News Headlines - 03 March 2018

Deadly attacks on French embassy and military HQ in Burkina Faso - The Local

Authorities in Burkina Faso were on Saturday hunting for clues about the masterminds behind Friday's deadly twin attacks on the French embassy and the country's military HQ.
The coordinated attacks in Ouagadougou, which coincided with a meeting of regional anti-jihadist forces, underlined the struggle the fragile West African nation faces in containing a bloody and growing jihadist insurgency.

Detroit’s Glitzy Car Show Likely Moving to Warmer Month In Bid to Stay Relevant - WSJ

Organizers of Detroit’s auto show likely will move the annual event to October from January in coming years, according to people familiar with the matter. The move would offer visitors a chance to test drive moonshot technologies on actual, ice-free streets and create some distance from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. While auto-show attendance during public days is robust, the Motor City’s big event has gone from a must-attend event for car companies to one that an increasing amount of auto makers avoid.
The show’s leadership team has yet to make a final decision, several of the people said. Also known as the North American International Auto Show, the event will take place as originally planned in mid-January of 2019 and likely go to its new October slot after that.

Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer Benjamin Brafman defends casting couch | The Times

Women who have sex with bosses they find repulsive to advance their careers have made a decision “to do something that is personally offensive” but are not victims of rape, Harvey Weinstein’s defence lawyer has said.
Benjamin Brafman, who has represented Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z and various mobsters, said the “casting couch” had been around in Hollywood well before Mr Weinstein became a force there.

Film stars protest sexual harassment at 'French Oscars' - France 24

The French film world may be having its #MeToo moment as one after another, stars showed up at the industry's top awards show Friday wearing a white ribbon in a protest against sexual misconduct.

Shivering Europe hopes for weekend respite as deep freeze persists | AFP.com

Europe's deep freeze, which has cost more than 60 lives over the past week, continued to wreak havoc early Saturday as the shivering continent awaited a sliver of weekend respite from a brutal Siberian cold front.








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