News Headlines - 29 June 2018

5 Must-Read Articles About Mexico's 2018 Election

The importance of Mexico's July 1, 2018 presidential election cannot be over-stated. The election is a critical turning point for Mexico and may mark the start of a new chapter of uncertainty and political risk in the U.S.'s southern neighbor. Some critics, especially among Mexico's wealthy entrepreneurs and professionals see front-runner (and likely winner) Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as a potentially mortal threat to the tenuous gains Mexico has achieved over the last twenty years. Others see him as the only politician in Mexico capable of confronting corruption head on and kickstarting meaningful economic growth in the parts of the country that have been left behind during the era of globalization.

Deutsche Bank’s US unit fails Fed stress test | Financial Times

Deutsche Bank has failed the US Federal Reserve’s latest stress test and Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have been ordered to strengthen their balance sheets by freezing dividends and share buybacks... The Fed gave 22 of the country’s largest listed lenders a green light for about $168bn worth of payouts over the coming year, an increase of more than a fifth from last year, according to RBC Capital Markets calculations.
However, it rejected Deutsche’s plans to transfer cash from the US subsidiary that was tested to its Frankfurt headquarters.

Turkey elections impacted by restrictions on freedom, says OSCE | DW

Observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) concluded on Monday that opposition parties were denied equal conditions for campaigning in Turkey's election race.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan celebrated victory as his main rival accepted the official results of Sunday's election despite complaints over how the campaign was conducted. The vote was the first held under a new system which gives the president expansive powers.

BBC Two - Japan's Secret Shame

This film tells the moving story of 29-year-old Japanese journalist Shiori Ito, who in May 2017 shocked Japan when she went public with allegations that she was raped by a well-known TV journalist.

Fifa World Cup fair play farce embarrasses Japan fans as social media users slam ‘anti-football’ tactics | South China Morning Post

Japan lost 1-0 to Poland in Russia on Thursday in a match that ended in farce as the Samurai Blue ran down the clock knowing unless they picked up a pair of yellow cards or Senegal equalised against Colombia in the other group H game, they would go through... Another blamed football’s governing body for introducing the rule.
“I doubt Fifa expected to see their fair play rule being used so unfairly”, he tweeted a little after the final whistle sounded at around 1am local time.








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