News Headlines - 25 June 2018

Mike Pompeo reportedly joked with Kim Jong-un about killing him during meeting prior to Singapore summit | The Independent

Mr Kim then confronted Mr Pompeo about his comments when he visited Pyongyang in April, according to a former staffer for the then-CIA director who spoke with Vanity Fair... ”The CIA director joked that he was still trying to kill him, this former staffer said, and both men laughed.”

Award-winning Wild West End garden opens in central London | The Guardian

An award-winning garden aiming to bring peace, tranquility and improve air quality for London shoppers, opens on Monday off Oxford Street as part of a major project to green the West End.
The Wild West End garden, which won a gold medal at the Chelsea flower show last month, has been transplanted into the busy retail heart of the capital.
Designed by award-winning designer , the green oasis features many garden plants chosen for their contribution to air purification.

Supreme Court Sides With American Express In Antitrust Case : NPR

The Supreme Court has ruled that American Express can force restaurants, dry cleaners and other businesses to agree that they won't try to get their customers to pay with other credit cards. American Express is historically known for charging retailers higher fees to use their cards. The court was divided, but more conservative justices won out in a 5 to 4 vote.

Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Headaches Include Outcry From Its Own Fans - Bloomberg

After a poor performance by “Solo: A Star Wars Story” -- a movie poised to become the first money-losing film in the series -- Disney faces criticism over how it’s managing one of Hollywood’s most lucrative franchises. The company is dealing with reports that its next stand-alone “Star Wars” movie may be delayed and an effort by one faction of fans to remake “The Last Jedi,” which came out in December.

Kawashima's error raises questions for Samurai Blue | The Japan Times

Japan manager Akira Nishino said he will analyze goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima’s situation after the FC Metz custodian made an error that led to Senegal’s first goal in the teams’ 2-2 Group H draw on Sunday.
Speaking at the post-match news conference at Ekaterinburg Arena, Nishino said the situation Kawashima found himself in that led to Sadio Mane’s first goal was not “anything difficult, but he made that (error of) judgment, which is regrettable.”








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