News Headlines - 29 October 2017

Heathrow's secret security data found on memory stick in London street | The Independent

Heathrow Airport’s secret security planning has been revealed in files on a memory stick found in a London street.
The documents outline routes and safeguards for the Queen, foreign dignitaries and top politicians using Britain’s busiest airport. The USB drive also includes maps showing where CCTV cameras are located, and escape routes for the Heathrow Express railway serving the airport.

Kurdish leader Barzani resigns after independence vote backfires

Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani said he would give up his position as president on Nov. 1, after an independence referendum he championed backfired and triggered a regional crisis.

North Korea's global threat needs global response: NATO chief- Nikkei Asian Review

North Korea's nuclear and missile program is a "global threat" and "requires a global response," the secretary-general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization said Friday, while cautioning that "war would be disastrous."

First Rock From Outside the Solar System Sails Past Earth

Astronomers around the world are scrambling to study an object unlike anything they’ve ever seen: a chunk of rock and ice seemingly fired our way from another solar system.
Discovered on October 19, the object is several hundred feet across and is currently speeding away from us at more than 98,000 miles an hour. At that speed, the space rock is moving fast enough to outrun the sun’s gravitational tug—implying that it was never part of our solar system to begin with.

Teenager's life 'ruined' by Live.me and Twitter 'trolls' - BBC News

A teenager claims internet trolls "ruined her life" by superimposing her face on pornographic messages that were shared on social media.








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