News Headlines - 20 February 2018

TEPCO ordered to pay damages for 102-year-old man's suicide:The Asahi Shimbun

A court here acknowledged that a 102-year-old man took his life rather than endure forced evacuation due to the 2011 nuclear disaster and ordered plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. to pay 15.2 million ($142,300) in damages to his family.
The Fukushima District Court said in its Feb. 20 ruling that the planned mandatory evacuation of Iitate was behind Fumio Okubo’s suicide, adding that the prospect of being forced from his home must have triggered "unbearable psychological strain."

Ex-Olympus chief in fresh assault on former board

The legal action, which has been brought by both Olympus itself and a lawyer known for bringing suits of “social purpose” that challenge Japanese corporate behaviour, centres on whether members of the Olympus board were taking their fiduciary duty seriously as evidence mounted of accounting irregularities.

Mitsubishi Corp. to raise Mitsubishi Motors stake to 20%- Nikkei Asian Review

Mitsubishi Corp. held a 9.23% interest in Mitsubishi Motors as of the end of last September. It will spend some 120 billion yen ($1.12 billion) to buy additional shares through a tender offer. An official announcement is expected as early as Tuesday.
Fellow group members Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ -- which own about 8% and 3% of the automaker, respectively -- are expected to participate in the tender offer. Nissan Motor is the largest shareholder of Mitsubishi Motors, with a 34% stake.

Osaka to host G20 summit in 2019 - NHK WORLD

The Japanese government has decided to hold next year's Group of 20 Summit meeting in the western prefecture of Osaka. It will be the first time Japan has hosted the summit.

Fight over man's flatulence forces flight to make emergency landing | Fox News

A pilot made an emergency landing after a fight broke out over a passenger who allegedly refused to stop passing gas.
Two Dutchmen sitting next to the flatulent passenger reportedly asked the man to stop, but he refused and continued to break wind aboard the Transavia Airlines flight from Dubai to Amsterdam Schiphol.








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