News Headlines - 23 November 2017

Workers at Amazon's main Italian hub, German warehouses strike on Black Friday

Workers at Amazon’s main distribution hub in Italy are planning their first ever strike for Friday, trade unions said, while they are also striking at six warehouses in Germany, threatening to disrupt one of the year’s busiest shopping days.

Saudi Arabia’s Arab Spring, at Last - The New York Times

To better understand it I flew to Riyadh to interview the crown prince, known as “M.B.S.,” who had not spoken about the extraordinary events here of early November, when his government arrested scores of Saudi princes and businessmen on charges of corruption and threw them into a makeshift gilded jail — the Riyadh Ritz-Carlton — until they agreed to surrender their ill-gotten gains.

Only known war memoirs by Emperor Hirohito to go up for auction in New York | The Japan Times

What may be the only existing copy of Emperor Hirohito’s account of World War II and the era leading up to the conflict is set to go on the auction block in New York next month.
The 173-page, two-volume document — known in Japan as “Showa Tenno Dokuhakuroku”(“Emperor Showa’s Monologue”) — was dictated by the Emperor to several of his aides soon after the war and transcribed word-for-word by senior diplomat Hidenari Terasaki. It was published by the monthly Bungei Shunju magazine in 1990, causing a national sensation.

The world of sumo wrestling turned upside down by yet another abuse scandal involving a grand champion | The Independent

A probe into an assault by a sumo grand champion against a junior wrestler threatens to stain the image of Japan's ancient national sport just as its popularity was recovering from previous scandals and a shrinking fan base.

Italy or Chile could be handed World Cup reprieve at Peru's expense | MARCA in English

There remains a glimmer of hope of seeing either Italy or Chile at next year's World Cup in Russia, all thanks to a bill which is set to be presented by a Peruvian congresswoman to parliament and which could see the nation's football federation lose its autonomy.








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