News Headlines - 30 August 2018

Argentina Boosts Interest Rate to 60%; Peso Sinks

Argentina's Central Bank on Thursday increased its benchmark interest rate to 60 percent — the world's highest — in an effort to halt a sharp slide in the value of the peso, which plunged to a record low.
The peso fell more than 13 percent against the dollar, closing at an all-time low of 39.2 per greenback, after slipping about 7 percent the day before.

Chemnitz, Saxony and Germany grapple with far right | DW

Chemnitz, Freital, Heidenau: For many people in Germany, these places are inextricably linked not only for being in the eastern state of Saxony but also by the far-right extremists who have, sometimes violently, voiced their hatred there.
The death of a 35-year-old German man in the early hours of Sunday — allegedly at the hands of two asylum-seekers — sparked two days of protests in Chemnitz, with more planned for Thursday, that shocked many and led to another round of soul-searching over the reach of xenophobia in Saxony and the rest of Germany.

Morocco arrests 12 suspects over teen's 2-month torture | Al Jazeera

Moroccan authorities have arrested 12 suspects and are hunting three others after a 17-year-old girl told police she was gang-raped, tortured, and held against her will for two months.

Controversial Fukushima statue of child in radiation suit to be removed | South China Morning Post

The city of Fukushima in Japan will remove a statue of a child clad in a protective suit over criticism that it misleads the public into believing that local people, hit by a nuclear crisis in 2011, need to wear such gear, according to its mayor.
“We set up the statue as a symbol of people striving for reconstruction but have come to judge that the statue is not accepted by many citizens,” mayor Hiroshi Kohata said on Tuesday.
The city, which erected the 6.2-metre statue dubbed Sun Child near Fukushima Station on August 3, will stop displaying it as soon as possible and consider what to do with the work of art, the mayor added.

Ghost hunter claims image shows '6ft hooded monk holding crucifix' on paranormal investigation at ruined abbey

Paranormal investigator Kyle Thompson was stunned when he went through footage from his visit to Roche Abbey in Maltby, South Yorks, because he believes he caught the towering apparition on camera.
The figure is difficult to spot but can be found in a shadowy doorway near the back of the picture.
The ghost hunter claims the picture shows a 6ft tall cloaked and hooded figure holding a large cross – similar to ones used during mass celebrations.








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