agreement with Vikram Bakshi's CPRL - India Today

McDonalds India on Monday announced it had terminated its franchise agreement with Vikram Bakshi's Connaught Plaza Restaurants. The 169 restaurants operated by the latter will have to stop using the McDonlad's brand name within 15 days.

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花盛りのEV デンソーが慌てない理由  :日本経済新聞


アクセス遮断、一転撤回=天安門事件論文「検閲」批判受け―英名門大 (時事通信)


マクロン仏政権:緊縮策で支持率急落 外交舞台では存在感 - 毎日新聞


新たな戦闘員供給国としてモロッコ警戒 仏国境の町が「過激テロの温床」 - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 20 August 2017

Cambridge University Press limits access to articles in China

Cambridge University Press, the world’s oldest publisher, has blocked access to more than 300 articles from its leading China-focused journal at the behest of Beijing censors... The articles in China Quarterly, which cover a range of topics deemed sensitive by Beijing from human rights to Tibet and Xinjiang, were blocked within China in the past few weeks, according to Tim Pringle, the editor and a lecturer at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.

Trumps to skip Kennedy honours to avoid 'distraction' - BBC News

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are to skip an arts awards ceremony to allow those taking part "to celebrate without political distraction", the White House says.

Microsoft Co-founder's Team Finds Wreckage of WWII-Era USS Indianapolis - NBC News

The Indianapolis, with 1,196 sailors and Marines on board, was sailing the Philippine Sea between Guam and Leyte Gulf when two torpedoes from a Japanese submarine struck just after midnight on July 30, 1945. It sank in 12 minutes, killing about 300. Survivors were left in the water, most of them with only life jackets.

Jerry Lewis, a Jester Both Silly and Stormy, Dies at 91 - The New York Times

Jerry Lewis, the comedian, actor and filmmaker who was adored by many, disdained by others, but unquestionably a defining figure of American entertainment in the 20th century, died on Sunday morning at his home in Las Vegas. He was 91.

Nicolai Muller scores Hamburg winner, celebrates, tears cruciate ligament and rules himself out for seven months | The Independent

Hamburg winger Nicolai Muller has been ruled out for seven months after injuring himself in an elaborate celebration of his match-winning goal on the Bundesliga's opening weekend.
The 29-year-old wheeled away to the corner flag after scoring the only goal in the 1-0 win over Augsburg on Saturday but had to leave the field moments later after falling awkwardly from a jumping pirouette.

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トランプ氏、窮余の「バノン切り」 政権瓦解回避 :日本経済新聞


スペインテロ事件 複数の観光名所で計画か | NHKニュース


18世紀に沈没したオランダ船から人骨や銀を発見:AFPBB News

 オランダ東インド会社(Dutch East India Company、VOC)の「ローズベック(Rooswijk)」号は現在のインドネシア・ジャカルタ(Jakarta)への航海中に、乗員約300人と多くの銀塊や硬貨を積んだまま沈没した。

ウイスキーに水を数滴垂らすとおいしくなる理由 研究:AFPBB News


岡崎、2戦連続ゴール! プレミア開幕戦のアーセナル戦に続いて先制点 | フットボールチャンネル


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News Headlines - 19 August 2017

Steve Bannon leaves White House but promises to fight for Trump

Within hours of his departure, Breitbart News - the conservative news website which Mr Bannon headed before joining Trump's team - announced he had returned to his former home, as executive chairman.

President Trump Won't Attend Kennedy Center Honors Amid Planned Boycotts - NBC News

President Donald Trump and the First Lady will not attend the 2017 Kennedy Center Honors ceremony this December to allow honorees to celebrate "without any political distractions," the White House announced Saturday... The decision came after multiple honorees said they would boycott the 40th annual gala that is traditionally hosted by the president and first lady and recognizes artists for their contributions to American culture.

Neo-Nazi marchers in Berlin matched by counterprotesters | DW

After a group of neo-Nazis were controversially granted permission to hold a rally on Saturday to mark the anniversary of the death of Hitler's former deputy Rudolf Hess, they were met by a larger gathering of counterdemonstrators.

easyJet to release 10-hour jet noises album to help people sleep | Metro News

Jet Sounds, a 10-hour album of the continuous drone of an airplane engine, will be available to download tomorrow in either single or album format.

Death rates far higher for 'alternative' cancer cures, study finds | The Japan Times

People who choose alternative cures for common cancers are up to five times more likely to die than those opting for standard treatments, the lead scientist of a new study said on Friday.
The risk of death five years after diagnosis “was highest for breast and colon cancer,” said lead author Skyler Johnson from the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut — 5.6 and 4.6 times greater, respectively.

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南部連合の記念物、米国民の6割が「そのままにすべき」 世論調査:AFPBB News

米公共ラジオ局NPRと公共放送PBSのニュース番組「ニュースアワー(NewsHour)」、世論調査機関「Marist Poll」が全米1125人を対象に合同で行った調査によると、南部連合を象徴する歴史記念物を撤去すべきかとの質問に、そのまま残すべきと答えた人は回答者の62%に上った。

どうして銅像でもめるのか 南北戦争の像の何が問題なのか - BBCニュース


フィンランドの殺傷事件、「テロ攻撃」として捜査 容疑者はモロッコ国籍18歳:AFPBB News


東京新聞:1回の旅行で3度テロに遭遇 豪女性、ラジオに語る


ロンドンで広がるレストラン革命-ビクトリア駅周辺も変貌遂げる - Bloomberg


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News Headlines - 18 August 2017

Stephen Bannon Out at the White House After Turbulent Run - The New York Times

Stephen K. Bannon, the embattled chief strategist who helped President Trump win the 2016 election by embracing their shared nationalist impulses, departed the White House on Friday after a turbulent tenure shaping the fiery populism of the president’s first seven months in office.

India @ 70: BBC Radio 4 airs ‘dramatisation’ of Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children | Hindustan Times

BBC Radio 4 paid a special tribute to India’s Independence on Monday night by broadcasting a seven-part “dramatisation” of author Salman Rushdie’s 1981 Booker prize winning novel Midnight’s Children. The first episode was aired just before midnight on the eve of the anniversary of India’s 70th Independence Day. The rest of the episodes, of differing lengths, would be aired on BBC Radio 4 through August 15.

Budget cuts fuel frustration among Japan’s academics : Nature

RIKEN’s budget has been cut by more than 20% over the past 10 years. In response, the BSI has reduced its number of principal investigators from 61 to 41 over that period.
Japan’s universities are in similar straits. Following reforms in 2004, their budgets have declined by 1% every year. The move was meant to make universities more responsive to strategic initiatives and more competitive, by aligning their research with industrial or military needs. But it has triggered other, less positive changes. The universities stopped hiring professors. New staff are brought in as contract employees, who flit from grant to grant to stay afloat.

Kei Nishikori is latest injury victim as wrist problem ends his season

Kei Nishikori has become the latest leading player to announce he will miss the rest of the season because of injury.
The world No. 9 withdrew from this week's Masters event in Cincinnati with a right wrist problem and scans have revealed a tear in one of the tendons.

London's female wrestling scene boosted by Netflix show 'Glow' | Reuters.com

There has been more interest in female wrestling and a clearer sense of what it involves since hit Netlfix show 'Glow' came out

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スペイン東部で2件目の車突入、7人負傷 「テロ容疑者」5人射殺:AFPBB News


オバマ氏にツイッター史上最多360万「いいね」 - 社会 : 日刊スポーツ


豪右翼政党の党首、ブルカ姿で仰天要求 議場は一時騒然:朝日新聞デジタル


米イージス艦衝突「艦内で重大な過ち」艦長ら3人解任 | NHKニュース




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News Headlines - 17 August 2017

Over $9tn of bonds trade with negative yields

From less than $1tn in 2007, the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet has more than quadrupled in size. As the financial crisis spread to Europe and Japan, the European Central Bank, Bank of Japan and Bank of England joined in the expansion. All told, the balance sheets of the four central banks have surpassed $14tn. With the Swiss National Bank and Sweden’s Riksbank, that figure climbs to $15tn and accounts for a fifth of the six countries’ total government debt.

Nothing like this has happened in 323 years

Prior to January 2009, the Bank had never lowered its lending rate below 2 per cent. But it was then lowered to 1.5 per cent, on its way to 0.5 per cent in March 2009 and 0.25 per cent in August 2016. This ultra-easy policy was further buttressed by a huge expansion of the Bank’s balance sheet, which now contains £435bn in UK government “gilt-edged” securities and £10bn in corporate bonds.
Throughout this prolonged recent period of ultra-easy monetary policy, the concern has never been one of runaway inflation, but rather of the opposite. This time really has been different. What does it mean for the future? Nobody knows.

Barcelona: 13 killed as van rams crowds in Las Ramblas - BBC News

Thirteen people died and dozens were injured when a van ploughed into crowds in Barcelona's famous Las Ramblas area, Catalan police and local officials say.

What Science Tells Us About Good and Evil

We at National Geographic have been working on a story about what science tells us about good and evil. Given last weekend’s events, we’ve decided to publish the story now. A version will also appear in a future issue of the magazine.

Daniel Craig confirms he will play James Bond again | The Guardian

He once said he would rather take his own life than reprise his role as 007. But Daniel Craig may now be regretting his words, as he has confirmed he will, for one final time, play James Bond.
Speaking on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on US TV on Tuesday night, the actor finally put an end to the long-running saga of will he/won’t he play the character for a fifth time.

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マララさん、英オックスフォード大へ ノーベル賞受賞者:朝日新聞デジタル


「ビッグベン」鐘停止にメイ首相も反対表明、折衷案も | ロイター


Fiat Chrysler、自動運転プラットフォーム開発でBMW、インテルらと連携 - CNET Japan

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles(FCA)は米国時間8月16日、BMW Group、Intel、Mobileye(Intel傘下)と自律運転プラットフォームの共同開発で連携することで覚書に署名したことを発表した。

ロシアから北朝鮮へ技術流出とウクライナ示唆 - 産経ニュース


スペイン アフリカ・中東からの難民急増 | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 16 August 2017

Trump praises North Korea's Kim for 'wise' decision on Guam

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday praised North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for a "wise" decision not to fire missiles toward the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam, which has eased escalating tension between the two countries.

Trump’s business advisory councils disband as CEOs abandon president over Charlottesville views - The Washington Post

Trump announced the disbanding of the two councils — the Strategy & Policy Forum and the Manufacturing Council, which hosted many of the top corporate leaders in America — amid a growing uproar by chief executives furious over Trump's decision to equate the actions of white supremacists and protesters in remarks he made at Tuesday at Trump Tower.
But those groups had already decided to dissolve on their own earlier in the day, a person familiar with the process said.

Theresa May condemns far-right views after Donald Trump Charlottesville remarks | The Guardian

Theresa May has joined politicians from the main parties in the UK in criticising Donald Trump for suggesting there was a moral equivalence between the Charlottesville racist protesters and those campaigning against them.
But the prime minister has not agreed to requests to cancel Trump’s planned state visit to the UK in the light of his latest comments, despite renewed calls for the honour to be withdrawn.

Euro dips after ECB signals no shift likely at Jackson Hole

The euro fell by as much as half a cent on Wednesday, briefly dipping below $1.17, after sources signalled European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi would not use his Jackson Hole appearance to signal policy change by the bank.

No Cabinet members visited Yasukuni Shrine on war anniversary - The Mainichi

None of the members of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Cabinet paid their respects to Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo on Aug. 15, the day World War II ended in 1945, marking the first time for any member of cabinets of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)-led governments not to have visited the shrine on the war anniversary since 1980.

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与党からも批判 トランプ氏「衝突、双方に非」 :日本経済新聞




北ミサイル ウクライナ、ソ連の軍事産業集積地 技術流出の懸念つきまとう:イザ!




ロンドン市長が緑の橋建設計画撤回、前任者ジョンソン氏は反発 | ロイター


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News Headlines - 15 August 2017

Anti-Trump, anti-racism rallies across US draw thousands - CNN

The protests came in the wake of clashes Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, as counterprotesters met white nationalists and other right-wing groups at the site of a "Unite the Right" event. Counterprotester Heather Heyer was killed when a gray Dodge Challenger rammed into a crowd walking down a street.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un holds off on Guam missile threat - CBS News

North Korean state radio on Tuesday announced that President Kim Jung Un planned to hold off launching missiles at Guam, while the United States said it was ready to defend the territory.

Guam radio stations accidentally broadcast emergency alarm amid North Korea threat

Radio stations in Guam accidentally broadcast an emergency civil danger warning on Tuesday, prompting residents of the U.S. pacific territory to fear the worst after a week of military threats from North Korea.

Gates Makes Largest Donation Since 2000 With $4.6 Billion Pledge - Bloomberg

Bill Gates made his largest gift since the turn of the century, giving away Microsoft Corp. shares that accounted for 5 percent of his fortune, the world’s biggest.
The billionaire donated 64 million of the software maker’s shares valued at $4.6 billion on June 6, according to a Securities & Exchange Commission filing released Monday.

Panda enclosure incident at Edinburgh Zoo prompts safety fears - BBC News

Staff at Edinburgh Zoo have raised safety fears after a panda was let back into its enclosure while a keeper was still inside.

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インテルCEOなどが大統領助言組織辞任、白人主義への対応巡り | ロイター


バフェット氏、GE株すべて売却 IBM株も保有減少 :日本経済新聞


EU離脱清算金、10月までに合意できない見込み=英離脱担当相 | ロイター


セイコー、ロンドンに路面店を開店…記念式典も : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)

セイコーウオッチは今月、英国初の路面店「セイコー ブティック ロンドン」をロンドンに開き、10日に記念式典を行った。……店舗はロンドンの地下鉄・ナイツブリッジ駅の近くに開いた。周辺には高級デパート「ハロッズ」やブランドショップなどが並ぶ一等地だ。……セイコーは04年にパリに出店して以降、海外でも専門店を展開しており、ロンドンが77店目になる。

古浄瑠璃ロンドン公演の感動伝える キーンさんの旅 柏崎で写真展|新潟日報モア

本県を舞台にした古浄瑠璃「越後国柏崎 弘知法印御伝記(こうちほういんごでんき)」の公演のため、日本文学研究者のドナルド・キーンさんがロンドンを訪れた旅の様子を記録した写真展が13日、柏崎市諏訪町のドナルド・キーン・センター柏崎で始まった。

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News Headlines - 14 August 2017

New Outcry as Trump Rebukes Charlottesville Racists 2 Days Later - The New York Times

Mr. Trump, after two days of issuing equivocal statements, bowed to overwhelming pressure that he personally condemn white supremacists who incited bloody weekend demonstrations in Charlottesville.

Leader of neo-Nazi group linked to Charlottesville attack was a US marine | The Guardian

The leader of the neo-Nazi group that James Fields marched with in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday before allegedly killing a protester with his car served in the US marine corps until earlier this year.

Theresa May seeks interim EU deal to avoid Brexit trade chaos | The Guardian

The government will use a position paper published on Tuesday to reveal that, for a brief period, it will seek a deal allowing the transit of goods across borders to continue as now – perhaps by striking a “temporary customs union”.

Taylor Swift Vindicated by Jury in Groping Trial | Billboard

A jury in Denver awarded Taylor Swift $1 in damages, ruling in U.S. District Court Monday afternoon that former country DJ David Mueller "assaulted" and "battered" the pop superstar during a photo shoot before a 2013 concert at the Pepsi Center. After the judge read the verdict, Swift and her mother, Andrea Swift, blinked back tears and the singer mouthed "thank you" to her attorneys.

Big Ben set to be silenced for FOUR YEARS from next Monday | London Evening Standard

Big Ben’s famous bongs are to be silenced for up to four years for health and safety reasons as restoration work is carried out, parliamentary authorities announced today.

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英国・メイ首相が8月下旬に初来日へ : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


米 中国の知的財産侵害を調査へ 北朝鮮問題で圧力強化か | NHKニュース


トランプ米大統領:「グアムは観光客10倍に」 - 毎日新聞


小型でも500万円以上 核シェルターに注文殺到


J・トーマスがメジャー初制覇!松山英樹は5位終戦に涙 | ALBA.Net


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News Headlines - 13 August 2017

US tourist beaten for giving Hitler salute in Dresden, Germany | DW

A tourist from the United States was punched in Dresden after he mimicked the Nazi salute multiple times. The incident came a week after two Chinese tourists were taken into custody for the same reason.

Auschwitz survivor who was world's oldest man dies at 113 | The Guardian

Israel Kristal, the world’s oldest man who lived through both world wars and survived the Auschwitz concentration camp, has passed away just a month short of his 114th birthday, his family have said.

eSports are real sports. It’s time for the Olympic video games | The Guardian

The image of an Olympian is associated with physical prowess, a sculpted body chipped into perfection by years of careful maintenance and preparation. We expect these people to perform great feats of physicality better than the rest of us. That is why so many are scornful of the notion that competitive video gaming, or eSports as it’s come to be known, should stand alongside other Olympic sports. But this requires rethinking.

Usain Bolt's furious Jamaica team blame London 2017 organisers for heartbreaking injury

Eight-time Olympic champion Bolt sensationally pulled up injured with 50 metres to go of the 4x100 metres relay and fell to the track with Great Britain taking gold just ahead of the USA and Japan... And Blake, who won Olympic 4x100m relay gold with Bolt and Jamaica in 2012 and 2016, believes the lengthy build-up caused Bolt's injury in London on Saturday night.
"I think they were holding us too long in the call room. The walk was too long. Usain was really cold. In fact Usain said to me, 'Yohan, I think this is crazy'," said the 100m world champion from 2011.

Tom Cruise Injured in 'Mission Impossible 6' Stunt | TMZ.com

The 55-year-old actor was in London Sunday when he attempted to leap from a rigging onto a building but he fell short of the mark and hit the building pretty hard.
You see Cruise try to limp away and then collapse. He then limps back to the edge of the building and and is pulled away by crew members on the safety team.

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米で白人主義者らと反対派が衝突、車突入などで3人死亡 35人負傷:AFPBB News


仏 マクロン大統領 米朝双方に自制求める | NHKニュース


最新鋭戦闘機はスホイ57に ロシア軍、呼称を正式決定 - 産経フォト


ケネディ前駐日米大使、米ボーイング社取締役に : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


ビタミンBで流産や胎児の先天異常大幅減か 豪研究:AFPBB News

一般的なビタミン剤を摂取するだけで、一部の流産や先天異常を大幅に減らせる可能性があるとする研究論文が10日、米医学誌「ニューイングランド医学ジャーナル(New England Journal of Medicine)」に発表された。

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News Headlines - 12 August 2017

Widening egg scandal hits 17 countries in Europe - ABC News

The European Union said Friday that it plans to hold an extraordinary meeting late next month over a growing tainted egg scandal as it revealed that products contaminated with an insecticide have now spread to 17 countries.
Millions of eggs have been destroyed or pulled from supermarket shelves since July 20, when it was made public that the pesticide Fipronil, which is dangerous to human health, was found mixed with another treatment sprayed on chickens for ticks, fleas and lice, known as Dega 16.

Sunbathers Look On as Migrants Arrive on Spanish Beach - The New York Times

The footage, recorded Wednesday in Playa de los Alemanes in Cádiz province, Spain, is a reminder of the large number of refugees and migrants making their way into Europe, even as the everyday life of vacationers goes on.

Twitter erases hateful tweets after Israeli artist's stunt | The Times of Israel

An artist tired of seeing hateful tweets ignored by Twitter has managed to get the social network to remove or hide some of them — by spray-painting the offending posts in front of the company’s German headquarters... But a video of it received over 100,000 views in 48 hours and clearly got the company’s attention. By Wednesday, Twitter had deleted three tweets, suspended four accounts and withheld another seven accounts in Germany.

Morocco to challenge North American joint bid to host 2026 World Cup | The Guardian

Morocco has announced it will bid to host the 2026 World Cup, positioning itself as a last-minute challenger to the joint bid from the United States, Mexico and Canada.
The Moroccan football federation unveiled the bid on Friday with a brief two-sentence statement, confirming it had submitted a formal application to the relevant Fifa committees. The announcement came hours before Fifa’s deadline for countries to confirm their intention to bid, and denies the North American bid an unopposed victory at the eleventh hour.

Sky faces paying extra £1.8bn for Premier League broadcast rights | The Guardian

Sky could be forced to pay an extra £600m annually to retain the lion’s share of Premier League matches when the next rights auction launches this year, with Amazon emerging as a potential competitor for the biggest prize in UK sport broadcasting.
Google, Apple, Facebook and Netflix are other possible rivals for Britain’s most valuable sports rights, which are split between Sky and BT under the current three-year deal.

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フランス1.3兆円資産売却、選定進めると財務相-ルノーなどに影響も - Bloomberg




ジョギング男性、歩行者女性をバスの前に押し出す 防犯カメラ映像 - BBCニュース


ツール・ド・フランス、情熱に生きる沿道サポーター:AFPBB News

伝説の自転車レース、ツール・ド・フランス(2017 Tour de France)に密着取材した3週間、「ツールは初めて?」と何度も聞かれた。「ツールっていうのは、中に入って楽しまなくちゃ分からないよ」

岡崎慎司が開幕戦ゴールも…ベンゲル采配的中のアーセナルがレスターとの打ち合い制し白星発進 | ゲキサカ


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News Headlines - 11 August 2017

Two cabinet ministers 'interested in new anti-Brexit party idea' | The Guardian

A former aide to David Davis and George Osborne claims two serving cabinet ministers have expressed interest in his idea of forming a centrist party aimed at blocking Brexit.
James Chapman stepped up his online campaign for a proposed “Democrats” party he has been mounting while on holiday in Greece, saying Brexit signalled the demise of the Conservatives.

Oxford University employee Andrew Warren in US court over hairdresser's murder | London Evening Standard

An Oxford University employee who spent more than a week as a fugitive with a US professor has appeared in court accused of murdering a 26-year-old hair stylist.
Somerville College's Andrew Warren, 56, and Professor Wyndham Lathem, 42, are suspected of repeatedly stabbing Trenton Cornell-Duranleau in the academic's Chicago apartment.

RBS to issue polymer £10 banknote in October - BBC News

The Royal Bank of Scotland is to issue its first polymer £10 note to the public on 4 October.
The new note features images of Scottish mathematician and astronomer Mary Somerville, her hometown of Burntisland in Fife, and two otters.

Berlin's new toilets: Would you use a women's urinal? - BBC News

All locations that currently have a male-only "pissoir" (public urinal facility) should only exist in combination with unisex toilets, a 99-page city strategy paper called "the toilet concept" concludes.
"In the future urinals which can be used by all genders should be offered," the paper says.

Premier League: 10 things to look out for on the opening weekend | The Guardian

Spurs should benefit from a settled squad, but could it be a Gray day at Watford and might West Ham’s new signings give Manchester United a tough time?

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フランス:パリ近郊で兵士に車突っ込む 6人負傷 テロか - 毎日新聞


1953年の対イラン・クーデターへの英国の関与が暴露 - Pars Today




ロンドン地下の旧「郵便鉄道」が復活、観光アトラクションに | ロイター


ネイマール、ボーナス未払いでバルセロナと抗争へ - フランスリーグ : 日刊スポーツ


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News Headlines - 10 August 2017

Password expert says he was wrong: Numbers, capital letters and symbols are useless

Bill Burr, the author of an 8-page publication released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, told The Wall Street Journal his previous advice of creating passwords with special characters, mixed-case letters and numbers won't deter hackers. In fact, he told the journal, the paper wasn't based on any real-world password data, but rather a paper written in the 1980s.
“Much of what I did I now regret,” Burr told The Wall Street Journal.

Trump to declare opioid crisis a 'national emergency' - Stripes

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he will officially declare the opioid crisis a "national emergency" and pledged to ramp up government efforts to combat the epidemic.

Yoda bat gets happy: New species officially recognised - The University of York

An unusual breed of fruit bat - previously nicknamed ‘Yoda’ due to its resemblance to the Star Wars Jedi Master - has now officially been registered as a new species and renamed the happy (Hamamas) tube-nosed fruit bat.

Controversial film about last tsar approved for release in Russia | The Guardian

The Russian culture ministry has cleared a film depicting a love affair between Russia’s last tsar and a ballerina for nationwide release, despite protests from conservative critics who have demanded it be banned.

Tokyo 2020: English Football Association plans to enter a British women's team - BBC Sport

The English Football Association plans to put together a British women's team for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Great Britain did not field a team in Rio last summer because the four home nation football associations could not come to an agreement.

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JR東日本、英国で鉄道運営へ 運営権を獲得 - ITmedia ビジネスオンライン

JR東日本と三井物産は8月10日、英国で鉄道事業の運営権を獲得したと発表した。ロンドンへの通勤路線などを担当し、12月から事業を開始する計画。JR東日本が海外で鉄道運行事業に参加するのは初めて。……運営権を獲得した「ウェストミッドランズ(West Midlands)旅客鉄道事業」は、ロンドンへの通勤路線と、ロンドンとイングランド北西部の都市リバプールをむすぶ長距離路線、イングランド中西部に位置する英第2の都市バーミンガムの都市圏輸送を担当する。

米国:偽ニュース「売れる」 サイト最盛期ライター20人 - 毎日新聞


米国株、ダウ続落し36ドル安 北朝鮮リスク警戒、ディズニーの下げも重荷 :日本経済新聞


グアムの米戦略爆撃機、北朝鮮へ先制攻撃の準備整う 米NBCテレビ報道 - 産経ニュース


難民が覆うこの世界 伊シチリア島は欧州の最前線「イタリアだけでは限界。助けが必要だ」 - 産経ニュース


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News Headlines - 09 August 2017

Wall Street Journal editorial rips Bannon for White House dysfunction | TheHill

The Wall Street Journal's editorial board blamed senior White House aide Stephen Bannon for chaos in the West Wing, arguing that the top Trump ally's loyalty to the president is in question after his supporters vilified Trump's national security adviser, H.R. McMaster.

Fed official supports September start for bond reductions - ABC News

A member of the Federal Reserve's interest-setting committee said Wednesday it would be appropriate for the central bank to announce next month that it will begin trimming its $4.5 trillion balance sheet, but wait until December before raising a key interest rate again.

Cannabis company aims to turn California ghost town into an oasis for weed lovers - The Washington Post

Nipton went up for sale last year with a $5 million price tag, and last week, Lang found a buyer: American Green Inc., one of the country’s leading makers of cannabis products.
The company, which announced the sale on Thursday, says it plans to convert Nipton into a weed lover’s oasis in the desert, complete with marijuana retail outlets, cultivation facilities and even cannabis mineral baths. In American Green’s words, it will be a “cannabis-friendly hospitality destination” and a “hub for the production of cannabis-based products.”

Walls of water: Hokusai and the Great Wave of Camberwell - BBC News

A sell-out exhibition at the British Museum has proved once again the popularity of Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai, whose Great Wave is said to be the world's most reproduced image. One mural in south London was nearly wiped out when a drug lab exploded next door, but as Alex Marshall explains, there are many more on walls around the world.

Koike aims to help form natl party - The Japan News

Regarding a new political association called “Nippon First no Kai” (Japan First group), which was set up by a House of Representatives lawmaker close to her, Koike said: “It’s important to show [voters] alternatives. [Public opinion] is going through changes because there is no alternative.”

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トランプ氏、北朝鮮をけん制 「米脅かせば炎と怒りに直面」 | ロイター


米紙「北朝鮮がICBMに搭載できる核弾頭製造に成功か」 | NHKニュース


米共和党支持者の74%が対北軍事行動に賛成 脅威認識が大幅上昇 CNN世論調査 - 産経ニュース


米大統領みずから“リアルニュース”を発信 | NHKニュース


北朝鮮、抑留カナダ人を解放 カナダ首相特使が交渉か:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 08 August 2017

Full moon: Photo of partial lunar eclipse on August 7, 2017

LAST night’s full moon was accompanied by a partial lunar eclipse, seen right around the world from Australia to France and Pakistan.
These stunning photos show the partial eclipse in full display, from vast locations including the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio in the south of Athens, the sky over Frankfurt in Germany, Turkey, France and Africa.

Helicopter sex film officer Adrian Pogmore jailed - BBC News

A "sex-obsessed" police officer who used his force helicopter to film people having sex has been jailed.

Creators of the CIA's 'enhanced interrogation' program to face trial | The Guardian

A civil lawsuit brought by three victims of the CIA’s torture program against the two psychologists who created it will go to court on 5 September in Washington state, after a judge ruled that more than a year of discovery had yielded sufficient evidence to support the plaintiffs’ claims.

Google Fires Author of Divisive Memo on Gender Differences - Bloomberg

Alphabet Inc.’s Google has fired an employee who wrote an internal memo blasting the web company’s diversity policies, creating a firestorm across Silicon Valley.

New 9/11 victim identified, nearly 16 years later

His name was withheld at his family's request, the New York City medical examiner's office said Monday. It said new DNA technology helped identify him after previous tests yielded no results... The remains of 1,641 victims have been identified so far — 40% are still unidentified.

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英首相報道官、EU離脱で400億ユーロ支払う用意との報道否定 | ロイター


出入国で4時間待ち… 夏の欧州空港、テロ警戒で大混乱:朝日新聞デジタル


幼稚園・保育園を利用せず、家庭で育児する場合は月10万円の補助金 増額にノルウェーで賛否両論 - Yahoo!ニュース


仏大統領夫人の公式ポスト創設案に反発広がる、22万人が反対署名 | ロイター


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News Headlines - 07 August 2017

Government Report Finds Drastic Impact of Climate Change on U.S. - The New York Times

The average temperature in the United States has risen rapidly and drastically since 1980, and recent decades have been the warmest of the past 1,500 years, according to a sweeping federal climate change report awaiting approval by the Trump administration.

Cash support to NOK 7,500 every month - Norway Today

On the 1st of August, cash support for stay at home parents will increase from 6,000 to 7,500 kroner per month. The increase is a result of budget negotiations with the government for 2017

Netflix buys comics publisher behind Kick-Ass and Kingsman

You may not be familiar with Millarworld, but you've likely heard of founder Mark Millar's work. Before he created Millarworld, Millar wrote a number of comic books for Marvel including Old Man Logan and Civil War, which were brought to the silver screen as the blockbuster hits Logan and Captain America: Civil War. He also authored the comic book series Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service, both of which have been turned into successful feature films.

Rio Olympics planners wanted to memorialize A-bomb attack:The Asahi Shimbun

The organizing committee for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games planned to commemorate the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in its opening ceremony that year, but was suggested by the International Olympic Committee to withdraw the plan.

Premier League is 25 years old: Facts and figures behind the first quarter-century - BBC Sport

After 9,746 games and 25,769 goals involving 47 teams across 25 memorable years, BBC Sport crunches the numbers and brings you the story of England's top-flight in facts and figures.

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マクロン仏大統領、人気失速…支持率36%、不支持49%に 選出から3カ月「蜜月は終了」 - 産経ニュース


英政府のEU離脱交渉、有権者の61%が不支持=世論調査 | ロイター


軍事非同盟のスウェーデン、軍備強化へ 徴兵制も復活:朝日新聞デジタル


グーグルのエンジニアが自社の多様性志向を批判、「性差別」と内紛に - CNET Japan

このエンジニアは、「Google's Ideological Echo Chamber」(Googleの思想的エコーチェンバー)と題した10ページの文書で、テック業界に女性が少ないのは、偏見や差別によるものではなく、男女の生物学的な違いが原因だと主張している。Motherboardによって最初に報じられたこの文書は、社内ネットワークに投稿された後、Google内に広まったとされている。

ドイツでナチス式敬礼 中国人観光客を拘束 | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 06 August 2017

UK ready to pay £36bn Brexit bill, but only if EU talks trade

Britain is prepared to pay up to £36 billion to the EU to settle the so-called Brexit divorce bill, The Telegraph can reveal... However, the UK will only agree to pay the sum - equivalent to €40 billion - it if the EU agrees to negotiate the financial settlement as part of a deal on future relations, including a trade deal.

Ireland's prime minister tells Theresa May to strike Norway-style Brexit deal with the EU | The Independent

Ireland’s prime minister has suggested that Britain could strike a Norway-style deal with the EU – forging a bespoke customs union with Europe and joining the European Free Trade Association (Efta).

British model drugged, stuffed in suitcase in sex trafficking attempt, police say - CBS News

A 30-year-old man has been arrested in the alleged kidnapping of a young British model who thought she was traveling to Milan for a photo shoot, but instead was drugged, stuffed into a suitcase and handcuffed inside a home in northern Italy before being released, Milan police announced Saturday.

Usain Bolt's loss to Justin Gatlin 'very awkward' for athletics

Olympic silver medallist Roger Black has described Usain Bolt losing his final 100m race to convicted drugs cheat Justin Gatlin as "very awkward" for athletics... A packed crowd at the London Stadium booed Gatlin before the race, but were quietened when he crossed the line in 9.92 seconds.

Cristiano Ronaldo tells Spanish court he wants to return to England | Football News | Sky Sports

Cristiano Ronaldo told a Madrid court last week he wants to return to England, Sky sources understand... Ronaldo told the court he believed he had paid more tax than he should since he moved to Madrid eight years ago.

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EU離脱の「手切れ金」、5兆円超支払う用意ある 英紙報道:AFPBB News

英国の欧州連合(EU)離脱の焦点である未払い分担金などの「手切れ金」について、6日の日曜紙サンデー・テレグラフ(Sunday Telegraph)は、同国がEUに約400億ユーロ(約5兆2000億円)を支払う用意があると伝えた。英国側から具体的な金額が示されたのは初めてだが、EUの試算、1000億ユーロ(約13兆円)は大幅に下回っている。

英の慰安婦資料が判明 「強制連行」の記述なし 韓国主張「性奴隷」根拠なし改めて分かる 兵士に慰安婦への暴力禁じた規定も - 産経ニュース


オスプレイが豪沖で墜落、行方不明3人の捜索“打ち切り” TBS NEWS


フランスで中国人観光客が大幅増 目的は…|日テレNEWS24


サッカー 浦和の関根 ドイツ2部移籍で合意 | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 05 August 2017

Extreme heat warnings issued in Europe as temperatures pass 40C | The Guardian

Eleven southern and central European countries have issued extreme heat warnings amid a brutal heatwave nicknamed Lucifer, with residents and tourists urged to take precautions and scientists warning worse could be still to come... As temperatures in many places hit or exceeded 40C (104F) in the region’s most sustained heatwave since 2003, emergency services are being put on standby and people have been asked to “remain vigilant”, stay indoors, avoid long journeys, drink enough fluids and listen for emergency advice from health officials.

Ikea begins selling solar panels and home batteries in the UK | TechCrunch

Ikea is getting into the domestic solar power generation and storage market in the UK, with new solar panel and home storage battery system products. The products include panels that integrated with existing roofing solutions provided by Solarcentury, a UK solar power company, which includes a 25 year guarantee on the panels themselves, as well as s six-year warranty on installation and every aspect of the system hardware.

Ultra cool vegan restaurant By Chloe is coming to London | Metro News

It’s a casual, fast-food style restaurant where everything on the menu is entirely vegan and plant-based (meaning it’s pretty blimmin’ healthy). Having first opened in Manhattan two years ago, the brand has since expanded to restaurants all over the US.
And now, it’s coming to the UK. London, to start with, and Covent Garden, more specifically.

Giant panda gives birth to twin cubs at French zoo, but one dies - France 24

There was joy and pain for French zookeepers Friday as their female panda gave birth to twins, but one died soon afterwards

German Super Cup: Bayern Munich beat Borussia Dortmund 5-4 on penalties - BBC Sport

Bayern Munich twice came from behind before beating Borussia Dortmund 5-4 on penalties to win the German Super Cup.

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フランス西部で生がきの自販機登場、グルメも満足 | ロイター


ベルギーで16世紀の城壁発掘、鉄道施設の一部に活用へ | ロイター


スイス:氷河から遺体発見 30年前不明になった独男性 - 毎日新聞


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News Headlines - 04 August 2017

Martin Shkreli Is Found Guilty of Fraud - The New York Times

Martin Shkreli, 34, has confidently courted controversy in recent years, bulldozing his way into Wall Street and the drug industry, raising the price of a lifesaving drug by 5,000 percent overnight, boasting that he would outwit prosecutors in his federal fraud case, and live-streaming and tweeting throughout his five-week trial.

Birmingham bin strike: City becoming 'sea of rubbish' - BBC News

About 50 people staged a demonstration outside Birmingham City Council's headquarters to highlight concerns over the city's bin dispute.

Fears for tourists in London as acid attacks escalate in recent weeks

The number of acid-related crimes in the British capital leaped dramatically last year to 454 from 261 in 2015 – a 74 percent rise – according to the Metropolitan Police. Updated figures released by the London police force show that 282 incidents have taken place this year so far.

Moscow court shooting: Three 'Grand Theft Auto gang members' killed in bungled bid to escape trial

A shooting in a courthouse in a Moscow suburb resulted in three assailants dead and two heavily injured on Tuesday afternoon.
Two convoy officers, a man and a woman, also sustained injuries, as did an officer of the National Guard, Russia’s newest law enforcement task force.

Olympic judo champ arrested in Kiev in sexual assault case

Two-time Olympic judo champion Peter Seisenbacher of Austria was arrested in Kiev, Ukraine, on sexual assault charges on Tuesday after his whereabouts had been unknown for more than seven months.

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トヨタ、マツダに出資 EVを共同開発  :日本経済新聞




ランサムウェア拡散を一時阻止した「英雄」が逮捕--その意外な理由とは - CNET Japan


「女王と一緒の埋葬やめて」デンマーク王配殿下、待遇に長年不満:AFPBB News

デンマーク女王マルグレーテ2世(Queen Margrethe、77)の夫、ヘンリック殿下(Prince Consort Henrik、83)が、死後は女王と並んだ墓に埋葬しないでほしいとの意向を示していることが分かった。デンマーク王室が3日、明らかにした。実現すれば、デンマーク王室の慣例を破る初の事例となる。

CNN.co.jp : 戦車のような巨大草食恐竜に命名、良好な保存状態 カナダ


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News Headlines - 03 August 2017

Trump urged Mexican president to end his public defiance on border wall, transcript reveals - The Washington Post

The heated exchange came during back-to-back days of calls that Trump held with foreign leaders a week after taking office. The Post has obtained transcripts of Trump’s talks with Peña Nieto and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Shinzo Abe of Japan Reshuffles Cabinet, Hoping to Shore Up Falling Support - The New York Times

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan appointed a new cabinet on Thursday, hoping to breathe new life into his conservative government, whose support among voters has plunged after a series of scandals and missteps.

China accused of ‘enforced disappearance’ of Liu Xiaobo’s widow | The Star Online

China’s government is responsible for the “enforced disappearance” of late Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo’s widow, her US-based lawyer said on Wednesday in a formal complaint filed to the United Nations.

Is Russia Using North Korean Slave Labor To Build Stadiums?

Russia has denied using forced labor from North Korea to build facilities for the World Cup in 2018, after U.S. lawmakers called for a probe into reports of workers from the country not only spotted at the stadium sites but also of North Korean migrants dying under mysterious circumstances in Russia.

Angkor Wat temple statue uncovered in Cambodia excavation | Metro News

The government agency that oversees the complex, the Apsara Authority, said on its website that the 6ft 3in, 23in wide statue was discovered on Sunday by its team, working with experts from Singapore’s Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.

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永住権発行半減 トランプ氏、新移民制限法案を発表 - 毎日新聞


テスラCEO、車載電池開発巡りトヨタを挑発  :日本経済新聞


FBI長官の空席、ようやく解消へ 米上院がレイ氏承認:朝日新聞デジタル


空飛ぶスパゲッティ・モンスター教、ドイツ宗教裁判で敗訴 - ITmedia NEWS


「リトル・ポンペイ」 仏南東部で遺跡発見 モザイク画も:AFPBB News


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News Headlines - 02 August 2017

Eurozone unemployment falls to fresh post-crisis low

Unemployment in the eurozone fell to a fresh post-crisis low in June in a further sign that the economic recovery in the 19-nation bloc is gathering momentum.
The jobless rate fell to 9.1pc last month, from a downwardly revised 9.2pc in May, according to Eurostat. This is the lowest rate since February 2009.

Prince Philip to carry out final official engagement - BBC News

The 96-year-old announced his retirement in May, after decades of supporting the Queen, as well as attending events for his own charities and organisations.
Prince Philip has completed 22,219 solo engagements since 1952.

Chinese AI calls Communist Party 'incompetent' - NHK WORLD

A Chinese IT firm has suspended its artificial intelligence service after the program criticized China's Communist Party for being "corrupt" and "incompetent."

Splatoon 2's Lobby Is Full Of Furries

Furries are people who imagine alter egos in the form of humanoid animals. A lot of the time, it’s good, clean fun. It’s also a sex thing. Mascot costumes are involved. So when Splatoon 2 players noticed that its lobby has been veritable furry con for the last day or so, several fans balked. Sure, the Wii U’s Miiverse, and especially the original Splatoon’s lobby, got a little raunchy sometimes. Without a Miiverse, Splatoon 2 would surely have a bit more curation. Wouldn’t it?

Baby calf and KISS have something in common | ABC10.com

A newborn calf in Kerrville bears a striking resemblance to a legendary rock star.
"As soon as we saw her, we noticed the resemblance immediately," said Heather Taccetta, a waitress at the Cowboy Steak House in Kerrville.

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仏旅客機 北朝鮮ICBM落下数分前に付近を通過 | NHKニュース


「トランプ氏、北朝鮮との戦争も辞さず」 面会の米議員が明かす:AFPBB News

ドナルド・トランプ(Donald Trump)米大統領が、北朝鮮による核弾頭が搭載可能な長距離弾道ミサイルの開発を容認するくらいなら、同国を破壊するための戦争も辞さないと語っていたことが分かった。トランプ氏と面会した共和党のリンゼー・グラム(Lindsey Graham)上院議員が1日、明かにした。

トランプ氏、対ロ制裁法案に署名 米ロ外相会談へ  :日本経済新聞


ハリポタ作者が謝罪ツイート、トランプ大統領の言動で事実誤認 | ロイター


バルセロナ、ネイマールが退団の意思を示したと公表 違約金291億円が必要と強調 | サッカーキング


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News Headlines - 01 August 2017

Nirmal Sethia warns Darjeeling could run out by December | Daily Mail Online

Unrest in the Darjeeling region of India have wiped out this year's harvest of premium 'second flush' tea leaves, with suppliers set to run out of stock by the end of this month.

Bitcoin split in two, here's what that means

It's a bit complicated for those who aren't in the bitcoin weeds. Essentially, political, technological, and ideological debates about growing bitcoin have come to a head. And some say that an entirely new currency called Bitcoin Cash could help scale bitcoin and bring it to the masses.

The Great Peanut Butter Escape Of 2017 : NPR

Inmates in Alabama used peanut butter to alter the numbers over a jail door, tricking a guard into thinking a door to the outside was a door to a cell. They rushed out, but most were later captured.

World’s longest suspension footbridge opens in Switzerland - SWI swissinfo.ch

The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world was officially opened in Switzerland today, measuring in at just under half-a-kilometre long.

Trainee priests turned away from Cardiff pub after being mistaken for stag party | London Evening Standard

The seven Roman Catholic seminarians were initially barred from the City Arms in Cardiff on Saturday despite insisting their clothes were not fancy dress.
But they managed to get their celebratory pints on the house after the bar manager realised they were genuine.

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ロシア大統領:報復措置が米外交官ら755人減員で終わること望む - Bloomberg






ロボットが池に“身投げ” その理由が判明 - ITmedia NEWS


日本は1万円札を廃止せよ 米ハーバード大教授 ケネス・ロゴフ氏 :日本経済新聞


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