News Headlines - 10 September 2017

Bangladesh minister speaks of ‘genocide’ in Myanmar’s Rakhine | Arab News

Bangladesh’s foreign minister said Sunday that genocide was being waged in Myanmar’s violence-racked Rakhine state, triggering an exodus of nearly 300,000 Muslim Rohingya to his country.
“The international community is saying it is a genocide. We also say it is a genocide,” A.H. Mahmood Ali told reporters after briefing diplomats in Dhaka.

YouTube Removes North Korea Propaganda Channel

YouTube, citing violation of "community guidelines," removed the state-run North Korea propaganda channel, Uriminzokkiri, from its website.
"This account has been terminated for violating YouTube's community guidelines," YouTube said.

Shoppers Seem To Have Fallen Out Of Love With The Gap, And The Gap Appears To Agree

Just as shoppers ditch the namesake brand for its younger spinoff chains, so is the Gap. The retailer will shutter about 200 underperforming Gap and Banana Republic stores over the next three years, while adding about 270 Old Navy and Athleta locations.

Has the Voynich Manuscript Really Been Solved? - The Atlantic

This week, the venerable Times Literary Supplement published as its cover story a “solution” for the Voynich manuscript. The article by Nicholas Gibbs suggests the manuscript is a medieval women’s-health manual copied from several older sources. And the cipher is no cipher at all, but simply abbreviations that, once decoded, turn out to be medicinal recipes... “Frankly I’m a little surprised the TLS published it,” says Lisa Fagin Davis, executive director of the Medieval Academy of America. When she was a doctoral student at Yale—whose Beinecke Library holds the Voynich manuscript—Davis read dozens of theories as part of her job. “If they had simply sent to it to the Beinecke Library, they would have rebutted it in a heartbeat,” she says. She told me that, by coincidence, she had dinner recently with Beinecke’s curator, who had not heard from TLS about the article.

Deadly flash floods in Tuscan port city of Leghorn Italy after heavy rain

Four of the victims were family members - a four-year-old boy, his parents and grandfather - whose bodies were found in the flooded basement of their home in the port city of Leghorn in Tuscany.
Mayor Filippo Nogarin warned there could be more casualties because several people were missing.








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