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News Headlines - 13 July 2018

Talking heads

Ahead of the first official summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 16 in Helsinki, see which foreign leaders the two men have each spoken to and met with most frequently since January 2017.

Donald Trump meets Britain's Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle | Reuters

Donald Trump met Britain’s Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle on Friday but the 92-year-old monarch was forced at one point to walk around the U.S. president after he halted abruptly during a ceremonial inspection of the guard.
Trump’s first visit to Britain as president was not the full state visit he was originally promised, but he was heralded by military bands on his arrival at Windsor, before he and First Lady Melania went into the castle for tea with the queen.

Walmart Says It Hasn't Made a Decision to Sell Japanese Unit - Bloomberg

Walmart Inc. said it’s committed to building its Japanese business, downplaying media reports that the retailing giant will sell its Seiyu chain.

Mastung massacre: 128 martyred, over 200 injured in suicide blast claimed by Islamic State | The Express Tribune

A suicide bomber targeting a political rally of the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) on Friday killed at least 128 people and injured over 200, the deadliest in a string of attacks on electioneering that have heightened security fears ahead of the elections.
Among those slain was the candidate for PB-35 (Mastung) Siraj Raisani, whose elder brother Nawab Aslam Raisani had served as the Balochistan chief minister from 2008 to 2013.

Huge iceberg off Greenland sparks flooding fears | AFP.com

A massive iceberg drifting off Greenland has triggered fears of flooding if it breaks up, leading the authorities to evacuate a high-risk zone.
The authorities have urged residents of the Innaarsuit island settlement with houses on a promontory to move away from the shore over fears that the 100-metre (over 300 feet) high iceberg, which was spotted on Thursday, could swamp the area.

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トランプ氏が初訪問 イギリスで大規模な抗議デモ




福島の吟醸酒に最高賞 ロンドンの世界的品評会 - 共同通信

世界的なワイン品評会、インターナショナル・ワイン・チャレンジ(IWC)の授賞式が10日、ロンドンで開かれ、日本酒部門の今年の最優秀賞「チャンピオン・サケ」に福島県の蔵元、奥の松酒造の吟醸酒「奥の松 あだたら吟醸」が選ばれた。……日本国外で最大級の日本酒コンテストであるIWC日本酒部門は、海外での日本食人気を受けて2007年に始まり、今年で12回目。今回は456社の1639銘柄が出品され、いずれも過去最多だった。

ケンドリック・ラマー、来日へ向けた強烈メッセージ広告が出現 | Billboard JAPAN


『美女サポ』放送にFIFAが警告、人種差別より“性差別”の表面化を指摘 | ゲキサカ


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News Headlines - 12 July 2018

North Korea a No-Show for Talks With US on Korean War Dead

North Korea failed to show up Thursday for talks with U.S. officials on returning the remains of American war dead from the Korean War in the early 1950s, a new sign of tension between the two countries.

Trump Tweets 'Very Nice Note' From North Korea's Kim Jong Un | Time

President Donald Trump on Thursday tweeted a letter to him from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un heralding “epochal progress” in U.S.-North Korea relations, despite signs that path-finding diplomacy between the adversaries is running into problems... The letter is dated July 6. That’s when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Pyongyang and seemingly made little progress in fleshing out details of North Korea’s commitment for “complete denuclearization.”

Thailand's Tham Luang cave to become museum to showcase boys' rescue - Channel NewsAsia

A cave complex in Thailand where 12 schoolboys and their football coach were trapped for more than two weeks before they were safely brought out will be turned into a museum to showcase the rescue, the head of the operation said on Wednesday (Jul 11).

91-year-old man beaten with brick, told 'go back to Mexico' - CNN

Tears glistened on the black and purple bruises covering 91-year-old Rodolfo Rodriguez's face as he described being attacked by a group of people while going for a walk on the Fourth of July... He'll be turning 92 in September, Rodriguez said, and he's never been hurt like this before, in a life working the fields with cattle and corn.
He had traveled from Michoacan, Mexico, to visit his family in Willowbrook, California, a city in Los Angeles County, his grandson Erik Mendoza said.

Japan population declines at fastest pace yet, with only Tokyo seeing significant growth | The Japan Times

According to the census released Wednesday by the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry, the country’s population as of Jan. 1 declined from a year earlier at its fastest pace since 1968, the year the survey began.
The population, excluding foreign residents, stood at 125,209,603, a record drop of 374,055 from a year earlier and the ninth straight year of decline. The number of registered foreign residents, however, rose to 2,497,656, up 174,228 from 2017.

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トランプ氏、NATO加盟国の防衛支出増を要求 ドイツを名指し批判 - BBCニュース


米フォックス、英スカイへの提示額引き上げ-コムキャストと買収合戦 - Bloomberg


エンジンの配線をネズミにかじられたトヨタ車オーナー達による集団訴訟が却下 - Autoblog 日本版


叙事詩「オデュッセイア」刻んだ3世紀の粘土板発見 ギリシャ最古の記録か:AFPBB News

 古代オリンピックの舞台となったオリンピア遺跡では、ギリシャ考古学当局がドイツ考古学研究所(German Institute of Archaeology)と協力して3年にわたって表層部の発掘を行っていた。粘土板はゼウス神殿の近くで見つかったという。

CNN.co.jp : ジョージ・クルーニーさん、イタリアで交通事故 自宅で療養中


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News Headlines - 11 July 2018

Thai cave rescue draws attention to country's 'stateless' children | Reuters

The rescue of 12 boys and their soccer coach from a flooded Thai cave, which gripped the country and the world, has also drawn attention to the plight of “stateless” children in the country.
At least three of the boys, as well as their coach, are refugees. Like tens of thousands of others who sought refuge in Thailand, they have few rights and legal protections, leaving them vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, campaigners said.

Woman arrested in Iran over Instagram video of her dancing | The Guardian

Iran has arrested a number of people over videos that were posted on Instagram, including a young woman who filmed herself dancing to music.
According to activists, Maedeh Hojabri was one of a number of users behind popular Instagram accounts who have been arrested. The identities of the other detainees have not been confirmed.

Original Winnie-the-Pooh map sets world record at auction | The Guardian

The original map of Winnie-the-Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood by the artist EH Shepard has set a world record for a book illustration sold at auction, selling for £430,000.
The 1926 sketch, which was privately owned and had been unseen for nearly half a century, introduced readers to the world of Christopher Robin and his friends in the original book.

Meteorologists just found the coldest natural temperatures on the planet | Popular Science

The coldest place on earth sits atop the Eastern Antarctic Plateau, two miles above the sea. It’s not just one spot: across an area the size of Indiana, the chilliest air in the world pools in slight valleys. The skies must remain clear, calm, and dry for at least four days for temperatures to dip below -130 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a paper published last week in Geophysical Research Letters.

World Cup semi-final: England lose 2-1 to Croatia in extra time - BBC Sport

England's bid to reach a first World Cup final since 1966 came to an agonising end as they lost in extra time to Croatia in Moscow... England - in their first World Cup semi-final since they were beaten on penalties by West Germany at Italia '90 - were given the perfect start through Kieran Trippier's 20-yard free-kick after only five minutes, but Perisic's 68th-minute equaliser sent the match into extra time.

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米トランプ政権 中国製品6031品目に関税上乗せへ | NHKニュース


アップル元社員、自動運転車の企業秘密窃盗容疑で逮捕:AFPBB News

米連邦捜査局(FBI)が提出した訴追請求状によると、張暁浪(Xiaolang Zhang)容疑者は2015年12月にアップルに入社し、自動運転車のハードウエアとソフトウエアを開発するチームに加わった。……アップルのセキュリティーチームは、張容疑者による社内ネットワークへのアクセスが育児休暇から戻る前の数日間に急激に活発になっていたことを突き止めた。張容疑者は、秘密情報のデータベースを検索して自動運転車のプロトタイプなどに関する技術文書のファイルをダウンロードした疑いが持たれている。





Cロナウド、レアルからユベントスへ移籍発表 - セリエA : 日刊スポーツ


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News Headlines - 10 July 2018

Cave rescue: Elation as Thai boys and coach freed by divers - BBC News

Joy and relief have greeted the rescue of 12 boys and their football coach from flooded caves in northern Thailand after divers completed a daring operation to bring them out.
Seventeen days after they got trapped underground, the last five members of the group emerged on Tuesday.

Japan struggles in the wake of worst flooding in decades | Al Jazeera

The death toll from Japan's worst flooding in nearly four decades has reached 127, with authorities struggling to restore utilities and bring relief to the victims... Torrential rains unleashed floods and landslides in western Japan last week, killing 127, with 63 missing, public broadcaster NHK said.

Japanese nurse investigated over 20 killings at end of shifts to avoid 'nuisance' of telling families of deaths

A nurse suspected of killing at least 20 elderly patients in a hospital in Japan has told investigators that she added disinfectant to their intravenous drips shortly before finishing her shifts because it was “a nuisance” to explain to relatives when a person had died during her working hours.

Australia monster croc caught after eight-year hunt - Channel NewsAsia

An elusive monster saltwater crocodile weighing 600kg has finally been caught after an eight-year hunt in Australia, officials said on Tuesday.
The 4.7-metre beast was found in a trap downstream from the northern outback town of Katherine after first being spotted in 2010.
Authorities had tried in vain for years to bag the croc, which is estimated to be 60 years old.

Ethiopia's Abiy and Eritrea's Afewerki declare end of war - BBC News

The leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea have signed a declaration saying that the state of war between the two countries is over.
A peace deal ending the 1998-2000 border conflict has never been fully implemented and there has been tension between the neighbours ever since.
The countries have also agreed to re-establish trade and diplomatic ties.

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ジョンソン英外相が辞任、首相の柔軟路線に反対 EU離脱案の行方混迷 | ロイター


トランプ米大統領、最高裁判事に保守派キャバノー氏指名 - BBCニュース


CNN.co.jp : カナダ・ケベック州の熱波、死者70人に 暑さのピークは過ぎる




スペイン新監督に前バルセロナ監督のルイスエンリケ氏 2年契約― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


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News Headlines - 09 July 2018

Deadliest rainfall in 35 years kills 110; dozens remain missing - The Japan News

The death toll from record rainfall, which has caused widespread flooding and landslides in the central and western part of Japan, has risen to 110 as of 4 p.m. Monday, according to calculations by The Yomiuri Shimbun.

Abe cancels trip to Europe, Middle East to deal with rain disaster - The Mainichi

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday canceled a planned trip to Europe and the Middle East to oversee the government response to the devastation caused by torrential rain in western Japan over recent days.

Thailand cave rescue: Reports an eighth boy has emerged from complex

A team of 12 young footballers and their coach were trapped in a dark, flooded chamber on June 23 and have been imprisoned for more than two weeks in Chiang Rai province, in the country’s mountainous north.
Four boys were extracted on Sunday and four on Monday, and the eight were evacuated to hospital. That leaves just four boys and their 25-year-old coach deep within the tunnels.

Malaysia halts a big China-backed rail link project

The suspension of the East Coast Rail Link is a signal Malaysia's new leader, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, is making good on his promise to rein in China's influence.
And it comes just over a month after Mahathir said he was ditching a planned $17 billion high-speed rail link with Singapore, saying it cost too much and likely wouldn't benefit many commuters.

Nissan admits to more testing misconduct for cars sold in Japan | Reuters

Nissan Motor said on Monday it had improperly measured exhaust emissions and fuel economy for 19 vehicle models sold in Japan, the second case in less than a year where misconduct has been discovered in its inspection processes.

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デービス英EU離脱担当相が辞任、首相提案の交渉方針批判 | ロイター






大陽日酸、欧州産業ガス事業買収 6400億円 日本の化学メーカーで最大 - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


W杯準決勝進出のイングランド代表、応援歌がリバイバルヒット | ロイター


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News Headlines - 08 July 2018

Thai cave rescue: Four boys freed but rest must wait - BBC News

Four boys have been brought above ground so far in good health, rescuers say.
The mission has now been paused for at least 10 hours as air tanks need to be replaced... The next phase would begin on Monday morning, after relaying "all of the air tanks and all systems along the way", Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osottanakorn said.

Latin American Herald Tribune - At Least 145 Politicians Killed in Run-Up to Mexico Elections

At least 145 politicians, including 48 candidates and pre-candidates, were murdered across Mexico during the election process, according to a study by Etellekt, a risk-analysis firm.
The firm said that 627 incidents of violence against politicians were registered since the campaign season began on Sept. 8, 2017, until June 30, a day before election day.
Besides the murders, the firm said that 206 threats and intimidation, 85 physical attacks, 57 firearm assaults and 52 attacks against family members that caused 50 fatalities were added to the total number of violent incidents against politicians and candidates across Mexico.

Asiana Flights Go Without Meals After Food Caterer Swapped - Bloomberg

Asiana Airlines Inc., South Korea’s second-biggest carrier, said its struggle to provide in-flight meals to passengers departing Seoul continued for a fourth day after a caterer was unable to deliver the food on time.
About seven out of 79 flights were expected to depart Wednesday from Incheon airport, which serves Seoul, without any food for passengers, a spokesman for the airline said. The carrier is working to resolve the issue and providing small meal boxes on some flights, he said.

Toyota Will Reveal New Supra at Goodwood Festival of Speed - The Drive

Toyota Europe confirmed via Twitter on Thursday that the fifth-generation Supra will be formally unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which starts Thursday, July 12, and runs through Sunday, July 15.
The A90 generation of the Supra follows the A80, which was produced between 1993 and 2002, and popularized by its appearance in The Fast and the Furious. The new Supra was co-developed with BMW on a platform to be shared with the next Z4, and is expected to enter production alongside its Bavarian brother in Q4 of 2018 in as many as four flavors.

UK heatwave: Photos show dramatic impact on River Teme - BBC News

Water in part of a river straddling England and Wales has all but disappeared due to the heatwave.
Parts of the upper River Teme in north Herefordshire have completely dried out in the space of just a few days.
More than 500 salmon and trout have been rescued by the Environment Agency, which has worked on sections of the river for more than a week.

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東京新聞:TPPにも参加意向 英、EU離脱基本方針決定


ロンドン市長、巨大バルーン「トランプ・ベイビー」の飛行容認 | ロイター




スイス、娯楽目的でのマリフアナ使用禁止の緩和を検討 | ロイター


クロアチアDFが試合中にレッドブル摂取…FIFAが制裁金780万円 | ゲキサカ


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News Headlines - 07 July 2018

Theresa May gains backing for ‘soft Brexit’ plan | Financial Times

Theresa May won approval at an all-day Chequers summit for a pro-business plan to keep Britain intimately bound to the EU single market and customs union, beating back Eurosceptic cabinet opposition to her new “soft Brexit” strategy.
Mrs May challenged critics including Boris Johnson, foreign secretary, to back the plan for a “UK-EU free trade area” in a confrontation seen by senior Tories as a decisive moment in the tortuous Brexit process.
Mr Johnson and five other cabinet ministers met on Thursday night at the Foreign Office to plan a counter-attack to try to preserve a clean Brexit, but they eventually concluded they could not stop Mrs May’s plan.

Ahead of NATO and Putin summits, Trump’s unorthodox diplomacy rattles allies - The Washington Post

This report is based on interviews with U.S. and European officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe internal deliberations and Trump’s interactions with world leaders. The core of Trump’s freewheeling approach has been in place since his earliest days in the White House. Shortly after he took office, Trump began passing out his personal cellphone number to a handful of foreign leaders, and in April 2017, White House aides were startled when officials in Canada issued a standard summary of a conversation between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Trump... No one at the White House was aware the call had taken place. “We had no idea what happened,” a senior U.S. official said... In this instance, U.S. officials had to rely on Trump’s memory. A terse public readout described “a very amicable call.”

North Korea Criticizes ‘Gangster-Like’ U.S. Attitude After Talks With Mike Pompeo - The New York Times

North Korea accused the Trump administration on Saturday of pushing a “unilateral and gangster-like demand for denuclearization” and called it “deeply regrettable,” hours after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said his two days of talks in the North Korean capital were “productive.”
Despite the criticism, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, still wanted to build on the “friendly relationship and trust” forged with President Trump during their summit meeting in Singapore on June 12. The ministry said Mr. Kim had written a personal letter to Mr. Trump, reiterating that trust.

Under pressure from US, Japan′s Shinzo Abe ′cancels Iran trip′ | DW

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has reportedly canceled a trip to Iran. He would have been the first Japanese leader to visit Tehran in 40 years, but he chooses the US security umbrella over the need to secure oil supplies.

TASS: England through to FIFA World Cup semifinal after hammering Sweden 2-0

The national team England has defeated Sweden 2-0 in a quarterfinal of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Samara on Saturday.
The score was opened in the first half of the match (in the 30th minute) with Harry Maguire’s bullet header. In the 59th minute, Dele Alli’s second header carried England past Sweden into the soccer World Cup semifinals, for the first time since 1990... England will now take on the survivor in the Russia vs Croatia quarterfinal, scheduled for 21:00 Moscow time on Saturday in Sochi. The semi-final takes place at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium.

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米中貿易戦争に 米制裁関税発動、中国は報復:日本経済新聞




オウム死刑執行:ロシアは関心高く いまだ警戒続く - 毎日新聞


「ネットで影響力ある25人」に渡辺直美さん タイム誌:朝日新聞デジタル


「牛追い祭」は安全、スペインの開催都市が女性にアピール | ロイター


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News Headlines - 06 July 2018

Japan executes leader, six followers, of sarin attack doomesday cult | Reuters

Japan executed on Friday the former leader of a doomsday cult and six other members of the group that carried out a sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995, killing 13 people and shattering the country’s myth of public safety.
The Aum Shinrikyo, or Aum Supreme Truth cult, which mixed Buddhist and Hindu meditation with apocalyptic teachings, staged a series of crimes including simultaneous sarin gas attacks on subway trains during rush hour in March 1995. Sarin, a nerve gas, was originally developed by the Nazis.

Japanese Journalist, Missing in Syria Since 2015, Appears in New Video - The New York Times

A Japanese journalist who went missing in Syria three years ago and who is believed to be a hostage of terrorists appeared in a new video aired on Japanese television on Friday... Nippon News Network said it had obtained the video from a person connected to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, whom it would not name, who told the network that it had been recorded by the group that captured Mr. Yasuda.

Hundreds of thousands evacuated in Japan as 'historic' rain falls; four dead | Reuters

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) issued its strongest possible warning about the “historic” rainfall and said more was set to batter already saturated areas through Sunday, raising the danger of more landslides and major damage.

Rescuer dies during dive in flooded Tham Luang cave | Bangkok Post

A former Navy seal taking part in the rescue of 12 young footballers and their coach trapped in Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai passed out during a dive and died early on Friday morning.
Naval Special Warfare Command chief Apakorn Yukongkaew said Petty Officer 1st class Saman Gunan, 37, who was a security officer at Suvarnabhumi airport, lost consciousness as he was returning used air tanks to Chamber 3 about 1am.

China hits retaliation button, launching tariffs as trade war with US starts | South China Morning Post

On Friday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said China had imposed countermeasures after America’s tariffs came into force.
Lu Kang, a spokesman for the ministry, said China’s tit-for-tat measures “had taken effect immediately after the implementation of the US tariffs”.
Lu was speaking after Washington’s 25 per cent duties on US$34 billion worth of Chinese goods came into force earlier in the day.

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独連立3党、難民対応策で合意 トランジットセンター設置案は撤回 | ロイター


欧州議会、著作権新指令案否決 条項見直し9月に再投票へ - ITmedia NEWS

 この結果、指令案は再度修正され、9月の総会で再投票にかけられることになった。……「copyright in the Digital Single Market(以下「DSM著作権指令案」)」は、メディアによるオンラインコンテンツのスニペットを使う場合、メディアからのライセンス取得を義務付けるというもの。意図は、欧州のパブリッシャーがスニペット表示によって収益を得られるようにすることだが、プラットフォーム企業が著作権料支払いを避けるためにメディアをフィルタする可能性やライセンス不要なフェイクニュースの表示が増える可能性などが指摘されていた。

「死刑は残忍で冷酷」 欧州各国や人権団体が死刑執行に強く反対 - 産経ニュース


AppleのApp Storeが10周年 主要開発者の賛辞やいくつかの数字を披露 - ITmedia NEWS

米AppleのiOS向けアプリストア「App Store」が7月10日で開店10周年を迎える。Appleは5日(現地時間)、App Storeの10年を振り返る記事を公開した。
 Appleが2007年6月9日にiPhoneを発表した段階ではサードパーティ製アプリをインストールする手段はなかった。アプリストア開店はiPhone発表の約1年後で、まずはThe New York TimesやeBayなどを含む500本のアプリでスタートした。……2009年にスタートしたアプリ内課金による開発者の累計収益は、2010年6月に10億ドルだった。2011年にはサブスクリプションアプリが登場した。現在サブスクリプション機能のあるアプリは2万8000本以上あり、サブスクリプション数は前年より約2倍になった。開発者の累計収益は2018年6月には1000億ドルに上った。



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News Headlines - 05 July 2018

Trump’s Trade War With China Is Officially Underway - The New York Times

A trade war between the world’s two largest economies officially began on Friday morning as the Trump administration followed through with its threat to impose tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese products, a significant escalation of a fight that could hurt companies and consumers in both the United States and China.
The penalties, which went into effect at 12:01 a.m., prompted quick retaliation by Beijing, which said it immediately put its own similarly sized tariffs on American goods. Previously, the Chinese government had said it would tax pork, soybeans and automobiles, among other products

British PM May admits to World Cup penalty nerves | AFP.com

England's World Cup penalty shootout win against Colombia proved to be almost as nerve-wracking for British Prime Minister Theresa May as for Gareth Southgate's players in Russia... "She did see some of (the match)," said a Downing Street spokesman. "She actually said earlier, she struggles to watch penalties because it's a nerve-wracking time." May appeared buoyed by the team's victory at Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons.

Japan-born British author Kazuo Ishiguro honored by the prefecture and city of his birth | The Japan Times

Japan-born British author Kazuo Ishiguro, 63, winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Literature, was named an honorary citizen by the Nagasaki prefectural and city governments in a ceremony in London on Tuesday.

Bombardier and Hitachi in joint bid to build HS2 trains in UK

Train building rivals Bombardier and Hitachi will join forces to bid for a £2.75bn contract to build high-speed trains in the UK.
They had previously submitted separate bids for the contract.to design, build and maintain at least 54 new high-speed trains.
The trains will be used for phase 1 of the £55.7bn high-speed (HS2) railway, which will link London and Birmingham from December 2026.

Trophy hunting: Outrage after American woman kills 'rare' giraffe

Photos of an American hunter posing with the dead body of a "rare" black giraffe she had just killed during a hunt in South Africa have sparked outrage.
The pictures emerged after they were posted on Twitter by the South Africa-based AfricLand Post website. Accompanying the post, which shows two pictures of Tess Thompson Talley of Kentucky, were the words: “White american savage who is partly a neanderthal comes to Africa and shoot down a very rare black giraffe courtesy of South Africa stupidity. Her name is Tess Thompson Talley. Please share”.

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英で重体2人「神経剤に接触」 暗殺未遂事件と同物質:日本経済新聞


ポーランドが最高裁判事の定年引き下げ、EUは司法介入と批判 | ロイター


在仏の日本人ワイン農家夫婦に退去命令 「恥ずべき決定」に抗議の署名殺到:AFPBB News

南仏で「傑出した」ワインを生産している日本人夫妻に強制退去命令が出され、フランスのワイン愛好家たちが処分取り消しを求めて立ち上がった。……退去命令を受けたのはショウジ・ヒロフミ(Hirofumi Shoji)さんと妻リエ(Rie Shoji)さん。南仏ルシヨン(Roussillon)のバニュルスシュルメール(Banyuls-sur-Mer)近郊で有機栽培したブドウを手摘みで収獲し、添加物を入れない自然派ワインを生産している。……しかし、2人が在留資格を「労働者」から「農家」に切り替えようと申請したところ、月収が2000ユーロ(約26万円)に満たないとの理由で移民当局から退去処分を言い渡された。

パリの公共バス運転手、半ズボン着用許可される 長年の嘆願実る | ロイター


米女優と俳優を誘拐、裸にして30時間監禁 男女3人を起訴:AFPBB News

映画『ハロウィン レザレクション(Halloween: Resurrection)』への出演で知られる米女優デイジー・マクラッキン(Daisy McCrackin)さんと俳優ジョゼフ・カポネ(Joseph Capone)さんを誘拐し、カポネさんを裸にして30時間浴槽の中に監禁した上、マクラッキンさんに身代金を要求した罪で、男女3人が正式に起訴されたことが分かった。

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News Headlines - 04 July 2018

Senior Japanese education official arrested for allegedly accepting bribe - Xinhua

A high-ranking official of Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology was arrested Wednesday for allegedly accepting a bribe in exchange for a personal favor, Tokyo prosecutors said... Sano allegedly received the bribe from the university in May 2017, the special squad of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office said... In return for helping the university to be selected for the ministry's aid program to support private universities, the university allegedly added points to his child's entrance exam.

Former Malaysian leader arrested, to be charged with graft - The Japan News

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was arrested Tuesday by anti-graft investigators and will be charged over his alleged role in the multibillion-dollar looting of a state investment fund, officials said.
A government task force probing alleged theft and money laundering at the 1MDB state investment fund said Najib’s arrest was linked to the suspicious transfer of 42 million ringgit ($10.6 million) into his bank account from SRC International, a former 1MDB unit, using multiple intermediary companies.

Nigeria captain John Mikel Obi got a ransom demand for his kidnapped father hours before a World Cup game - CNN

Nigeria football captain John Obi Mikel has expressed his gratitude to the Nigeria Police Force following the rescue of his father from kidnappers on Monday... ... Obi received a call demanding a ransom a few hours before Nigeria faced Argentina in a crucial World Cup match in St. Petersburg, Russia, police said in a statement... It is the second time Pa Obi has been kidnapped and rescued. The first incident was in 2011 when he was abducted from his home in Jos in Nigeria's central region. He was rescued days after.

Teen who died on overnight school trip suffered from toxic shock syndrome, coroner says | Fox News

A coroner’s report has confirmed that a Canadian teen who died during an overnight school trip suffered from toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Sara Manitoski, who was on an outdoor education trip on Hornby Island, near Vancouver Island, was found lifeless in bed in March 2017... Now, more than a year later, the BC Coroners Service confirmed a strain of staphylococcus aureus on a tampon, as well as other symptoms consistent with TSS, were discovered, CTV News reported. TSS is a dangerous, sometimes fatal illness caused by bacterial toxins. It’s primarily linked to menstruating women who use super-absorbent tampons, but the infection can affect people of all ages, including men, children and postmenopausal women.

How England ended their penalties curse

Yet before England defeated Colombia 4 - 3 on penalties to reach the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup, the Three Lions hadn't won a shoot-out in a major tournament since 1996 - and never in a World Cup.

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超大手がフェイスブック広告を見限る理由 | プレジデントオンライン


メイ英首相、「可能な限り穏健なEU離脱」案提示へ=ITV | ロイター




ノーベル平和賞授賞式のコンサート、資金難で中止:AFPBB News

ノーベル平和賞(Nobel Peace Prize)授賞式後に行われる毎年恒例のコンサートについて、主催団体は3日、資金難のため今年は中止すると明らかにした。今年の授賞式は12月10日にノルウェーの首都オスロで開かれる。……コンサートは運営資金をもっぱら民間の支援に頼っていた上、スマートフォンの普及によりテレビ中継の視聴率も低下。ノーベル研究所側は今後、コンサートの新たな枠組みを検討していくとしている。

東京新聞:北非核化に「悪影響」 大量プルトニウム 元米国務次官補が懸念


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News Headlines - 03 July 2018

Boys and coach found alive in cave | Bangkok Post

The 12 missing boys and their football coach have been found in Tham Luang by a British cave explorer - all alive and apparently safe.
A dramatic video stream from the Pattaya Beach area deep inside the cave indicated an English cave explorer was the first to reach the boys.

Gunmen assassinate Philippine mayor in second murder in two days | South China Morning Post

Motorcycle-riding gunmen on Tuesday assassinated a mayor in a town north of the Philippine capital, the second such killing of an official in two days, police said... Ferdinand Bote, 57, became the 12th elected local official murdered since President Rodrigo Duterte unleashed a deadly anti-narcotics campaign after coming to power two years ago, although Bote was not linked to the drug trade.

U-boat given to Japan during WWII found in sea after 72 years:The Asahi Shimbun

A German U-boat that was gifted to the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II has been discovered intact off Kyoto Prefecture more than 70 years after it was scuttled by the Allies in 1946... The 77-meter-long U-511 was built in 1941 by Nazi Germany. It was later renamed the Ro-500 when it was given to the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1943 after it was used to transport confidential documents to Japan.

Japan leaves spotless locker room, thank-you note - CNET

The Samurai Blue of Japan were eliminated from World Cup play on Monday. But the crushing defeat by Belgium didn't stop the Japanese national team from cleaning their locker room until it was spotless, and leaving behind a note thanking Russia for hosting them.
A tweet from sports correspondent Tancredi Palmeri showing Japan's immaculate locker room and a one-word thank you note has gone viral, with more than 12,000 likes and 6,000 retweets as of Tuesday morning. Palmeri noted that the photo was uploaded by a delegate from FIFA, the organization that runs the World Cup.

Japan's 'psychic' octopus killed and 'sent to market' - BBC News

An octopus, who correctly predicted all of Japan's World Cup results, has been killed and turned into sashimi... Rabio - a giant Pacific octopus - predicted Japan's win against Colombia and their draw with Senegal by moving to different parts of a paddling pool... Rabio was sent to market before Japan lost 1-0 to Poland on 28 June.

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メルケル独首相、連立崩壊を回避 移民問題でCSU党首と合意 | ロイター


ベルギー:イラン反体制派集会でテロ未遂 4人拘束 - 毎日新聞


「ロシアのクリミア併合認めない」 米大統領報道官が明言:AFPBB News

サラ・サンダース(Sarah Sanders)米大統領報道官は2日の記者会見で、ロシアによる2014年のウクライナ南部クリミア半島併合は「認めない」と述べ、クリミアがウクライナに返還されるまでロシアに対する制裁は維持されると明言した。……ドナルド・トランプ(Donald Trump)米大統領は今月16日、フィンランドのヘルシンキでロシアのウラジーミル・プーチン(Vladimir Putin)大統領と会談する予定。トランプ氏は6月29日に報道陣からクリミア問題について問われた際、「成り行きを見なくてはならない」と述べ、あいまいな態度を見せていた。

FB、パナソニックにも個人情報提供 米議会資料で判明:朝日新聞デジタル




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News Headlines - 02 July 2018

Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador: Left-leaning populist elected

Left-leaning populist Andrés Manuel López Obrador easily won Mexico’s presidential election Sunday, in a victory that upends the country’s political order... Mexico's electoral authority gave López Obrador, who is also known as AMLO, between 53% and 53.8% of the vote — the highest total for a Mexican presidential candidate since 1982, when one-party rule was the norm.

Philippine mayor known for parading drug suspects shot dead by sniper in front of horrified employees | South China Morning Post

A Philippine provincial city mayor known for parading drug suspects in public but also alleged to have drug ties himself was shot and killed Monday during a flag-raising ceremony in front of horrified employees.
Mayor Antonio Halili of Tanauan city in Batangas province south of Manila was shot by a still-unidentified attacker and died while being taken to a hospital.

Hello Kitty-themed bullet train debuts in Japan - Xinhua

A Hello Kitty-themed bullet train began service in Japan on Saturday, drawing hundreds of fans to celebrate its debut.
The specially painted pink and white eight-car bullet train, or "shinkansen" in Japanese, is emblazoned with the world famous character from flooring to seat covers and windows.

Princess Ayako says she and fiance Kei Moriya hit it off from the start | The Japan Times

Princess Ayako, a daughter of a late cousin to Emperor Akihito, said Monday she hit it off with her husband-to-be Kei Moriya from the time they first met last December at the introduction of her mother, Princess Hisako.

Japanese Emperor Akihito resting due to cerebral anaemia | Reuters

Japanese Emperor Akihito cancelled his public duties after suffering dizziness and nausea due to cerebral anaemia, a condition caused by insufficient blood flow to the brain, a palace official said on Monday.

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独内相がCSU党首と内相辞任の意向 難民・移民巡り首相と対立 | ロイター




安倍首相、11─18日にベルギー・フランス・サウジ・エジプト訪問 | ロイター


朝日新聞の信頼度は日本の有力紙の中で最下位 英調査│NEWSポストセブン

〈朝日新聞の信頼度は日本の有力紙の中で最下位〉という衝撃的な調査が発表された。英国オックスフォード大学ロイター・ジャーナリズム研究所が毎年行なっている国際的なメディア調査レポートの最新版『Digital NEWS REPORT 2018』によると、日本の新聞で読者の信頼度が高いのは1位が日経新聞、2位地方紙、3位読売新聞で、朝日新聞は産経新聞(4位)や毎日新聞(5位)より下の6位(最下位)となった。“日本で一番信頼できない新聞”という評価だ。

英振付師ジリアン・リン氏死去、92歳 「キャッツ」「オペラ座の怪人」:AFPBB News

ミュージカル「キャッツ(Cats)」や「オペラ座の怪人(The Phantom of the Opera)」の振り付けで知られる英国の振付師、ジリアン・リン(Gillian Lynne)氏が1日、ロンドンの病院で亡くなった。92歳。……リン氏が米ブロードウェー(Broadway)とロンドンのウエストエンド(West End)で振り付けを担当した作品は50以上に上り、英国で最も権威のある演劇賞「ローレンス・オリビエ賞(Laurence Olivier Awards)」を2回受賞した。

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News Headlines - 01 July 2018

Girl dies as car driven by 13-yr-old crashes in western Japan - The Mainichi

A car carrying five 13-year-old students crashed in the western Japan city of Okayama on Sunday morning, leaving one of them, a girl, dead and the other four seriously injured, police said.
The police are investigating who was behind the wheel when the car carrying the junior high school second-graders hit a pole on the median strip of a four-lane road around 4:55 a.m. An empty can of "chuhai" low-alcohol beverage was found in the backseat of the car.

BP to acquire Chargemaster, the UK's largest EV charging network - Roadshow

BP announced today that it has entered into an agreement to purchase Chargemaster. Chargemaster is the UK's largest public EV charging network, comprising some 6,500 charging points. But it's not just public installations -- the company also builds and sells chargers for home use.

Govia Thameslink could be stripped of franchise due to sustained disruption | The Independent

The crisis-ridden rail operator Govia Thameslink could be stripped of its franchise to run commuter trains in southern England if the service does not rapidly improve.
Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is understood to have given the parent company of the Thameslink and Great Northern routes two weeks to make changes otherwise the government will take control.

Ukraine's Roma under attack in wave of hate crimes | AFP.com

More than a dozen Roma people were forced to flee the camp outside the city of Lviv after about 10 masked assailants armed with batons and knives attacked them late Saturday.
They killed one and injured four, including a child, officials said.
It was the latest in a string of brutal attacks against Ukraine's 260,000-strong Roma community over recent months. But it was the first such fatal attack. The 24-year-old man died from stab wounds.

How many children does Cristiano Ronaldo have, what are their names and who are each of their mums?

The Portuguese star has four children.
His first son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, 7, lives with the Real Madrid striker and grandmother Dolores in Madrid... And the Portugal captain announced in June 2017 that he had fathered twins via a surrogate mother in the United States... Ronaldo confirmed in an interview on July 18, 2017 that he and Spanish girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez were expecting their first baby together.

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岐阜 ドイツの働き方知る講演会|NHK


眞子さまと婚約内定の小室圭さん、今夏渡米へ TBS NEWS


パスポート写真は笑顔で、なりすましに一役 研究(The Telegraph)

旅券(パスポート)の不正使用を防ぐには、笑顔の写真を使うべき──こう示唆する論文が、英医学専門誌「ブリティッシュ・ジャーナル・オブ・サイコロジー(British Journal of Psychology)」に掲載された。……40人の被験者は、知らない人物の顔写真60組を照合。同一人物の異なる写真2枚、似ているが別人の写真2枚について、無表情のものと笑顔のものを照合した。



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