News Headlines - 09 October 2017

Merkel says to start coalition talks on Oct 18 - Yahoo7 News

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who won an election with a reduced majority two weeks ago, said Monday she would start talks to form a coalition government with two smaller parties on October 18.

Six in 10 voters want Theresa May to stay on as Prime Minister until after Brexit

Nearly six in 10 members of the public want Theresa May to remain as Prime Minister until the end of the Brexit process, a new survey says.
The study by ORB International found that 57 per cent of voters agreed that Mrs May should stay at least until the Brexit negotiations are completed in March 2019.

North Korea’s leader boosts his family’s power by promoting his younger sister - The Washington Post

Kim Jong Un has taken another key step to consolidate his family’s control over North Korea, elevating his younger sister to the powerful political bureau of the ruling Workers’ Party and moving her closer to the center of the leadership.

New court complex planned to bolster City of London after Brexit | The Guardian

A major court complex specialising in cybercrime and fraud cases is to be built in the City of London to promote the UK’s financial and legal services post-Brexit.
The scheme – likely to costs tens if not hundreds of millions of pounds – is being backed by the City of London Corporation, HM Courts and Tribunal Services (HMCTS), the Ministry of Justice and senior judges.

Rare 'fire devil' blazing tornado caught on camera in Portugal - ITV News

A rare phenomenon known as a "fire devil" has been captured on camera in Portugal as five more wildfires swept across the country.
The spectacular fire tornado forms when flames are mixed with dust and wind.








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