News Headlines - 30 June 2018

Privately backed Japanese rocket a fireball soon after launch:The Asahi Shimbun

A start-up backed by Internet entrepreneur Takafumi Horie failed for a second time June 30 to launch an inexpensive rocket into outer space.
Momo No. 2 barely lifted off before plummeting back to Earth and erupting in a fireball... "We have never seen a failure like this," Horie, the well-known founder of Internet company Livedoor Co., told reporters.

Headquarters of G5 Sahel anti-terror force attacked in central Mali - France 24

A car packed with explosives detonated at the headquarters of a new, five-nation West African counterterror force in Mali, setting off a gun battle that killed two soldiers, a civilian and two attackers, officials said Friday.

Spanish doctor stands trial over Franco-era 'stolen babies' | The Guardian

The first trial in Spain over thousands of suspected cases of babies stolen from their mothers during the Franco era has opened in Madrid as an 85-year-old former doctor appeared in the dock.
About 50 demonstrators protested outside the court as Eduardo Vela, who worked as a gynaecologist at the now-defunct San Ramón clinic in Madrid, arrived in court... Vela is accused of taking Inés Madrigal, now 49, from her biological mother in 1969, and giving her to another woman he falsely certified as her birth mother.

A lost cat has finally been reunited with his owners after ten years missing | Metro News

Harry the white and ginger cat vanished from his home in Great Yarmouth, Suffolk, in 2008, when he was a kitten.
His owner Mark Salisbury, 39, thought he’d never see Harry again – but never gave up hope of finding him, and kept his details up to date on Harry’s microchip... Mark was shocked when he was told that the cat had been found after being taken to the Blue Cross animal charity 50 miles away in Ipswich, Suffolk.
Though Harry had run away, he hadn’t been a stray. He’d actually been taken in by an elderly owner who had sadly passed away.
It was when Harry was rescued and had a microchip scanner used on him that he was traced back to Mark.

British royals to move out of Buckingham Palace wing for repairs | Reuters

Britain’s royal family are to move out of the famous front wing of London’s Buckingham Palace later this year as part of a multi-million pound building repair project, palace aides said on Thursday.
The royal household will “decant” from the east wing of the palace, the public facade which houses the balcony on which Queen Elizabeth and her family appear for significant events, as part a program of urgent work to replace aging electrical wiring and heating systems.








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