News Headlines - 29 August 2017

North Korea fires missile over Japan in sharp escalation of tensions | The Japan Times

The Japanese government said the missile flew over southern Hokkaido for two minutes, later breaking into three segments before plunging into the Pacific Ocean about 1,180 km east of Cape Erimo.

North Korea just fired a missile right over Japan — but here's why the yen is rallying anyway

Despite North Korea launching a ballistic missile that passed over Japan , in what Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called an "unprecedented, serious and significant threat," traders still see the yen as a safe-haven play, and they're pushing the currency higher.
The yen has surged, with the dollar fetching as little as 108.32 yen in early Tuesday trade, down from levels approaching 111 yen earlier in the month.

China expected to take over Japan's second spot in contributions to United Nations - The Straits Times

Japan is expected to drop from its position as the second-largest contributor to the United Nations' general budget in the 2019-2021 period, with China taking over that spot, according to a UN report estimating contributions.
Given the high possibility that Japan's current slot, which it has held since the 1980s, will be overtaken by China, Japan's presence in the UN may wane. The United States is the largest contributor.

The Biggest Misconception About Today’s College Students - The New York Times

You might think the typical college student lives in a state of bliss, spending each day moving among classes, parties and extracurricular activities. But the reality is that an increasingly small population of undergraduates enjoys that kind of life.
Of the country’s nearly 18 million undergraduates, more than 40 percent go to community college, and of those, only 62 percent can afford to go to college full-time. By contrast, a mere 0.4 percent of students in the United States attend one of the Ivies.

Emotional Sharapova tops No. 2 Halep at Open in Slam return

When Maria Sharapova's first Grand Slam match after a 15-month doping suspension ended with a victory at the U.S. Open, she dropped to her knees and covered her face, tears welling in her eyes.








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