News Headlines - 03 February 2018

Syrian Kurds outraged over mutilation of female fighter | The Guardian

Syrian Kurds have accused Turkish-backed rebels of mutilating then filming the body of one of their female fighters after a video emerged of her corpse... The Kurds blamed the “terrorist allies of the enemy Turkish state” for mutilating the body of Kobani, who was a member of the all-female Kurdish Women’s Protection Units.

82-year-old programmer speaks at UN - NHK WORLD

An 82-year-old Japanese software programmer has given a speech at the UN in New York on the merits of digital technology for senior citizens.
Masako Wakamiya on Friday described to members of the conference a game app for smartphones she developed for the elderly.

Louvre displays Nazi-looted paintings in bid to find rightful owners of 2,000 unclaimed artworks

The Louvre Museum has put on display 31 paintings looted by the Nazis during the Second World War in the hope that surviving relatives of their original owners will come forward to claim them.
The paintings, recovered in Germany after the war, were among about 100,000 works of art looted by the Nazis during their occupation of France.
More than 45,000 have been handed back but more than 2,000 remain unclaimed, including 296 paintings stored at the Louvre.

Watch Nicole Kidman Snack on Four Bowls of Bugs | PEOPLE.com

In the latest installment of Vanity Fair‘s “Secret Talent Theatre,” Kidman takes on a four course meal of bugs with a pair of chopsticks and a smile. Somehow, she approaches each dish—which look like something out of an episode of Fear Factor—like they’re bowls of candy.

Glee Actor Mark Salling Found Dead After Child Porn Charges | Time

Mark Salling, who played bad-boy Noah “Puck” Puckerman in the hit musical-comedy “Glee,” died of an apparent suicide Tuesday, weeks after pleading guilty to possessing child pornography. He was 35.








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