News Headlines - 21 December 2017

Japan Airlines falls victim to email fraud, paying out \384 million to Hong Kong accounts | The Japan Times

Japan Airlines Co. said it has been defrauded out of \384 million ($3.4 million) after receiving emails earlier this year that called for the payments of lease fees and commissions into bank accounts in Hong Kong.

Cultural showcase store opens at new Japan House Los Angeles facility in Hollywood | The Japan Times

At 10 a.m. on the second floor of a shopping mall in central Hollywood on Wednesday, a brightly lit store selling about 1,200 Japanese products opened its doors for the first time to a small crowd of journalists and onlookers... The new facility is one of three global hubs of the Japan House project, run by the Foreign Ministry. Along with one that opened in Sao Paulo in April and another planned for London, the project aims to promote the country’s best art, cuisine, design, entertainment, fashion and technology.

Shots fired along demilitarized zone as North Korean soldier defects - Channel NewsAsia

South Korean guards fired warning shots across the heavily militarized border with North Korea on Thursday as a soldier from the North defected, officials said, complicating efforts to ease tensions over the Pyongyang's weapons programmes.

South Africa's ANC calls for nationalizing central bank, land expropriation

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress has adopted a resolution calling for the nationalization of the central bank and land expropriation without compensation, a senior party official said on Wednesday.

Tolkien Christmas letters to his children to go on show - Channel NewsAsia

The letters start in 1920 after Tolkien’s three-year old son John asked him who Father Christmas was and where he lived.
Tolkien decided to assume the identity of Father Christmas in a written reply, and told stories of the North Pole via handwritten text and illustrations. The letters became a tradition that Tolkien maintained for all four of his children, and he delivered them on Christmas Eve for the next 23 years.








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