News Headlines - 22 December 2017

Logs of Nobel Prize-winning physicist Yukawa show clues on wartime nuke research - The Mainichi

Journals kept around the end of World War II in 1945 by Japan's first Nobel Prize winner, physicist Hideki Yukawa (1907-1981), were released by the Kyoto University Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics on Dec. 21.

Kansai Electric decides to scrap 2 reactors at Ohi - NHK WORLD

Kansai Electric Power Company has officially decided to decommission 2 aging reactors at the Ohi nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture on the Sea of Japan coast... Kansai Electric President Shigeki Iwane met Fukui Governor Issei Nishikawa and explained the plan to scrap the No.1 and No.2 reactors.

Norwegian herder ordered to put down dozens of reindeer in controversial cull | The Guardian

The supreme court in Oslo rejected an appeal by Jovsset Ante Sara, a small reindeer herder from the indigenous Sami community in the Norwegian Arctic, ruling he must comply with an earlier order to cull 41 of his 116-strong herd.

France to ban all oil and gas production from 2040 | The Independent

France is to ban all drilling for oil and natural gas by 2040 after its Parliament approved part of President Emmanuel Macron’s plans to cut the use of fossil fuels.
It will become illegal to produce or look for oil and gas in the country and its overseas territories. Existing drilling permits will expire in 2040 and, from today, no new ones will be granted.

The Queen and Prince Philip take train from London to begin Christmas break | London Evening Standard

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh have begun their Christmas break like any other couple and are heading to Sandringham by train.
The monarch and her consort were pictured arriving at King's Lynn station in Norfolk after travelling from London.








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