News Headlines - 27 August 2017

Theresa May will reportedy deliver Brexit and then resign as PM | Metro News

Theresa May reportedly wants to deliver Brexit and then quit as Prime Minister on Friday August 30, 2019... The Mirror reports she has been inviting groups of 15 Tories to Chequers and handing them prosecco and homemade chocolates on arrival.

Emmanuel Macron has spent €26,000 on makeup in his first three months as French president

Emmanuel Macron spent €26,000 (£24,000) on makeup during his first three months as president of France, it has emerged.
In potentially damaging news for the 39-year old centrist leader, whose popularity is waning, Le Point reported that his personal makeup artist - referred to only as Natacha M - put in two bills, one for €10,000 and another for €16,000.

Semi-automated truck convoys get green light for UK trials | The Guardian

Up to three wirelessly connected HGVs will travel in convoy, with acceleration, braking and steering controlled by the lead vehicle, a concept named platooning. Each lorry will have a driver in the cab ready to retake control at any time.

Birling Gap beach evacuated after suspected chemical leak - BBC News

People on the beach at Birling Gap reported painful, stinging eyes and breathing difficulties after a "mist" appeared.
Sussex Police said there was an "unknown haze coming in from the sea" affecting the East Sussex coastline.

Eight mountain climbers die in accidents in Austrian and Italian Alps | The Guardian

All five of those killed were believed to be from Germany, and one was identified as a 34-year-old man from the German state of Bavaria, the German news agency dpa reported.
Two Italians died on Sunday after falling into a crevasse on a glacier in Adamello Brenta park near Trento, in northern Italy... Another Italian climber died on Saturday after being hit by boulders in the Valtellina Alpine area, further west of Trento near the border with Switzerland.








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