News Headlines - 26 November 2017

White S.Africa farmers in new protest over murders | THE DAILY STAR

Hundreds of white South African farmers on Saturday took to the streets of Pretoria, demanding government action over a wave of murders targeting their communities in rural areas.
The march is the latest protest staged over the murder of at least 72 white farmers so far this year, according to figures from campaign group AfriForum.

Trudeau apologizes to Newfoundland residential school survivors left out of 2008 apology, compensation | Toronto Star

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has “humbly” apologized for abuse and cultural losses at residential schools in Newfoundland and Labrador, saying the gesture is part of recognizing “hard truths” Canada must confront as a society.

Argentine navy not giving hope of submarine survivors - ABC News

Argentina's navy says it's not giving up hope that crew members could be alive 11 days after a submarine vanished off the Atlantic coast with 44 people aboard.

Govt eyes manned lunar surface mission - The Japan News

The government plans to launch a project to send astronauts to the moon’s surface on an exploration mission in cooperation with a similar U.S. space project, sources close to the government said.

Jonathan, St Helena's ancient tortoise, awaits visitors - Channel NewsAsia

He is a tourist attraction worth travelling a long way to see - Jonathan the giant tortoise is perhaps the world's oldest land animal, living in pampered luxury on the remote British island of St Helena.
Aged at least 185 - though no one knows for certain - Jonathan should prepare himself for an influx of visitors now that an airport has opened on the small island in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean.








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