News Headlines - 29 April 2018

Donald Trump renews criticism of 'lousy' London embassy - BBC News

Donald Trump has again criticised the new home of the US embassy in London, describing the south London location as "lousy" and "horrible"...
The US president, who visits the UK in July, had blamed his predecessor, Barack Obama, but the move was agreed during George W Bush's presidency.
The new embassy in Vauxhall cost $1bn (£730m) and holds 800 members of staff.

North Korea to 'unify' standard time with South Korea - UPI.com

North Korea has decided to wind its clock forward half an hour to match its time with the South's, two years and eight months after it decided to adopt its own standard time, News 1 reported... Until 2015, Pyongyang used the same time (135 degrees East) as Seoul but adopted its own standard time 30 minutes behind KST.

Nintendo: New CEO Replacing the One Who Launched the Switch | Fortune

Nintendo appointed Shuntaro Furukawa as its new president, handing the reins to a relatively young and unknown senior executive after reporting that profit is on track to reach the highest since 2010.
He’ll replace Tatsumi Kimishima, a former banker who last year oversaw the debut of the new console, the Kyoto-based company’s biggest bet in years.

Sumo wrestling: The growing sexism problem in Japan's traditional sport - BBC News

Japan's sumo wrestling authority has postponed a decision on the sport's "men-only" policy.
The Japan Sumo Association (JSA) met after a recent string of scandals, including when women were made to leave the ring after stepping in to help a man.

Russian Arctic glacier loss doubles as temps warm | EurekAlert! Science News

Ice mass loss in the Russian Arctic has nearly doubled over the last decade according to Cornell University research published in the journal Remote Sensing of Environment.
The research focused on Franz Josef Land, a glaciated Russian archipelago in the Kara and Barents seas - among the northernmost and most remote parcels of land on Earth.








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