News Headlines - 09 August 2018

Nagasaki remembers atomic bomb victims 73 years on | DW

Survivors and dignitaries honored the 74,000 victims of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki at the 73rd anniversary ceremony on Thursday. Around 5,800 people gathered to observe a minute's silence at 11:02 local time, the exact moment when US bombers dropped the "Fat Man" nuclear device on the Japanese port city in 1945.
The attack came three days after a nuclear strike on Hiroshima that killed 140,000. Less than a week after Nagasaki, Japan announced itssurrender, which officially ended World War II.

Japan's crippled Fukushima plant stops selling souvenirs - Channel NewsAsia

Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) said it had pulled the plastic folders decorated with six photos of the battered nuclear plant from the shelves of an on-site store... But the firm suspended sales of the folders on Wednesday as critics said it was inappropriate to sell a souvenir at the site of the worst nuclear accident in a generation.

Berlin airport evacuated after police mistake sex toy for a grenade | The Independent

Security staff at German airports are under fire for a third evacuation in 10 days - the latest triggered by a sex toy.
A screening team at Berlin’s Schonefeld Airport, one of the six busiest in Germany, mistook an Ann Summers vibrator for a hand grenade and ordered an evacuation of part of the terminal.
The offending item was identified during an X-ray at the outsize baggage check-in area on Tuesday.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price and release date: Samsung’s first £1,000+ smartphone has arrived | London Evening Standard

The new Samsung phone has finally been launched in all its glory: the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
At an event in New York, Samsung’s CEO DK Koh took to the stage to unveil the new phone that he has been slyly using for the past few months.

Amazing Moomin themed MoominValley Park in Japan will soon be ready – grand opening date now released! : Moomin

Hooray, now it is confirmed – the MoominValley Park in Hanno, Saitama, Japan will open on 16th March 2019!
The brand new MoominValley Park will be part of a park facility called Metsä comprising of two areas. Metsä Village, opening in November 2018, allows visitors to experience the Scandinavian and Nordic atmosphere and lifestyle and enjoy the rich nature whilst MoominValley Park is to discover the world of the Moomins.








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