News Headlines - 07 September 2018

Chinese President to Skip North Korean Anniversary Event

Chinese President Xi Jinping's decision to turn down a reported invitation to attend a military parade in North Korea and celebrations marking 70 years since the founding of the isolated state may have helped him dodge problems on several fronts.
Were Xi to attend this weekend's events, as had been widely speculated in the South Korean media, analysts say that not only could it have fed into Washington's frustrations over a lack of progress toward denuclearization on the peninsula, but it could have heightened already tense relations on the trade front as well.
And if North Korean leader Kim Jong Un rolls out new military hardware as some expect — particularly weapons of mass destruction such as an ICBM — Xi's attendance could have sent other messages as well.

The PlayStation 2 is officially dead as Sony pulls repair support | London Evening Standard

This week, Sony Japan revealed it would no longer be repairing the devices, offering customers a final chance to have their PlayStation 2 fixed one more time.
The console, launched in 2000, is still the best-selling games console of all time, with Sony selling more than 155 million units around the world.
Back in 2012, Sony announced it would end production of the console, to make way for its next-generation devices like the PS4.

Thai cave rescue hero could sue Elon Musk in three countries over 'child rapist' slurs | The Independent

Elon Musk is facing legal action in three countries over his groundless claims that a British caver who helped rescue 12 boys in Thailand is a “child rapist”.
Vern Unsworth is preparing to sue the Tesla founder for defamation in London and New York after the billionaire inventor repeatedly alleged he was a paedophile in a string of attacks.
He is also understood to be considering taking the case to courts in Thailand, where libel is a criminal offence punishable with a lengthy jail term and severe financial penalties.

Brazil Museum Fire Destroyed 700 Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

Egypt's Antiquities Ministry says a preliminary report shows that the fire that engulfed Brazil's National Museum destroyed all of its artifacts including those in the pharaonic hall, which contained 700 pieces.

Mass graves with at least 166 bodies found in eastern Mexico | Reuters

The bodies of at least 166 people have been found in the Mexican state of Veracruz, prosecutors said on Thursday, the latest in a string of grim discoveries made in the eastern region in recent years.








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