News Headlines - 01 February 2018

Trump falsely claims his address was the most viewed of all time

On Thursday morning the president said the 45.6 million people who watched Tuesday's State of the Union was "the highest number in history."
That's not true. And it left observers wondering where he came up with such a claim.

Lord Bates's resignation over lateness rejected by PM - BBC News

Lord Bates stunned colleagues in the House of Lords by stating his intention to resign after the "discourtesy" of arriving late to a session.
A spokesman for Number 10 said the resignation was "unnecessary" and he had decided to continue in his role.

Scottish island on sale for same price as one-bed London flat | The Independent

A Scottish island on sale for the price of a one-bed flat in London is attracting a “lot of interest” according to its estate agents... Vaila Sound is an island on the western side of the Shetland Isles – meaning it is technically closer to Norway than Scotland – with just two dilapidated, abandoned cottages that can be yours for £250,000.

How Sanchi's spill could spread

The worst tanker oil spill in decades is unfolding across hundreds of miles of the East China Sea after an Iranian oil tanker carrying more than 100,000 tonnes of toxic oil collided with a freighter and exploded, killing all 32 crew onboard. The ship burned, spewing its cargo, for more than a week before sinking in the waters between China, Japan and South Korea.

Muji pulls catalog in China that left disputed islands off map:The Asahi Shimbun

Japan's Muji retail chain was forced to pull a catalog in China that left the disputed Senkaku Islands off a map after receiving a complaint from Chinese authorities... Beijing took exception to the map included in Muji's furniture catalog for autumn and winter 2017.
The catalog was distributed in China by Muji stores, operated by Ryohin Keikaku Co. in Tokyo.








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