News Headlines - 24 August 2017

Graft-buster Wang Qishan not on China's new leadership line-up: Report - The Straits Times

China's top graft-buster Wang Qishan is not among the latest candidates for China's seven-member apex decision-making body, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned from related sources.
Whether Wang would remain on the Political Bureau Standing Committee has been a focus of the reshuffle efforts.

SpaceX just teased a chic new spacesuit

The world just got a glimpse of the suits astronauts may one day wear when they travel to the International Space Station aboard a SpaceX craft.

With Galaxy Note 8, Samsung hopes to smother Note 7 debacle - CNET

Less than a year ago, Samsung's Galaxy Note brand was radioactive.
At that point, the Galaxy Note 7, which had the unhealthy tendency to overheat and catch fire, had endured two recalls before Samsung scrapped the line. Travelers got used to hearing airline attendants read a warning before every flight that the phone was banned from all planes... Today marks the debut of the Galaxy Note 8, the official follow-up to 2016's ill-fated phone.

Switzerland landslide: At least eight missing in Val Bondasca - BBC News

Eight people are still missing after a landslide in an alpine valley in south-eastern Switzerland, police say.
The incident in a remote valley popular with hikers and climbers forced the evacuation of a village in the Val Bondasca region, officials said.

Alastair Stewart upstaged by toddler on afternoon news | The Guardian

A discussion on milk allergies went off script during an ITV news broadcast when a little girl started walking round newsreader Alastair Stewart’s desk before climbing on to it.








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