News Headlines - 11 March 2018

Japan marks seventh anniversary of 3/11 with moment of silence | The Japan Times

At 2:46 p.m. on Sunday, Japan observed a moment of silence to mark the seventh anniversary of the mega-quake and tsunami that left about 18,000 people dead or missing while triggering the world’s worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.
The anniversary of the calamity on March 11, 2011, arrived as about 73,000 people from the disaster-hit areas have yet to return to their hometowns.

Disney's drone flies over Star Wars land as it's being built

Disneyland just released a teaser trailer for its new Star Wars themed area, a flyover of the construction site that offers the first detailed look at what’s rising in a galaxy not far away at all.

Jeff Bezos' Fortune Crosses $130 Billion As Amazon Stock Continues Climb

While Amazon has been trying to figure out what is causing digital assistant Alexa to laugh unprompted, founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has been laughing all the way to the bank. His fortune climbed past $130 billion this week.
Bezos became $2.1 billion richer on Friday, pushing his net worth to $130.5 billion, as Amazon's stock continues its relentless ascent. Shares have risen 5% in the past week and 85% in the last twelve months. That has quickly made Bezos the richest person on the planet and the first centi-billionaire in the Forbes Billionaire ranks.

White House plan includes gun training for teachers - The Washington Post

President Donald Trump’s plan to combat school shootings will include helping states pay for firearms training for teachers and a call to improve the background check system.
But Trump’s plan will not include a push to increase the minimum age for purchasing assault weapons or an embrace of more comprehensive background checks, as Trump has at times advocated.

PAOK president takes gun onto the pitch to remonstrate with the referee | MARCA in English

The clash between PAOK and AEK had to be suspended due to a pitch invasion by fans and the home side's president Ivan Savvidis also went to remonstrate to the referee with a gun fastened to his belt








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