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News Headlines - 31 October 2018

New 50 pence coin to commemorate Britain's Brexit day | Reuters

Britain will mint a new 50 pence ($0.6) coin to commemorate leaving the European Union in spring 2019, the finance ministry said on Monday.
The departure is one of a series of historic moments such as the 2012 Olympics, the decision to join the European Economic Community, the predecessor to the EU, in 1973, and the centenary of the First World War, it said.

Russian suicide bomb kills one and injures three in FSB offices | The Guardian

A suicide bombing in the offices of Russia’s Federal Security Service in Arkhangelsk in northern Russia has left three injured.
Investigators said a 17-year-old local male had been carrying the bomb in a bag and detonated it on Wednesday shortly after entering the FSB’s offices in the city, which is just south of the Arctic circle.

Town assembly on tiny Okinawa island finally elects speaker after 99th vote - The Mainichi

The municipal assembly on Japan's westernmost island of Yonaguni, Okinawa Prefecture, finally elected its speaker in its 99th vote on Oct. 31 after those elected in the previous processes had declined to take the post.
Both pro- and anti-mayor members had refused to take the post of speaker because the camp from which a speaker is elected would become a minority in the assembly that is evenly split into the ruling and opposition camps.

Mitsubishi Heavy to provide \220 billion to aid struggling aircraft unit | The Japan Times

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. said Wednesday it will provide \220 billion ($1.94 billion) to its struggling aircraft subsidiary to bolster its capital and help its long-delayed development of a regional passenger jet.
Mitsubishi Heavy said it will increase the capital of Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp. by \170 billion and also cancel \50 billion of the total debt owed by the subsidiary, as the aircraft company continued to have a negative net worth at the end of fiscal 2017.

Ford and Baidu will develop self-driving cars together in China - CNN

Ford and Baidu are teaming up to develop self-driving cars in China.
The US automaker and Chinese internet company said Wednesday they plan to start testing autonomous vehicles together on Beijing roads by the end of the year.
The project combines Baidu's (BIDU) "technological know-how and understanding of China together with Ford's vehicle expertise," said Zhenyu Li, head of Baidu's Intelligent Driving Group.

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トランプ氏:「出生地主義」の転換検討 米報道 - 毎日新聞


メルケル路線、継続か修正か 2氏軸に後継争い:日本経済新聞




水の都 イタリアのベネチア 高潮で街の75%が水浸し | NHKニュース


NASAのケプラー宇宙望遠鏡、燃料切れで運用終了:AFPBB News


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News Headlines - 30 October 2018

South Korea court orders Japan firm to compensate wartime forced labourers - The Straits Times

South Korea’s top court ruled on Tuesday (Oct 30) that Japan’s Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp should compensate four South Koreans for their forced labour during World War Two, when Japan occupied Korea, Yonhap reported... The court ruled that the former labourers’ right to reparation was not terminated by a 1965 treaty normalising diplomatic ties, rejecting the claim by Tokyo, Yonhap said.
Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono said on Tuesday that the South Korean court’s order was “unthinkable”, and the ruling overturned the legal basis for bilateral friendship since 1965.

Sony forecasts big jump to record annual profit on winning gaming strategy | Reuters

Japan’s Sony Corp boosted its annual profit outlook by 30 percent to a record level after a strong second-quarter, propelled by popular game titles like “Marvel’s Spider-Man” as well as growing demand for its online gaming services.

Twitter to remove 'like' tool in a bid to improve the quality of debate

Twitter is planning to remove the ability to "like" tweets in a radical move that aims to improve the quality of debate on the social network.
Founder Jack Dorsey last week admitted at a Twitter event that he was not a fan of the heart-shaped button and that it would be getting rid of it “soon”.
The feature was introduced in 2015 to replace “favourites”, a star-shaped button that allowed people to bookmark tweets to read later.

NASA Solar Probe Becomes Closest Spacecraft to the Sun - Geek.com

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe now holds the record for closest approach to the Sun by a human-made object.
The spacecraft on Monday passed within 26.55 million miles of the Sun’s surface, beating the previous achievement, set by the German-American Helios 2 in April 1976.
Expect a lot more broken records as the Parker Solar Probe mission continues, prepared to make a final close approach of 3.83 million miles from the Sun’s surface in 2024.

Police rescue animals from 'hellish' Albanian zoo | The Japan Times

Albanian police on Sunday broke open cages at a private zoo and removed 11 animals including three lions and a bear being kept in “hellish” conditions, animal welfare workers said.
After the owner of the zoo at Fier, around 100 km (60 miles) south of the capital Tirana, allegedly refused to cooperate, officers forcibly entered areas where the animals were kept to allow vets access, an AFP correspondent at the scene reported.

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移民流入阻止に米軍5,200人 トランプ氏「ギャングや悪者がいる」 - FNN.jpプライムオンライン


特別リポート:右傾化するポーランド、なぜ欧州に背を向けたか | ロイター


英、「デジタル課税」を導入へ IT大手標的:日本経済新聞


日本人旅行者、英の空港で電子ゲート利用可能に-入国審査待ち短縮へ - Bloomberg


「進撃の巨人」ハリウッドで実写映画化 「ハリー・ポッター」のヘイマン氏がプロデュース― スポニチ Sponichi Annex


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News Headlines - 29 October 2018

Indonesian Lion Air plane crashes into sea with 188 passengers, crew | AFP.com

An Indonesian Lion Air plane carrying 188 passengers and crew crashed into the sea Monday, officials said, moments after it had asked to be allowed to return to Jakarta.
The jet vanished from radar just 13 minutes after taking off from the Indonesian capital, plunging into the ocean.

China's yuan sinks to 10-year low against dollar

China’s yuan sank to a 10-year low against the dollar on Monday, coming close to breaking the politically sensitive level of seven to the U.S. currency.
The yuan declined to 6.9644 per dollar at midday, passing its most recent low in 2016 before recovering slightly. It was the lowest level since May 2008.
The currency’s weakness is one of a series of elements fueling Washington’s trade complaints against Beijing. The U.S. Treasury Department declined this month to label China a currency manipulator but said it was closely watching Beijing.

Sweden closer to election as Lofven drops bid to form government | Reuters

The failed attempt brought the prospect of a snap election closer, though the speaker of parliament said he would try to avoid that at all costs.
The Sept. 9 vote gave the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats hold the balance of power, but neither Lofven’s center-left bloc nor the center-right group of parties has been willing to give them a say in policy due to their white supremacist roots.

Georgia presidential election poised for runoff | Reuters

Georgia’s presidential election looked likely to go to a second round as early official results on Sunday showed neither of the frontrunners with enough votes to secure victory.
French-born ruling party candidate Salome Zurabishvili had 43.2 percent of the vote and her opposition rival Grigol Vashadze won 34.7 percent based on results from 28 percent of the polling stations, the Central Election Commission (CEC) said on its website.

Powerball results: 2 winners will split $687 million jackpot - CNN

It's a split! Players in Iowa and New York will share Saturday's massive Powerball jackpot.
Two tickets matched all winning numbers on Saturday and the winners will split the estimated $687.8 million jackpot or a one-time cash option of $396.2 million -- the fourth largest in US lottery history... It's still unclear how many people won Powerball's top prize.

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メルケル独首相、今期限りで引退 党会合で「出馬せず」表明 - 産経ニュース


独ヘッセン州議会選:連立与党がまたも大敗、メルケル首相に痛手 - Bloomberg


CNN.co.jp : ユダヤ教礼拝所で銃乱射 11人死亡、容疑者を拘束 米ピッツバーグ



IBMが340億ドル(約3兆8,000億円)を投じて、ソフトウェアを無償配布する会社を買収すると発表した。その会社とは、Linuxのディストリビューターとして知られるRed Hat(レッドハット)である。

レスターのオーナー、ヘリ墜落で死亡 岡崎慎司が所属:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 28 October 2018

Jair Bolsonaro Wins Brazil’s Presidency, in a Shift to the Far Right - The New York Times

Brazil on Sunday became the latest country to drift toward the far right, electing a strident populist as president in the nation’s most radical political change since democracy was restored more than 30 years ago.
The president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro, has exalted the country’s military dictatorship, advocated torture and threatened to destroy, jail or drive into exile his political opponents.

Malaysia issues permanent ban on import of plastic waste | The Star Online

Malaysia has issued a permanent ban on the import of plastic waste effective Friday (Oct 26), says Zuraida Kamaruddin.
The Housing and Local Government Minister said the country would also be phasing out the import of other types of plastic within three years.

Flipping marvelous: Balkan chefs break pancake record | Reuters

A team of Balkan chefs rustled up a world record number of a pancakes on Friday, making 14,186 in eight hours at Sarajevo’s tourist fair.
Using 300 liters of oil, 600 kilograms of flour and 400 liters of milk, the 140 cooks from Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia kept the frying pans turning in an improvised open-air kitchen under autumn sunshine as 15 judges looked on.

Christie's auctions painting made by AI for $432,500.

Renowned auction house Christie's sold the first piece of art created by an algorithm for $432,500.
The painting, titled "The Portrait of Edmond Belamy," was completed by artificial intelligence managed by a Paris-based collective called Obvious, Christie's said.
According to an online catalog on Christie's website, the painting had been estimated to go for $7,000-$10,000.

Real Madrid: Lopetegui will be sacked today: Conte on the way | MARCA in English

lorentino Perez is set to discuss the Real Madrid coaching situation with his directors in the coming hours and it is looking increasingly likely that Julen Lopetegui will be replaced by Antonio Conte next week.Five goals conceded at the Camp Nou appear to have sealed Lopetegui's fate and the Italian could arrive as early as Monday.If not, Santiago Solari will take temporary charge of the first team for Wednesday's Copa del Rey game against Melilla.

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欧州で急増の電動スクーター、マドリードで歩道での走行が禁止に | ロイター


英政府、軍の全職種に女性の応募認める方針 エリート部隊への志願も可能に:AFPBB News


サウジアラビア:記者死亡 武器輸出か人権か 欧州各国、苦慮 - 毎日新聞


大詰め迎えた英国のEU離脱交渉、残る争点は何か | ロイター


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News Headlines - 27 October 2018

Megyn Kelly's NBC show cancelled after blackface controversy | The Guardian

Megyn Kelly has been officially dropped by NBC after only one year of her three-year contract.
The ex-Fox News host was under fire this week after defending blackface in a controversial segment. After outcry, new episodes of Megyn Kelly Today were temporarily replaced with repeats while talks were held.

London forex traders found not guilty in U.S. rigging case | Reuters

Three former London-based currency traders were found not guilty on Friday of U.S. charges that they schemed to rig benchmark exchange rates, the latest verdict to emerge from a U.S. probe into the multitrillion-dollar foreign exchange market.

Porsche to pay fine over involvement in pollution scam | DW

A regional court in Stuttgart on Wednesday told German carmaker Porsche it would need to pay a total of some €47 million ($54 million) in damages for what judges felt was its faulty information policy surrounding the Volkswagen Group's large-scale emissions-cheating scandal that broke in 2015.
The court, whose verdict is not yet final, found that Porsche as Volkswagen's largest shareholder was in breach of its obligation to publicly disclose information with a potential to influence the carmaker's share price.

Single-use plastics ban approved by European Parliament - BBC News

The European Parliament has voted for a complete ban on a range of single-use plastics across the union in a bid to stop pollution of the oceans.
MEPs backed a ban on plastic cutlery and plates, cotton buds, straws, drink-stirrers and balloon sticks.
The proposal also calls for a reduction in single-use plastic for food and drink containers like plastic cups.

Halloween comes early for the animals at London Zoo | Metro News

Halloween came early at London Zoo as its giraffes, squirrel monkeys and gorillas enjoyed some special treats in carved-out pumpkins. With days to go until the Oct. 31 celebration, the animals didn’t even have to go trick or treating as they were delivered to their enclosures. The animals soon got into the fiendish swing of things and had their very own pumpkin party.

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「新NAFTA」エンジン域内生産義務化 日本に影響  :日本経済新聞


月の宇宙基地、最大4200億円…日本負担は? : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


大麻先進国から忠告? オランダ首相、カナダ高校生に「絶対手を出すな」:AFPBB News

 だが、カナダのジャスティン・トルドー(Justin Trudeau)首相と同席した場でルッテ氏はカナダの大麻解禁について問われ、大麻を過剰に使用していた親類が精神に深刻な影響を受けたと高校生たちに語り、大麻とは距離を置いた方が良いとの姿勢を示した。

米グーグル、セクハラで48人解雇 うち13人は幹部:朝日新聞デジタル




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News Headlines - 26 October 2018

How Google Protected Andy Rubin, the ‘Father of Android’ - The New York Times

Google gave Andy Rubin, the creator of Android mobile software, a hero’s farewell when he left the company in October 2014... What Google did not make public was that an employee had accused Mr. Rubin of sexual misconduct. The woman, with whom Mr. Rubin had been having an extramarital relationship, said he coerced her into performing oral sex in a hotel room in 2013, according to two company executives with knowledge of the episode. Google investigated and concluded her claim was credible, said the people... Mr. Rubin was notified, they said, and Mr. Page asked for his resignation.

Japanese gov't orders Facebook to improve data protection - Japan Today

The Japanese government on Monday ordered Facebook Inc to improve protection of users' personal information following a series of incidents including a massive data breach earlier this year that impacted 87 million people around the world, a commission said.
It is the first time the Japanese government's Personal Information Protection Commission has issued this kind of warning to the U.S. social media giant.

Qatar 'provided information' to help free Yasuda - NHK WORLD

A senior Qatari government official says his country provided information that helped to secure the release of Japanese journalist Jumpei Yasuda... He explained that Qatar and Turkey provided Japan with intelligence through diplomatic routes and counterterrorism agencies.

Hawaiian island erased by powerful hurricane: ‘The loss is a huge blow’ | The Guardian

A piece of the United States has been dramatically wiped off the map after an island in Hawaii was washed away by a powerful hurricane.
East Island, a remote spit of gravel and sand that sat atop a coral reef, has vanished after having this misfortune to come into contact with Hurricane Walaka, an intense storm that surged past Hawaii earlier this month.
Scientists have confirmed the disappearance of the 11-acre island after comparing satellite images of the surrounding French Frigate Shoals, part of an enormous protected marine area in the north-western Hawaiian Islands.

‘French Spiderman’ Alain Robert illegally climbs City of London's tallest tower (without a harness) | The Independent

A French free climber known as the "Human Spider" scaled London’s Heron Tower without a harness, only to be arrested shortly afterwards.
Alain Robert has previously completed death-defying ascents of New York’s Empire State Building, and the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
The 56-year-old successfully reached the top of the 662ft (202m) Heron Tower, the tallest building in The City, after less than an hour of climbing.

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東芝、英原発子会社を清算へ…売却交渉難航で : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)


日立、クラリオン売却へ 仏車部品大手に約800億円で  :日本経済新聞


「友好」に騙されない対中外交を - 産経ニュース


NATO、冷戦後最大の軍事演習 北欧中心に5万人規模  :日本経済新聞


CNN.co.jp : 宝くじで1700億円、米サウスカロライナ州で当選者


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News Headlines - 25 October 2018

Tohoku Electric to scrap aging No. 1 unit at Onagawa nuclear plant | The Japan Times

Tohoku Electric Power Co. said Thursday it will scrap the idled No. 1 unit at its Onagawa nuclear power plant in Miyagi Prefecture, more than 30 years after it started operations.
The company cited difficulties in taking additional safety measures as well as the relatively small output of the reactor that made it unprofitable.

Taiwan train driver failed to report switch-off - NHK WORLD

Taiwanese rail authorities say the driver of a train that derailed, killing 18 people, failed to report to controllers that he had turned off its control system before the accident... The driver admitted that he switched off the automatic control system because of trouble with the power system.
Authorities told reporters on Wednesday that any train driver is required to report to a control center when turning off the safety system.

Japan to end ODA funding to China, now an economic titan:The Asahi Shimbun

Japan has decided to scrap official development assistance to China now that it is the world's second-largest economy.
When Japan started providing ODA to Beijing 40 years ago, China was still a developing country.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who will visit China from Oct. 25, will officially announce the decision the day after he arrives during meetings in Beijing.

Belgian robbers asked to come back - and arrested on their return - BBC News

Six people entered Didier's shop in the suburbs of Charleroi in daylight with the intent to rob him.
The salesman told the group to return at the end of the day, when he could give them more money. In the end though, he got them arrested instead.

World's oldest intact shipwreck discovered in Black Sea | The Guardian

Archaeologists have found what they believe to be the world’s oldest intact shipwreck at the bottom of the Black Sea where it appears to have lain undisturbed for more than 2,400 years.
The 23-metre (75ft) vessel, thought to be ancient Greek, was discovered with its mast, rudders and rowing benches all present and correct just over a mile below the surface. A lack of oxygen at that depth preserved it, the researchers said.

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CNN.co.jp : オバマ氏やクリントン氏宛てに爆弾、CNN支局にも テロとして捜査


米ナスダック調整入り確認、S&Pとダウは年初来マイナスに | ロイター


欧州ハイテク起業拠点人気調査、EU離脱控えるロンドンが急落 | ロイター


人の体内に微小プラ粒子 日本含む8カ国、便で検出:日本経済新聞




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News Headlines - 24 October 2018

Jumpei Yasuda finally free after 3 years held by Syria terrorists:The Asahi Shimbun

The Japanese government confirmed that missing freelance journalist Jumpei Yasuda is once again a free man after being held for more than three years by a terrorist group in Syria.
Foreign Minister Taro Kono met with reporters in the early evening of Oct. 24 and said that Japanese Embassy officials in Turkey met with Yasuda, 44, at a Turkish immigration facility in Antakya close to the border with Syria, and confirmed his identity.

FBI Investigates Bomb Found In George Soros's Mailbox | Fortune

A bomb was found in a mailbox at George Soros’s home in Bedford, N.Y. A police bomb squad blew it up, and the FBI’s anti-terrorism unit is now investigating... one of Soros’s employees found a suspicious package in the mailbox and opened it, finding the explosive device. They then put the package in the woods and called the cops, who sent a bomb squad to safely detonate it. Soros himself was not at home at the time... The billionaire investor has long backed liberal, pro-migrant and pro-democracy causes, and last year made his Open Society Foundations one of the biggest non-profits in the world, by donating $18 billion to the NGO.
As such, Soros has become a favorite boogeyman for the far right in the U.S. and parts of Europe.

When Trump Phones Friends, the Chinese and the Russians Listen and Learn - The New York Times

Mr. Trump’s aides have repeatedly warned him that his cellphone calls are not secure, and they have told him that Russian spies are routinely eavesdropping on the calls, as well. But aides say the voluble president, who has been pressured into using his secure White House landline more often these days, has still refused to give up his iPhones... Mr. Trump’s use of his iPhones was detailed by several current and former officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity so they could discuss classified intelligence and sensitive security arrangements.

Smoking Marijuana Is Legal in Canada, Unless You’re South Korean - The New York Times

Recreational cannabis use may now be legal in Canada, but South Koreans visiting the country who are tempted to smoke up risk facing punishment back home, their government warned on Tuesday... South Koreans have known for decades that they can be prosecuted at home for using drugs overseas, even in countries where consumption is legal.

Giant 1,000m spider web covers Greek lake | The Independent

A lake in northern Greece has been transformed into a scene out of horror movie after it was cloaked in a 1,000-metre web spun by a huge swarm of spiders.
Eerie pictures of Lake Vistonida show roadside bushes, fences and small trees completely covered by the cobwebs.
Experts say that the rare phenomenon was a result of hundreds of thousands of Tetragnatha, known as stretch spiders, gravitating to the area in unseasonably warm weather.

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メイ英首相、反対派の抑え利かず-閣僚ら7人の反旗で閣議大荒れ - Bloomberg


CNN.co.jp : トルコ大統領、サウジ記者は「残忍な計画的殺人」




フランス、都市部の渋滞対策で「混雑課金」法案を検討中 | ロイター




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News Headlines - 23 October 2018

What can be learned from feverish nation-building of Meiji Restoration? - The Japan News

Tuesday marks the passage of 150 years since an Imperial edict was issued to change the name of the era to “Meiji” on Oct. 23, 1868. The government will hold a commemorative ceremony... Society, however, seems not to be as interested as it was back in 1968, when the passage of 100 years was marked. Five decades ago, when the nation was in a period of rapid economic growth, people could have found something in common with the time of the Meiji Restoration, when the nation was steadily developing.
At present, when Japan is ever more swiftly becoming an aged society with a low birthrate, and economic growth remains at low levels, it has become difficult even to imagine the energy for reform felt at the time of the Meiji Restoration.

Spain beats Japan to longer life expectancy - but did UK make top 10? | Express.co.uk

The Mediterranean country has overtaken Japan in the top spot for the first time in many years, according to a new study.
Spaniards will live for an average of 85.8 years by the year 2040, the recent statistics show, while Japanese people will have an average lifespan of 85.7 years
A report by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) published in the journal The Lancet unveiled the new findings.

Turkey to host four-nation summit on Syria crisis | The Japan Times

A summit between the leaders of Turkey, France, Germany and Russia will be held in Istanbul this month to discuss the conflict in Syria and efforts for a lasting solution to the war in the Arab country, a Turkish official said Friday.
Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin, in a written statement said the summit will take place on Oct. 27.

German foreign minister: U.S. should consider consequences of leaving nuclear treaty | Reuters

Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said the United States should consider the consequences, both for Europe and for future disarmament efforts, of pulling out of an international treaty aimed at eliminating a class of nuclear weapons.

Russian woman charged with interference in 2018 midterms

A Russian woman has been charged with trying to interfere and “sow discord” in the American political system, including in the 2018 midterm elections as part of a conspiracy that exploited thousands of social media accounts and emails that claimed to be owned by U.S. residents, authorities said.
Elena Khusyaynova of St. Petersburg, Russia, is accused of participating in a conspiracy engaged in “information warfare against the United States” that aimed “create and amplify divisive social media and political content.”

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伊がEUに「予算案変えない」と回答 - 産経ニュース


トランプ氏、中米3国の援助停止表明 不法移民に厳しく:朝日新聞デジタル


「砂漠のキツネ」ロンメル将軍を追悼、 独国防省高官のツイートが波紋:AFPBB News

ドイツのアンゲラ・メルケル(Angela Merkel)首相と近しい関係にあった国防省の政務次官がツイッターに、ナチス・ドイツ(Nazi)の独裁者アドルフ・ヒトラー(Adolf Hitler)のお気に入りだったエルビン・ロンメル(Erwin Rommel)将軍を追悼する投稿をし、波紋を呼んでいる。……このツイートはソーシャルメディアで激しい批判を呼び、保守派の政治家タウバー氏がナチス時代の将軍の名誉を回復させたと非難する声も上がった。その一方で、ロンメル将軍の経歴は複雑だとして、タウバー氏を擁護する声もあった。……1944年2月、ヒトラーの暗殺を計画した将校団がロンメル将軍に接触。その年の7月17日、ロンメル将軍は車に乗っていた際に英軍機から攻撃を受けて重傷を負い、その結果、3日後のヒトラー暗殺未遂事件に直接加わることはなかった。それでもナチスの秘密国家警察ゲシュタポ(Gestapo)はロンメル将軍が事件に一役買っていたと判断。ヒトラーは人望を集めているロンメル氏を処刑できないと考え、代わりに自殺を命令した。ロンメル将軍は10月14日に自殺した。

ノートルダム寺院、カラフルにライトアップ 第1次世界大戦100年イベント:AFPBB News

フランス・パリのノートルダム寺院(Notre Dame Cathedral)が20日、第1次世界大戦の終戦から100年目を迎える記念行事の一環で、色とりどりにライトアップされた。

レアル・マドリー、まもなくロペテギ監督解任を発表か…後任はBチーム指揮官ソラーリとなる模様 | Goal.com


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News Headlines - 22 October 2018

Japan ministries counted dead and retired people in totals to meet legal quotas for disabled employment, panel says | The Japan Times

Ministries and agencies “arbitrarily interpreted” guidelines for employing disabled people and counted people who were retired or even dead among their numbers in an attempt to meet legal quotas, an investigative panel said Monday... The government has said the percentage of people with disabilities in national office workforces as of June last year was actually 1.17 percent, instead of the 2.50 percent figure previously announced. Japanese law requires public institutions to meet the 2.5 percent quota, while the quota for the private sector is set at 2.2 percent.
After recognizing 3,700 people had been inappropriately included in the total workforce reported for 28 of the 33 national administrative entities it surveyed, the investigative panel said in its report that the situation was “extremely serious.”

Desperate Central American refugees cross into Mexico from river | The Guardian

A growing number of refugees from Central America have resumed their advance towards the US border in southern Mexico, despite Mexican efforts to stop them at the border with Guatemala.
The “caravan” swelled to about 5,000 overnight and they set out walking at first light on Sunday toward the Mexican town of Tapachula, 10 abreast in a line stretching back approximately a mile.
About 2,000 people had gathered on the Mexican side on Saturday night.

Egypt denies alleged organ theft after British tourist's death - The Straits Times

Egyptian authorities on Sunday (Oct 21) denied reports of alleged organ theft after the body of a British tourist who died suddenly while on holiday was returned home without some organs.
Mr David Humphries, 62, died in the seaside resort of Hurghada on the shores of the Red Sea on Sept 18.
His body was returned to Britain where a second postmortem ordered by a coroner discovered that his heart and some other organs had been removed, a British media outlet said in a report.

Stephen Hawking's motorized wheelchair is up for auction - CNET

Proceeds from the wheelchair's sale will be donated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association and The Stephen Hawking Foundation. It's estimated to sell for $13,000-$19,000 (£10,000-15,000, AU$18,000-$27,000).
Other items related to Hawking that will be part of the sale include one of five copies of his Ph.D. thesis, a script from an episode of The Simpsons that he appeared in, a personalized bomber jacket, and a copy of his bestseller A Brief History of Time, signed with Hawking's thumbprint.

How image of 'headless chicken monster' sea cucumber may help Antarctic conservation - CNN

The sea cucumber, which has only ever been filmed before in the Gulf of Mexico, was discovered using an underwater camera system developed for commercial long-line fishing by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD).
It is hoped that the pioneering Australian camera technology that captured the rare footage of the organism, Enypniastes eximia, may help the long-running push for the creation of a new Antarctic conservation zone.

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ボンバルディア、三菱航空機を提訴 MRJめぐり:朝日新聞デジタル


FCA、自動車部品部門売却でカルソニックカンセイと合意=関係筋 | ロイター


難民受け入れの村長、村外追放 イタリアの裁判所命じる:朝日新聞デジタル




ボルトへの選手契約提示は「要求よりはるかに低額」。年俸1200万円程度? | フットボールチャンネル


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News Headlines - 21 October 2018

UK, Germany, France condemn writer’s killing - The Washington Post

Britain, Germany and France have issued a joint statement condemning the killing of writer Jamal Khashoggi, saying there is an “urgent need for clarification of exactly what happened.”

‘Transgender’ Could Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration - The New York Times

The Trump administration is considering narrowly defining gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth, the most drastic move yet in a governmentwide effort to roll back recognition and protections of transgender people under federal civil rights law.

Racist incident filmed on Ryanair flight | The Guardian

A man on a Ryanair plane has been filmed calling a woman sitting in the same row an 'ugly black bastard', and shouting 'don’t talk to me in a foreign language' when she spoke to him in English with a Jamaican accent. The airline, criticised for not removing the abusive passenger, has referred the incident to Essex police

At least 18 dead, 175 injured after Taiwan train derails - Channel NewsAsia

At least 18 people have died after an express train derailed and flipped over on a popular coastal tourist route in Taiwan on Sunday (Oct 21), the island's worst rail accident for more than 25 years.

It's a Long Way Down for China Stocks Channeling Past Traumas - Bloomberg

Three years after China’s equity bubble burst, the country’s investors are once again reeling from losses.
More than $3 trillion has been wiped out since January, all of France’s stock market capitalization and then some, as Chinese shares tumble the most in the world. Private companies are struggling with liquidity concerns, the economic outlook is slowing as a trade war with the U.S. deepens, and a weakening yuan is starting to prompt capital outflows.
History suggests it’s not over. While the Shanghai Composite Index is now down 28 percent since this year’s high, the gauge almost halved as the 2015 boom turned to bust.

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トランプ大統領、核廃棄条約の破棄表明 中ロに対抗  :日本経済新聞


CNN.co.jp : EU離脱の再投票を求めデモ、50万人参加か 英ロンドン


マケドニア:国名変更に向け前進 改憲の審議開始を承認 - 毎日新聞




本田圭佑、豪州デビュー戦で得点 Aリーグ開幕戦:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 20 October 2018

John Kelly, John Bolton get into 'intense' argument at White House

Two of the president's closest advisers got into an intense shouting match Thursday at the White House over immigration policies, two officials said.
Bloomberg and CNN first reported the heated exchange between Chief of Staff John Kelly and National Security Adviser John Bolton... Earlier in the day the president blasted a caravan of Honduran migrants trekking to the border to apply for asylum in the U.S.

SoftBank's CEO, Saudi's Prince and a $22 Billion Test of Values - Bloomberg

Son’s SoftBank Group Corp. plummeted the most in more than two years on Monday after Saudi Arabia came under fire for the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The kingdom is the biggest outside investor in SoftBank’s $100 billion Vision Fund, which has backed Uber Technologies Inc., WeWork Cos., Didi Chuxing and Slack Technologies Inc.

Japan, N. Korea intelligence officials held secret meeting in Oct. - The Mainichi

A top Japanese intelligence official close to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had a secret meeting with North Korean counterparts in early October in Mongolia, sources familiar with bilateral ties said Thursday.
The meeting in the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator could be consistent with Abe's stated desire to arrange a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after he receives assurances about progress on the long-standing issue of abductions of Japanese nationals by Pyongyang in the 1970s and 1980s.

Pope Francis willing to meet Kim Jong Un in North Korea, Vatican official says

Pope Francis is considering an unprecedented visit to North Korea, according to a Vatican official.
An invitation from Kim Jong Un was relayed to the Pope by South Korea President Moon Jae-in during a meeting in the Vatican on Thursday.
It would be the first visit by a Pope to the reclusive East Asian state, which is known for severe restrictions on religious practice and does not allow priests to be permanently stationed there.

IT repairman seeks home for Apple collection, possibly world's largest | Reuters

An Austrian computer repairman has amassed what he believes could be the world’s biggest collection of old Apple computers, but it might all soon be destroyed unless someone can take it off his hands... Over the years since he began working for a company that repaired Apples in Vienna in the 1980s, Roland Borsky’s collection has grown to roughly 1,100 computers, he says - far more than the 472 items at Prague’s Apple Museum, which says it is the world’s biggest private collection of Apple products.

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CNN.co.jp : サウジ、不明記者の死亡認める 「総領事館で殴り合い」


ホンジュラス移民数千人、米国へ向け徒歩で北上中 トランプ氏の警告無視:AFPBB News

中米ホンジュラスから米国を目指し、数千人の移民の集団、通称「キャラバン(旅の一団)」が徒歩で北上を続けている。ドナルド・トランプ(Donald Trump)米大統領は16日、ホンジュラスと経由地に当たる隣国グアテマラ、エルサルバドルに北上を阻止しなければ援助を打ち切ると警告したが、キャラバンの動きは17日も止まっていない。
 移民たちはソーシャルメディアを介して2000人以上のキャラバンを組織し、13日にホンジュラス北部サンペドロスラ(San Pedro Sula)を出発。

豪与党、下院も過半数割れ 前首相引退の選挙区で敗北:中日新聞(CHUNICHI Web)


CNN.co.jp : サグラダ・ファミリアに正式な建築許可、建設開始から136年


日立、英国で架線切断事故 鉄道網が混乱 車両試験中に:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 19 October 2018

Britain’s ‘moment of truth’ postponed – POLITICO

With an accord on divorce terms still out of reach, EU officials said Tuesday that they are not inclined to call a special Brexit summit in November — meaning the next opportunity for EU leaders to affirm a Brexit agreement may not come around until December.

Please, no Brexit talk: Merkel, Macron hit the bar for beer and fries | Reuters

Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and the leaders of Belgium and Luxembourg surprised late-night drinkers by dropping by a Brussels bar for beer and fries after an evening of summitry on Brexit with British Prime Minister Theresa May.

UK – Graduate unemployment rate falls to lowest level in 39 years

The unemployment rate for graduates six months after leaving university fell to 5.1% this year, the lowest since the 1979 survey when it was 4.9%, according to a study from Prospects, a provider of skills, education, care and support.
Prospects’ data also found that employment increased from 74.2% to 76.6% (184,295) as 4,540 more graduates found jobs compared to last year. The proportion of employed graduates in professional-level roles also increased, from 71.4% to 73.9%.

Marie Antoinette's jewels on display ahead of Sotheby's auction - France 24

Marie Antoinette's dazzling diamonds and pearls, unseen in public for two centuries, went on display in London on Friday before going on sale next month in one of the most important royal jewellery auctions in history.
The treasures were secretly whisked out of Paris in 1791 in the aftermath of the French Revolution and have been privately owned by relatives ever since.
The collection, held by the Italian royal House of Bourbon-Parma, is being sold by Sotheby's auction house in Geneva on November 14.

In Haruki Murakami’s New Novel, a Painter’s Inspiration Is Supernatural - The New York Times

In “Killing Commendatore,” the narrator’s dreaminess mainly feels unfocused, and a story that might have been engaging at 300 or 400 pages is drawn out to almost 700... The narrator enjoys listening to Mozart, Beethoven and other greats of the Germanic classical repertoire. “Their music was deep, amazing and gorgeous,” he informs us, sounding like an online review.
And what about the narrator’s wife? In these 700 pages, we don’t find out too much about her, or indeed about any of the women who float like shades through the novel... “Killing Commendatore” is a baggy monster, a disappointment from a writer who has made much better work.

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グーグル、アプリ有料化へ…欧州戦略見直し : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)




ゴジラ、星座に認定 NASA参加の研究チーム - 産経ニュース




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News Headlines - 18 October 2018

Trump Hints Pentagon Chief Mattis May Be Planning to Quit - Bloomberg

President Donald Trump hinted that U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis may be planning to quit his administration, and described the former U.S. Marine Corps general as “sort of a Democrat.”
In an excerpt from a “60 Minutes” interview that will air in full Sunday on CBS, Trump talked about the level of turnover in his administration after almost two years, and suggested there could be more to come.

Fed points to more rate hikes amid criticism from Trump

A summary of the Sept. 25-26 Federal Open Market Committee session reflected both confidence in the rate of economic growth and some hesitancy over the impact that tariffs might have on the future path.
Ultimately, the committee unanimously voted to approve a quarter-point hike to its benchmark rate target, with members indicating that more increases are on the way. The increase took the Fed’s overnight target to a range of 2 percent to 2.25 percent.

Europe's top bankers shun Saudi investment conference | Reuters

The bosses of some of Europe’s biggest banks and finance firms have pulled out of a high-profile investment conference in Saudi Arabia, joining a growing list of business chiefs to abandon the event amid widespread concern about the fate of a journalist.

UK pay growth rises to 3.1%, the highest in almost a decade | The Guardian

Britain’s workers have started to repair the damage from a lost decade of wage growth after increased competition for workers pushed the government’s preferred measure of pay to its highest level since the UK was deep in recession a decade ago.
The latest health check on the labour market from the Office for National Statistics showed that regular pay – which excludes bonuses – was 3.1% higher in the three months ending in August than in the same quarter a year earlier.

Germany and France start to draw up no-deal Brexit contingency plans | Politics | The Guardian

Germany and France are starting to step up their preparations for a no-deal Brexit even though both publicly insist an agreement with the UK over the terms of its departure from the EU can still be achieved.
Angela Merkel revealed for the first time on Wednesday that Germany was drawing up contingency plans, saying the government had started making “suitable preparations” for the possibility of Britain leaving with no accord... France has published a draft bill that would allow the government to introduce new legal measures to avoid or mitigate the consequences of a hard Brexit by emergency decree, as opposed to parliamentary vote, within 12 months of the law being passed.

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カナダが大麻合法化、先進国として初 流通厳格に管理 | ロイター


米、15年で地方の新聞1800紙が消滅 「ニュース砂漠」広がる:AFPBB News

米国で2004年以降に1800を超える新聞が廃刊となり、公共問題に関する報道に接する機会がほとんどなくなる「ニュース砂漠」が広がっていることが、15日に公表されたノースカロライナ大学(University of North Carolina)の研究者らによる報告書で明らかになった。……調査によると、全米3143郡のうち半数では現在1紙しか発行されておらず、その1紙も発行部数の少ない週刊紙が多かった。また、地元紙が存在しない郡も200郡近くに上っていた。

豪「エルサレムに大使館」…突然の移転検討表明 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)



英BBCは10月8日、『誰を信じるべきか?中国の臓器移植』(Who to Believe? China’s Organ Transplants)と題する番組で、中国臓器移植産業の闇に迫った。……中国臓器移植問題について詳しい在英ジャーナリスト、イーサン・ガットマン氏は、中国が発表した臓器移植件数と、実際の手術数、ドナー数が合致していないのは明らかで、ドナー以外の臓器の出所元は、拘束されたウイグル人、チベット人、思想犯として囚われた法輪功学習者、地下協会信者などが考えられると述べた。

安倍首相:フランス国籍の不明女性家族に捜索約束 - 毎日新聞


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News Headlines - 17 October 2018

Audio Offers Gruesome Details of Jamal Khashoggi Killing, Turkish Official Says - The New York Times

Saudi agents were waiting when Jamal Khashoggi walked into their country’s consulate in Istanbul two weeks ago. Mr. Khashoggi was dead within minutes, beheaded, dismembered, his fingers severed, and within two hours the killers were gone, according to details from audio recordings described by a senior Turkish official on Wednesday.

Stephen Hawking: 'There is no God,' says physicist in final book - CNN

There is no God -- that's the conclusion of the celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking, whose final book is published Tuesday.
The book, which was completed by his family after his death, presents answers to the questions that Hawking said he received most during his time on Earth.
Other bombshells the British scientist left his readers with include the belief that alien life is out there, artificial intelligence could outsmart humans and time travel can't be ruled out.

‘Dead’ Ukrainian Found Living in Castle Arrested in French Probe - Bloomberg

French police arrested an unnamed “high-profile” Ukrainian who allegedly used forged death certificates to evade the authorities and now faces possible extradition to his home country.
The fugitive, identified only as the “King of the Castle” by the European Union’s law-enforcement agency Europol, was detained on Oct. 5 near Dijon, according to a Tuesday statement. Officers recovered 4.6 million euros ($5.3 million) of property, including a 12th-century feudal castle, a vintage Rolls Royce Phantom, jewelry and three works of art by Salvador Dali.

Swiss city bans display of human bodies, fearing they were Chinese convicts and Falun Gong members | South China Morning Post

A controversial exhibition which includes preserved human bodies was banned on Tuesday by the Swiss city of Lausanne over fears that the remains of tortured and executed Chinese prisoners were on display.
The cancellation of the “Real Human Bodies” display – already shown in the Netherlands, Belgium and the Swiss capital Bern – followed a complaint by the Action by Christians Against Torture group (ACAT), the city authorities said in a statement.

Sony claims bug that allowed message to crash PS4 consoles is now fixed - The Verge

Sony has announced that it’s fixed a bug that was causing PlayStation 4 consoles to crash if they received a specific message. Writing on Twitter in response to a comment pointing out the bug, an official PlayStation support account said, “We’ve since fixed the issue” before offering a solution to anyone who’s been affected by the issue.
Sony hasn’t issued an press release or blog about the fix, but then again nor has it officially acknowledged the issue in the first place.

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YouTubeで大規模なシステム障害(復旧)、エラー表示で使用できず #youtubedown | TechWave(テックウェーブ)


ゼロックス買収差し止め、富士フイルムが米控訴判決で勝訴 | ロイター


人気のサバ、供給に黄信号 ノルウェー、日本とも漁低調(みなと新聞)


「電車男」 米国でミュージカルドラマ化が決定:AFPBB News

日本の人気ドラマ「電車男(Train Man)」を基にしたミュージカルドラマが、米国の視聴者向けに制作されることが決まった。……仏カンヌで開催されている世界最大の国際テレビ番組見本市「MIPCOM」での発表によると、米国版ミュージカルドラマは1話30分のシリーズで、監督は映画『ヘアスプレー(Hairspray)』で名をはせたアダム・シャンクマン(Adam Shankman)が務める。
 フジテレビジョン(Fuji Television)によるドラマの米国輸出は、同社史上初めて。



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News Headlines - 16 October 2018

The Jamal Khashoggi Case: Suspects Had Ties to Saudi Crown Prince - The New York Times

One of the suspects identified by Turkey in the disappearance of the Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi was a frequent companion of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman... Three others are linked by witnesses and other records to the Saudi crown prince’s security detail.
A fifth is a forensic doctor who holds senior positions in the Saudi Interior Ministry and medical establishment, a figure of such stature that he could be directed only by a high-ranking Saudi authority.
If, as the Turkish authorities say, these men were present at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul where Mr. Khashoggi disappeared on Oct. 2, they might provide a direct link between what happened and Prince Mohammed.

German prosecutors fine Audi 800 million euros for diesel violations | Reuters

German premium car brand Audi, a division of Volkswagen, said it was fined 800 million euros (703.40 million pounds) on Tuesday for violations tied to heavily polluting six- and eight-cylinder diesel engines.

Police start arrests in land scam of Sekisui House developer:The Asahi Shimbun

Police on Oct. 16 began arresting 12 people connected to a land fraud ring that cost a major housing developer billions of yen.
Metropolitan Police Department officers arrested Masami Haketa, 63, and others on suspicion of using counterfeited personal documents and attempting to include false information into public electronic records.
Arrest warrants have been obtained for 12 people, who are being sought by police.

China’s Growing Influence on Hollywood

For years, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been using a variety of methods to infiltrate the Hollywood film industry. In the remarks U.S. vice president Mike Pence delivered on Oct. 4, he gave two examples about Hollywood films having been revised in order to pass the CCP’s censorship so that they could enter the huge Chinese market.
Pence explained how the CCP tries to penetrate the United States in all aspects.

Winamp returns in 2019 to whip the llama’s ass harder than ever | TechCrunch

Winamp was the MP3 player of choice around the turn of the century, but went through a rocky period during Aol ownership (our former parent company) and failed to counter the likes of iTunes and the onslaught of streaming services, and more or less crumbled over the years. The original app, last updated in 2013, still works, but to say it’s long in the tooth would be something of an understatement (the community has worked hard to keep it updated, however). So it’s with pleasure that I can confirm rumors that substantial updates are on the way.

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米国防総省アドバイザー:「体制変革まで米中対立続く」 - 毎日新聞


トランプ氏、国務長官をサウジ派遣 記者失踪で国王と電話会談 - 産経ニュース




イーロン・マスク「『君の名は。』すき」スノーデン「『言の葉の庭』が一番」 ITの巨人たち、突然新海誠愛を告白 本人に届く - ねとらぼ

テスラやスペースXのCEO、イーロン・マスク氏が14日(日本時間)突然「『君の名は。』好き(Love Your Name)」とツイートしました。……そんな突然のオタ告白にエドワード・スノーデン氏が反応。……「(個人的なお気に入りは)『言の葉の庭』>『秒速5センチメートル』>『君の名は。』」であるとも投稿しました。……まさかの言及にTwitter上の新海誠監督も反応。マスク氏に対しては「わあ! 光栄です(Wow! My pleasure!)」と投稿し、『言の葉の庭』がお気に入りだというスノーデン氏にはシンプルな笑顔の絵文字を送っています。

JAXA:日本初の水星探査へ 20日打ち上げ - 毎日新聞


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News Headlines - 15 October 2018

Jamal Khashoggi: Turkish and Saudi officials enter consulate to investigate disappearance of journalist two weeks after he vanished | The Independent

Dozens of Turkish and Saudi officials have entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to begin a joint investigation into the disappearance of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, nearly two weeks after he vanished from the facility.
The visit to the consulate came amid claims the Saudis could admit in a report that Mr Khashoggi was killed in the consulate during an interrogation and rendition attempt that went wrong. CNN cited an unnamed source as saying the Saudis would claim the operation was carried out “without clearance or transparency” and that those involved would be punished

Russian Orthodox Church cuts ties with Constantinople | The Guardian

The Russian Orthodox Church has announced it will break off relations with the Patriarchate of Constantinople in a religious schism driven by political friction between Russia and Ukraine.
The Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church elected on Monday to cut ties with the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, which is viewed as the leading authority for the world’s 300 million Orthodox worshippers.

McDonald's refuses to give free drinks to firefighters tackling blaze | Metro News

According to a Facebook post that was uploaded in a local group, some of the group walked a mile to the fast food chain for a refreshment break.
They asked for free drinks as they do not carry money in their equipment, but were turned down.
Fortunately, a kind-hearted member of the public overheard what happened and stepped in to buy hot drinks for the firefighters.

Abe says he's going ahead with Japan's consumption tax hike in October 2019 | The Japan Times

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday the government will raise the consumption tax to 10 percent from the current 8 percent as scheduled in October 2019 to help finance ballooning social security costs after twice delaying the hike... The last time the consumption tax was raised — to 8 percent from 5 percent in 2014 — Japan went through a brief recession, but the government sees another hike as indispensable to pay for growing medical and nursing care costs due to the rapidly graying population.

Women taking on more frontline roles in Japan's Self-Defense Forces - The Mainichi

A growing number of women in Japan's Self-Defense Forces are entering formerly male-dominated fields, with one recently becoming the country's first-ever female fighter jet pilot... The 26-year-old Matsushima, who stands just 159 centimeters tall, had dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot ever since watching the hit movie "Top Gun" starring Tom Cruise, portraying young naval aviators, when she was in elementary school.

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米小売り大手シアーズ、破産法申請 事業継続探る:日本経済新聞


日立、GEと小型原発を共同開発、30年代実用化目指す - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


独与党、バイエルン州で大敗 メルケル政権に打撃:日本経済新聞


ルクセンブルク議会選、与党3党が過半数維持へ 連立の行方は不透明 | ロイター


メーガン妃が第1子妊娠と発表、来春に出産の予定 : 日刊スポーツ


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News Headlines - 14 October 2018

Revealed: leaked emails show DUP ready for no-deal Brexit | The Guardian

Theresa May has been told that the DUP leader, Arlene Foster, is now “ready” to trigger a no-deal Brexit and regards this as the “likeliest outcome” following a “hostile and difficult” exchange with the EU’s chief negotiator, an explosive set of leaked government emails reveal.

Transgender prisoner sexually assaulted inmates at all-female prison | Daily Mail Online

The prison service has apologised after a transgender sex offender was placed in an all-female prison and went on to sexually assault two women inmates.
Karen White was born a man but - despite having a history of sex attacks - was placed in women's prison HMP New Hall after telling authorities of his identification as a woman.
While in the women's prison, 'predator' White sexually assaulted two female inmates.

U.S. charity school in Liberia in rape scandal storm | The Japan Times

An acclaimed U.S. charity operating in Liberia has admitted to major failings after girls at a school set up to save them from a life of sexual exploitation were systematically raped.
“We are profoundly, deeply sorry,” the charity More Than Me said on its website Saturday after U.S. investigative media said girls at a pioneering school in a slum had been repeatedly abused by the charity’s co-founder, Macintosh Johnson.
Johnson eventually died of AIDS and there are fears that he infected some of his victims — who were as young as 10 — with the HIV virus, which causes AIDS, the investigative site ProPublica said in a lengthy investigative piece co-published with Time.

Steinhoff Ex-CEO Told Friends to Sell Stock Before Collapse - Bloomberg

Former Steinhoff International Holdings NV Chief Executive Officer Markus Jooste advised friends to sell the South African retailer’s shares days before the stock collapsed, according to a mobile phone text message seen by Bloomberg.
The message, sent around Nov. 30 to at least two people, told recipients there was impending, unspecified bad news coming... South Africa’s financial regulator has been made aware of the message...

Paris Saint-Germain's Champions League win against Red Star Belgrade centre of match-fixing probe

Liverpool’s Champions League group is the centre of a match-fixing probe after French police confirmed they had launched an inquiry into the game between Paris Saint-Germain and Red Star Belgrade.
They acted after a warning from Uefa of possible manipulation of the result of the game which PSG won 6-1.
A report in the French newspaper L’Equipe alleged that a senior figure at Red Star attempted to bet almost €5 million on the Serbian champions losing the game by five goals.

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ギリシャ文化省職員が24時間スト、アクロポリスなどが閉鎖に | ロイター


アイルランドが仏語圏機関に参加 ブレグジット見据え関係開拓:AFPBB News


仏研究者が携帯端末用「人工指」開発、ネットには「キモイ」の声も | ロイター


世界オセロ大会、11歳の日本人が優勝 最年少記録更新:朝日新聞デジタル



その彼がトレントで行われた『Il Festival dello Sport』でこう明かした。……「自分は審判に対して怒りを覚えたことは一度もなかった。だが、率直に言って、あの日はムリだったね。自分の中にある最悪(の言葉)をぶちまけたよ。妻から学んだスペイン語にも助けてもらってね」

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News Headlines - 13 October 2018

BOJ Bond-Buying Set for Slowest Pace in Kuroda Era, Goldman Says - Bloomberg

If the Bank of Japan’s “stealth tapering” of its asset purchase program were to continue at the current pace, it would need to revise its monetary easing policy within the next two years, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
By the end of 2019, the pace of growth of the central bank’s bond purchases is on track to fall to levels not seen since before the appointment of governor Haruhiko Kuroda in March 2013...

Japanese Firms to Change Their Long-held Recruitment System - NHK WORLD

The Chairman of the Japan Business Federation, or Keidanren, announced the organization will abolish its guidelines of how firms recruit new graduates.
The rules had created a traditional job-hunting schedule for students. But the system has become outdated as the country struggles with a labor shortage and global competition becomes increasingly fierce.

Uniqlo's Yanai promotes sons to board - Nikkei Asian Review

The founder of the casual clothing chain Uniqlo said Thursday that his two sons will be promoted to company directors, though he denied speculation that they will eventually take over at the top... The charismatic founder has single-handedly overseen company operations. But with Yanai soon turning 70, the age at which he has said he would hand over the reins, the move is seen as ensuring the founding family's control in the post-Yanai era.

High-speed German train bursts into flames between Cologne and Frankfurt - The Local

A fire in an ICE train on the Frankfurt-Cologne high-speed railway line has triggered a major rescue operation and led to the closure of one of the most important arteries in German rail traffic.
The fire broke out on the train, which was reportedly travelling from Cologne to Frankfurt, early on Friday morning, beside the town of Dierdorf near Montabauer in Rhineland-Palatinate. Police said the train was halted and emergency crews managed to evacuate all 510 people on board.

Huge reduction in meat-eating ‘essential’ to avoid climate breakdown | The Guardian

Huge reductions in meat-eating are essential to avoid dangerous climate change, according to the most comprehensive analysis yet of the food system’s impact on the environment. In western countries, beef consumption needs to fall by 90% and be replaced by five times more beans and pulses... The new research, published in the journal Nature, is the most thorough to date and combined data from every country to assess the impact of food production on the global environment. It then looked at what could be done to stop the looming food crisis.

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日本からの漂流ごみに不満 米大統領、対抗措置に言及 | 共同通信


トランプ氏とカニエ・ウェストさん面会 互いにほめ合う:朝日新聞デジタル


「2年間、俳優活動を休止していた」大沢たかおがロンドンで語った意外な事実 | 文春オンライン




ベルギーサッカーに激震、詐欺・八百長疑惑で大規模捜索:AFPBB News

サッカーベルギー1部リーグのビッグクラブで選手の移籍に絡む詐欺や八百長行為があったとして、欧州各国の関係先で10日に警察の一斉捜査が行われ、同リーグに激震が走った。……拘束された関係者の中で最も注目を集めているのは、シャルルロワSC(Sporting Charleroi)の元マネジャーで有名代理人のモギ・バヤト(Mogi Bayat)氏で、選手の移籍契約で不正をはたらいたとして自宅で捕まった。

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News Headlines - 12 October 2018

Crown prince sought to lure Khashoggi back to Saudi Arabia and detain him, U.S. intercepts show - The Washington Post

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, ordered an operation to lure Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi back to Saudi Arabia from his home in Virginia and then detain him, according to U.S. intelligence intercepts of Saudi officials discussing the plan.
The intelligence, described by U.S. officials familiar with it, is another piece of evidence implicating the Saudi regime in Khashoggi’s disappearance last week after he entered the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. Turkish officials say that a Saudi security team lay in wait for the journalist and killed him.

New York City creates gender-neutral 'X' option for birth certificates | Reuters

People who were born in New York City and do not identify as male or female can now opt for a third gender category of X on their birth certificates.
Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the provision into a law on Tuesday, making New York City the fifth place to do so after California, Oregon, Washington state and New Jersey. Three states and Washington, D.C., also allow gender-neutral driver licenses.

Christian bakers in 'gay cake' row did not discriminate against same-sex marriage activist, Supreme Court rules

The Christian owners of a bakery have won an appeal at the UK's highest court over a finding that they discriminated against a customer by refusing to make a cake decorated with the words "Support Gay Marriage".
Five Supreme Court justices allowed a challenge by the McArthur family in a unanimous ruling in London on Wednesday in what has become widely known as the "gay cake case".

Maryse Conde wins alternative award to Nobel literature prize | DW

The New Academy Prize in Literature goes to Maryse Conde, the Swedish organization announced on Friday.
Kim Thuy and Neil Gaiman were also on the shortlist, as was Haruki Murakami before he withdrew his nomination, claiming he needed to focus on writing.
The New Academy is a provisional self-organized group of over 100 volunteers that emerged to provide an alternative global literature prize this year, after the Swedish Academy decided it would postpone its 2018 award.

Free at Last: Andrew Brunson Released by Turkey After Two Years | Christianity Today

American pastor Andrew Brunson has been released after being detained for two years in Turkey.
At a hearing this morning, a Turkish court freed him from judicial control, which lifts his house arrest and travel ban.
Despite a guilty verdict sentencing him to 3 years, 1 month, and 15 days in prison, Brunson may return home to the United States as soon as today due to good behavior and time already served.

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ブルガリア人女性記者レイプ殺害事件、ドイツで容疑者逮捕:AFPBB News

ブルガリアの女性ジャーナリスト、ビクトリア・マリノバ(Viktoria Marinova)さんがレイプの末に殺害された事件で、ブルガリア当局は10日、ドイツで事件に関わった疑いのある男が逮捕されたと明らかにした。……ブルガリアの検察当局トップは事件について、現時点ではマリノバさんの仕事と関連があるとはみていないと話した。



ドイツ首相の難民政策に審判 地方選、与党大敗の可能性|佐賀新聞LiVE


英高級百貨店「ハロッズ」で24億円買い物の女性、身元判明 - BBCニュース


競売後細断の作品、予定通り購入 落札女性、1億5千万円 | 共同通信


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News Headlines - 11 October 2018

BMW to raise stake in China joint venture to 75% in €3.6bn deal | Financial Times

BMW will pay €3.6bn to increase its stake in a Chinese joint venture to 75 per cent by 2022, following Beijing’s relaxation of investment restrictions in the automotive sector, which will hand foreign companies more control in the world’s largest car market. In April, Beijing announced it would ease decades-old restrictions — requiring foreign vehicle manufacturers to form joint ventures with Chinese partners and capping ownership at 50 per cent — by the year-end for electric vehicles, and by 2022 for others.

Peru Opposition Leader Keiko Fujimori Held on Graft Charges - Bloomberg

Peruvian opposition leader Keiko Fujimori was arrested by police Wednesday on allegations she received illicit campaign financing, marking an unexpected turn in a year-long probe of the two-time presidential candidate... The decision marks the second high-profile judicial move against Peru’s influential Fujimori family in a week, and yet another twist to a tumultuous year for the country. Last Wednesday, a court ordered the imprisonment of autocrat Alberto Fujimori, Keiko’s father, after overturning a political pardon.

First tuna auction at Japan's 'new Tsukiji' market in Toyosu - The Straits Times

The cries of the raucous pre-dawn tuna auction rang out for the first time at Tokyo's new fish market on Thursday (Oct 11), just days after the world-famous Tsukiji site closed the door on its 83-year history.
The location may have changed but the ritual remained the same: Huge frozen whole tuna laid out on the ground, bells tolling to sound the start of the auction and a loud and bewildering system of bidding understood only by those taking part.

Rare White Tiger Kills Zookeeper in Japan - The New York Times

A zookeeper in Japan died after being mauled by a rare white tiger, his supervisor said on Tuesday.
The zookeeper, Akira Furusho, was found bleeding from the neck in a cage at the Hirakawa Zoological Park in the southern city of Kagoshima on Monday evening... No one was around at the time of the episode, “and we cannot imagine what happened,” Akinori Ishido, the zoo’s director, told reporters on Tuesday.

Michael is the strongest hurricane to hit the continental US since Andrew - CNN

Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle with frightening fury. The Category 4 storm was packing maximum sustained winds of 155 mph as it made landfall near Mexico Beach.
In terms of wind intensity, that made it much stronger than Hurricane Florence, which had winds of 90 mph when it blew ashore in North Carolina last month.

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NYダウ急落、831ドル安 米金利上昇を懸念:朝日新聞デジタル


米国:ヘイリー国連大使が年末に辞任 トランプ氏側近 - 毎日新聞




ヒトラー血縁男性、トランプ氏批判=米在住、独紙がインタビュー:AFPBB News


ロシアのソユーズ、打ち上げ失敗 宇宙飛行士2人は無事:朝日新聞デジタル


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News Headlines - 10 October 2018

Brexit: Thirty Labour rebels prepared to defy Corbyn and back Chequers deal | The Times

A group of about 30 Labour MPs would be prepared to defy Jeremy Corbyn and endorse a Chequers-style deal at the eleventh hour to prevent a no-deal Brexit.
Senior MPs have told The Times that a group of between 30 to 40 backbenchers would break with the leadership unless it ultimately backed a negotiated exit agreed with Brussels.
The group is made up of those who both oppose a second referendum on the terms of Brexit, or believe that the proposal cannot command the support of a majority of MPs in the House of Commons without their support.

UK would be welcomed to TPP ‘with open arms’, says Shinzo Abe | Financial Times

Japan would welcome Britain to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal “with open arms”, said Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, as he urged a compromise to avoid a no-deal Brexit.Speaking in an interview with the Financial Times at his official residence in Tokyo, Mr Abe said the UK would lose its role as a gateway to Europe after Brexit, but would still be a country “equipped with global strength”.

MPs invite robot to give evidence on AI | The Independent

A robot is set to become the first non-human to appear as a witness before the UK Parliament.
The Commons Education Select Committee invited Pepper the robot from Middlesex University to give evidence at a hearing taking place next week about artificial intelligence, robotics and the fourth industrial revolution.

Merrill Lynch Japan at root of Tokyo Stock Exchange system glitch, informed sources say | The Japan Times

The Tokyo Stock Exchange said it suffered a trading system glitch Tuesday morning that left some brokerages unable to make orders through the bourse.
According to sources close to the matter, an extraordinary amount of data erroneously sent by Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co. caused the trouble.

Japanese actor Jun Kunimura faces criticism at home for siding with Koreans over flag dispute - The Straits Times

Japanese actor Jun Kunimura faces mounting criticism in his country after suggesting that Japan understand Koreans' sentiment towards the controversial Rising Sun Flag, given the two countries' thorny history.
During the Busan International Film Festival last Friday (Oct 5), the actor said he thinks Japan should understand the way Koreans feel about the flag, when asked about the controversy surrounding the flag being flown at a naval event in South Korea.

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CNN.co.jp : 日本のパスポートが世界最強、シンガポール抜きトップに


ココイチ、ロンドン上陸へ 欧州に日本式カレー売り込み:朝日新聞デジタル


海賊版サイト「漫画村」の運営者を特定か 法的措置へ


米コミック大賞に「モンストレス」、日本人が作画を担当 TBS NEWS


マー君に差別的表現「選択を誤った」米解説者が謝罪 - MLB : 日刊スポーツ


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News Headlines - 09 October 2018

What does 10,000,000 percent inflation look like? See Venezuela | ABS-CBN News

After seeing prices surge an already-unthinkable 1,000 percent last year, hyperinflation in Venezuela's imploding economy is set to hit nearly 1.4 million percent this year, the International Monetary Fund forecast in its World Economic Outlook released Monday.
But in 2019 that hyperinflation is expected to leave earth's orbit, hitting 10 million percent, a figure so large and improbable, readers of the report had to count the zeroes to make sure they had the correct number.

Russian girl made to eat a human by cannibal paedophile 'boyfriend' | Daily Mail Online

A schoolgirl at the centre of an horrific paedophile cannibal murder in Russia has told detectives how she used a frying pan to cook and eat the heart of the man she allegedly killed along with her 22-year-old 'boyfriend'.
The 12-year-old identified only as 'Valeria', reportedly told investigators the victim's heart was 'too sweet', but that his brains 'turned out to be much more tasty'.
Valeria had run away from home with Arkady Zverev, 22, and has admitted to taking part in the murder and dismembering of their landlord Alexander Popovich, 21, say police.

Meningitis scare at renowned Berlin sex club KitKat

Visitors to a famous sex club in Berlin have been urged to seek medical treatment after a clubber was taken ill with bacterial meningitis.
The KitKat Club said the man was in a serious condition in hospital after attending a party on Saturday night.

David Beckham’s son accused of racism by Chinese internet users | South China Morning Post

David Beckham’s eldest son Brooklyn has provoked a furious backlash among mainland Chinese internet users by posting a “racist” Instagram photo to his 11.6 million followers while on holiday in Venice.
The now-deleted post from the 19-year-old shows Chinese tourists in a gondola as well as in a local supermarket, with the caption “No place like Italy innit”.

Thousands pay respects to former Okinawa governor - NHK WORLD

Thousands of people have paid their respects to former Okinawa governor Takeshi Onaga, who died of cancer at the age of 67 in August... Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga read a letter of condolence from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. In the letter, Abe says he respects Onaga, who gave his life for Okinawa's development, and that the central government is determined to ease Okinawa's hosting burden.
Some attendees shouted "liar" and "go home."

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Google+ 閉鎖へ 50万人の個人情報流出の恐れ:日本経済新聞


米歌手T・スウィフトが民主支持表明、政治に関する沈黙破る | ロイター


プーチン大統領、支持率39%に急落 14年以降で最低、年金改革に不満:AFPBB News

ロシアの独立系調査機関レバダ・センター(Levada Centre)が8日公表した最新の世論調査によると、ウラジーミル・プーチン(Vladimir Putin)大統領に対する一般国民の支持率が39%まで落ち込んだ。国民の間ではプーチン政権が断行した年金改革への不満が広がっており、ウクライナ南部クリミア(Crimea)半島併合で支持率が急伸した2014年以降で最低となった。……プーチン氏は先週、年金の支給開始年齢を男性は65歳、女性は60歳に段階的に引き上げる法案に署名した。ロシアで年金支給開始年齢の引き上げは、旧ソ連時代の1930年代にさかのぼる現在の年金制度史上で初めて。

ラトビア総選挙、親ロ派第1党に 与党後退、連立協議へ:中日新聞(CHUNICHI Web)


C・ロナウドのレイプ疑惑に新展開…ドイツ誌が女性との合意文書を公開 | Goal.com

『Der Spiegel』は9月末、2009年にロナウドがアメリカ・ラスベガスのホテルで、アメリカ人女性のキャサリン・マヨルガさんに強制的に性行為を迫り、同女性が訴えを起こしたと報じた。さらに、この告発を受け、ラスベガス警察はこの件の捜査を再開すると発表している。

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News Headlines - 08 October 2018

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's far-right presidential candidate wins first round of election - CNN

Far-right congressman Jair Bolsonaro pulled off a thumping win in the first round of Brazil's presidential election following one of the most polarizing campaigns since the country returned to democracy three decades ago.
Bolsonaro won Sunday's poll with 46% of the vote, ahead of left-wing ex-Sao Paulo mayor Fernando Haddad on 29%, according to tweets from the Supreme Electoral Tribunal's official Twitter account.
Bolsonaro's lead, in a field of 13 candidates, left him just short of the 50% needed to win outright and unable to avoid a runoff against Haddad, from the Workers' Party, on October 28.

Japan pulls out of naval drills over demands it remove 'rising sun' flag | The Guardian

Japan has withdrawn from an international fleet review this week after rejecting demands that its warship take part without its “rising sun” flag ensign – regarded by many Koreans as a symbol of Japanese militarism and colonial rule.
South Korea – the host nation – had asked all 14 countries sending vessels to the five-day event, which begins on Thursday at a naval base on the island of Jeju, to ensure they display only their national flags and the flag of South Korea.
The rule – in effect a demand for Japan to remove the kyokujitsuki flag from a destroyer due to take part in the exercise – was introduced amid simmering bilateral disputes over Japan’s use of Korean sex slaves during the second world war and ownership of a group of islets called Takeshima in Japan and Dokdo in South Korea.

Toys R Us reopening? Group of investors planning comeback for the toy chain brand and Geoffrey the giraffe - CBS News

There may be a second act for Toys R Us, which shut down hundreds of stores over the summer. A group of investors said in a bankruptcy court filing Tuesday that it's scrapping an auction for Toys R Us assets. The investors believe they'll do better by potentially reviving the toy chain, rather than selling it off for parts.
The investors said they'll work with potential partners to develop new ideas for stores in the U.S. and other countries "that could bring back these iconic brands in a new and re-imagined way."

More than 250 people have died taking selfies in recent years

The study by researchers at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi found 259 people died while attempting to take a selfie between October 2011 and November 2017.
Researchers pulled together a list of English newspapers worldwide and performed a comprehensive search of key words or phrases such as "selfie deaths" or "selfie accidents." They then attempted to cross-match those search links with links from their list of newspapers.
The results found selfie deaths rose from two reported in 2011 to 98 in 2016. The number of selfie deaths last year dipped to 93, said the study.

Tropical cyclone heads towards Oman, forecasters warn of 135 kph gusts

Forecasters say a tropical depression 1,040 km off the coast of southern Oman has developed into a tropical cyclone.
But the India Meteorological Department warned it could develop into a severe cyclonic storm with winds gusting to 135 kph. They still do not know where it will make landfall.
Approximately 1,000 km off the coast of Oman and traveling at 20 kph, forecasters have named the storm Luban – the Arabic word for or “frankincense.”

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秋のWindows 10大型アップデート、配信を一時中止。「ファイルが勝手に削除された」との苦情が相次ぐ - Engadget 日本版

マイクロソフトは一部ユーザーからの報告を受けて、Windows 10の大型アップデート「October 2018 Update」(バージョン1809)配信を一時停止したことを発表しました。……マイクロソフトの公式フォーラムなど様々なコミュニティで「ドキュメントフォルダ内のファイルが勝手に削除された」といった苦情が相次いでいました。
なお、今のところ問題のアップデートは、Windows Update経由で自動配信されていません。アップデートしたユーザーは、マイクロソフト公式サイトから手動でダウンロードおよびインストールした人に限られています。

AppleとAmazonが全面否定する中国不正チップ疑惑、米政府が両社を支持 - ITmedia NEWS


ノーベル経済学賞に米の2氏 気候変動と経済の関係分析:朝日新聞デジタル


ブルガリアの女性ジャーナリスト、レイプ・殺害される 報道界震かん:AFPBB News


太陽系の端に新天体発見 すばる望遠鏡で米チーム | 共同通信


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News Headlines - 07 October 2018

Missing toll soars to 5,000 in engulfed Indonesia quake neighbourhoods | AFP.com

The number of people believed missing from the quake and tsunami that struck Indonesia's Palu city has soared to 5,000, an official said Sunday, an indication that far more may have perished in the twin disaster than the current toll.

South Korean Ex-Leader Lee Gets 15 Years for Corruption | Time

South Korea’s former President Lee Myung-bak was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison Friday in a corruption case badly tainting his status as the country’s first leader with a business background who once symbolized the country’s economic rise.

30 years after conjoined twins surgery - NHK WORLD

Thirty years ago, a major surgical operation was conducted in Vietnam to separate a pair of conjoined twins.
One of the twins, Nguyen Duc, recently commemorated the success of the operation with his family and those involved in the surgery... Sadly, Viet remained bed-ridden due to a brain disorder and died in 2007.

For the first time since WWII, Japanese soldier dies on Philippine soil

A serving Japanese soldier has died on Philippine soil for the first time since World War Two.
The country’s military confirmed today (Sunday, October 7) that one of its sevicemen was killed in a car crash during joint exercises with US and Filipino troops.

Sayonara Tsukiji! Relocation of Tokyo's famed fish market begins - The Straits Times

Hundreds of fishmongers on forklifts and trucks rose before dawn in Tokyo on Sunday (Oct 7) to join a mammoth exodus of vendors as the world-famous Tsukiji market relocates to a new site.
In small vehicles and the market's famed "turret trucks" - one-man flatbeds with a barrel-shaped steering column at the front - they drove out of the Tsukiji site one last time, headed for Toyosu, the market's new home.

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CNN.co.jp : ブレット・カバノー氏、最高裁判事に就任 上院が承認




英国発の遊べるおもちゃ屋さん「ハムリーズ」が横浜と博多にオープン バンダイナムコアミューズメントが日本で展開 - イベント


米国籍有名DJ、デイビッド・モラレス容疑者に麻薬密輸疑い MDMA、福岡県警 - 産経ニュース


ニューカッスル 武藤 マンU戦に先発出場 移籍後初ゴール | NHKニュース


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News Headlines - 06 October 2018

French police probe Interpol chief's disappearance on China trip | Reuters

French police are investigating the disappearance of Interpol chief, Meng Hongwei, who was reported missing after travelling from France to his native China, while his wife has been placed under police protection after receiving threats.

Saudi journalist 'killed inside consulate' – Turkish sources | The Guardian

Turkish officials believe that missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and his body later driven from the compound.
Authorities say they believe Khashoggi’s death was premeditated and that Saudi officials had travelled to Istanbul from Riyadh after receiving word that the high-profile critic of the current Saudi leadership planned to visit the consulate.

First woman Physics Nobel winner in 55 years - BBC News

The Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to a woman for the first time in 55 years.
Donna Strickland, from Canada, is only the third woman winner of the award, along with Marie Curie, who won in 1903, and Maria Goeppert-Mayer, who was awarded the prize in 1963.

Banksy auction stunt leaves art world in shreds | The Guardian

Banksy has played what could be one of the most audacious stunts in art history, arranging for one of his best-known works to self-destruct after being sold at auction for just over £1m.
Girl With Balloon was the final item in an auction at Sotheby’s in London on Friday night and its sale price equalled the artist’s previous auction record of £1.04m.
Shortly after the hammer came down on the item, however, the canvas began to pass through a shredder installed in the frame.

Manchester United No.7 shirt 'cursed' since Cristiano Ronaldo left and could explain why Alexis Sanchez is suffering

Wearing the iconic number seven shirt at Manchester United undoubtedly brings another dimension of pressure for stars when they arrive at Old Trafford.
With George Best, David Beckham and Eric Cantona wearing the number with such distinction, players in recent years have failed to deliver with it on their back.
After originally rejecting the number when he joined in 2003, Cristiano Ronaldo reached global superstar status and made the shirt his own.
However, since then, five players have worn No.7 and scored just 13 Premier League goals between them in nine years.

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ジェフ・ベゾス氏、米長者番付でも首位に ビル・ゲイツ氏は2位 - ITmedia NEWS


シティー落日に現実味 始まった金融大移動:日本経済新聞


シカゴ美術館の東洋美術ギャラリー、27年ぶりに改名  :日本経済新聞


リュック・ベッソン氏、女優への性的暴行容疑で事情聴取:AFPBB News

フランスの警察当局は4日、『フィフス・エレメント(The Fifth Element)』や『グラン・ブルー(The Big Blue)』といったヒット作で知られる仏映画監督のリュック・ベッソン(Luc Besson)氏(59)に掛けられた若手女優への性的暴行容疑について、同氏を5時間近くにわたって事情聴取した。ベッソン氏の弁護士が明らかにした。事情聴取はベッソン氏自らが申し出たものだという。

マンUは公式戦4戦未勝利…攻撃陣不発でバレンシアとスコアレスドロー | フットボールチャンネル


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News Headlines - 05 October 2018

Nobel Peace Prize for anti-rape activists Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege - BBC News

The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize has gone to campaigners against rape in warfare, Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege.
Ms Murad is an Iraqi Yazidi who was tortured and raped by Islamic State militants and later became the face of a campaign to free the Yazidi people.
Dr Mukwege is a Congolese gynaecologist who, along with his colleagues, has treated tens of thousands of victims.

Ex-German Chancellor Schroder to marry Korean girlfriend on Oct. 5

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, 74, will marry his South Korean girlfriend Kim So-yeon, 47, at a hotel in Berlin on Oct. 5, reports say.
The couple will hold a wedding reception in Seoul on Oct. 28, according to the reports.
If the wedding takes places, Kim will become Schroder's fifth wife. Schroder ended his 19-year fourth marriage in 2016.

Amazon to Raise Minimum Wage to $15 for All U.S. Workers - The New York Times

Amazon said on Tuesday that it would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for its United States employees, a rare acknowledgment that it was feeling squeezed by political pressure and a tight labor market. The raises apply for part-time workers and those hired through temporary agencies... The new wages will apply to more than 250,000 Amazon employees, including those at the grocery chain Whole Foods, as well as the more than 100,000 seasonal employees it plans to hire for the holiday season. The change will not apply to contract workers. It goes into effect on Nov. 1.

Scientists Have Connected The Brains of 3 People, Enabling Them to Share Thoughts

Neuroscientists have successfully hooked up a three-way brain connection to allow three people share their thoughts – and in this case, play a Tetris-style game. The team thinks this wild experiment could be scaled up to connect whole networks of people, and yes, it's as weird as it sounds.

Fan Bingbing: Missing Chinese actress fined for tax fraud - BBC News

Chinese mega star Fan Bingbing has been fined around 883 million yuan ($129m; £98.9m) for tax evasion and other offences, authorities said Wednesday... Ms Fan, who is one of China's highest paid actors, will escape criminal charges if the fines are paid on time, said state news agency Xinhua.

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米ペンス副大統領、中国非難の演説 台湾問題にも言及:朝日新聞デジタル


カバノー氏承認へ、5日動議採決-FBI調査は徹底的だと議員 - Bloomberg


日本企業、脱英国にかじ 「合意なきEU離脱」に現実味 メイ首相の強硬姿勢に見切り - SankeiBiz(サンケイビズ)


マッカラン60年、1億2500万円で落札 ウイスキー史上最高額:AFPBB News


「ネイチャー誌、サイエンス誌の9割は嘘」 ノーベル賞の本庶佑氏は説く、常識を疑う大切さを。


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News Headlines - 04 October 2018

Toyota, SoftBank in first-ever alliance, target self-driving car services | Reuters

Toyota Motor Corp and SoftBank Group Corp are teaming up to develop self-driving car services, signaling deepening alliances between top automaker and tech firms as the global race to develop autonomous cars intensifies.

Nissan becomes latest manufacturer to warn against hard Brexit | The Guardian

The Japanese carmaker Nissan has warned the government that serious disruption will be caused to its huge manufacturing operation in the north-east of England if the UK fails to secure a deal with the EU that avoids a hard Brexit.
Carlos Ghosn, the chair of Nissan, has described its British operations as “a European investment based in the UK”, which employs almost 8,000 people, mostly at its factory near Sunderland. A further 30,000 people are employed in UK companies supplying Nissan.

Fujimori Is Ordered Back to Prison in Peru, Angering Supporters - The New York Times

Alberto Fujimori, the former Peruvian dictator imprisoned for human rights abuses but then pardoned last year, was ordered back to prison on Wednesday, reigniting debate over the fate of one of the region’s most contentious figures.
Human rights advocates hailed the ruling, but Mr. Fujimori’s defiant supporters and his politically powerful daughter, Keiko, gathered outside his house on Wednesday to condemn it.

Hollywood and Capcom Lining Up For Mega Man To Grace The Silver Screen

Mega Man first arrived on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1987 (after releasing as Rockman in Japan earlier that year on the Famicom) making the character over 30 years boasting 32 million worldwide sales. Mega Man isn’t just the star of Capcom’s video game lineup either as he’s appeared in all kinds of mediums from comic books to animated series, not to mention the countless numbers of spinoffs to the series. At this point in time, the movie is simply being called MEGA MAN and will be written and directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. This writer/director duo’s previous credits include Catfish, Paranormal Activities 3 and 4, as well as Nerve the 2016 Emma Roberts and Dave Franco film. This film will be distributed by 20th Century Fox and has Masi Oka, Hiro from the TV series Heroes, as a producer.

Utah suspect arrested for allegedly sending ricin to Donald Trump

A former Navy sailor was taken into custody in Utah on Wednesday on suspicion of mailing envelopes filled with a suspicious substance to top federal officials, including President Trump.
The man, identified as William Clyde Allen III, 39, was taken into custody in Logan about 85 miles north of Salt Lake City, according to local FBI spokesman Doug Davis.

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米軍オスプレイ横田基地に正式配備 地元では | NHK


ホンダ、GMと自動運転で協業 無人ライドシェアを世界展開へ - ITmedia NEWS

本田技研工業(ホンダ)は10月3日、米General Motors(GM)と自動運転の分野で協業すると発表した。無人運転車を共同開発し、ライドシェア事業のグローバル展開の可能性も視野に入れる。
 ホンダは、GM子会社のGM Cruise Holdingsに7億5000万ドル(約850億円)を出資し、今後12年にわたり事業資金約20億ドル(約2280億円)を提供する予定だ。……Cruiseには、ソフトバンクグループも今年6月、Softbank Vision Fundを通じて22億5000万ドルを出資している。



ネオナチ活動家ら8人逮捕 独統一記念日に襲撃計画容疑:朝日新聞デジタル


パリに「ソニア・リキエル通り」誕生、デザイナー名の道は同市初:AFPBB News

フランス首都パリに9月30日、ファッションデザイナーのソニア・リキエル(Sonia Rykiel)氏の名を冠した通りが誕生した。同市の道にデザイナーの名が付けられたのはこれが初めて。

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News Headlines - 03 October 2018

Abe picks 12 new members, one woman, in Cabinet reshuffle:The Asahi Shimbun

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Oct. 2 rewarded supportive party factions in his largest-ever Cabinet reshuffle but appointed only one woman and one member of the ruling coalition partner.
Twelve new ministers were included in the new administration.

FSA to issue partial business suspension order to Suruga Bank:The Asahi Shimbun

The Financial Services Agency (FSA) decided to issue a partial business suspension order to Suruga Bank over its systemic practice of falsifying documents for improper lending in a “share house” investment scheme.
The order, which could come as early as this week, will prohibit the bank from extending new loans to investors in real estate for a certain period. The FSA will also issue a business improvement order to the bank, based in Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Rising Sun flag puts Korean, Japanese navies on collision course | South China Morning Post

South Korea and Japan are on a collision course over an upcoming international naval forces event at which a Japanese warship is to fly the controversial Rising Sun flag, which is seen by many across Asia as a painful reminder of the nation’s imperial past.
South Korea is to host the International Fleet Review over four days from October 10 at Jeju Island, with warships from 15 nations, including China and the United States in addition to Japan, taking part.

UN court rejects Bolivia's bid for sea access via Chile

he International Court of Justice on Monday rejected a bid by landlocked Bolivia to force Chile to the negotiating table for access to the Pacific Ocean in a row dating back to the 19th century.
Bolivia lost its route to the sea in a 1879-1883 war with Chile, and Santiago has rejected every attempt since then by its smaller and poorer neighbour to win it back.

Indonesia earthquake death toll rises to 1,234 after dozens of students found dead in church | The Independent

Indonesia’s death toll from the earthquake and tsunami which struck on Friday has risen to 1,234, according to officials.
The figures come after the bodies of 34 students were found in a destroyed church which was hit by a landslide during a bible camp in the mountainous Sigi Biromaru region.
The Indonesian government has begun mass burials for victims – most found in the city of Palu.

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EUからの移民優遇せず=英、離脱後の政策発表:AFPBB News




ノーベル文学賞 日本人2人同時授賞の可能性を検討 1965年 | NHKニュース


May J. 、ロシアの歴史的劇場でポップスアーティスト世界初のオーケストラコンサート | BARKS

May J.が10月1日、ロシアのサンクトペテルブルクにあるマリインスキー劇場・新館にてコンサートを行った。
このマリインスキー劇場・新館は、ロシアが世界に誇るオペラとバレエの殿堂マリインスキー劇場の新館として2013年に完成。May J.がこのステージに立つのは、ポップスアーティストとして世界初となる。

懐疑的だった無名コーチの登用。それでもタイガー・ウッズは復活した|web Sportiva


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News Headlines - 02 October 2018

Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father - The New York Times

Mr. Trump won the presidency proclaiming himself a self-made billionaire, and he has long insisted that his father, the legendary New York City builder Fred C. Trump, provided almost no financial help.
But The Times’s investigation, based on a vast trove of confidential tax returns and financial records, reveals that Mr. Trump received the equivalent today of at least $413 million from his father’s real estate empire, starting when he was a toddler and continuing to this day.
Much of this money came to Mr. Trump because he helped his parents dodge taxes. He and his siblings set up a sham corporation to disguise millions of dollars in gifts from their parents, records and interviews show.

EU council allows removal of VAT from e-books | The Bookseller

The EU's Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Ecofin) today (2nd October) agreed on a proposal which will allow all member states to give e-books and audiobooks the same VAT-free status as printed books. The UK Publishers Association has immediately called for the UK government to use the new powers.
The new rules don't force EU member states to align the rates, but allow them to.

Cern scientist Alessandro Strumia suspended after comments - BBC News

A senior scientist who said physics "was invented and built by men" has been suspended with immediate effect from working with the European nuclear research centre Cern.
Prof Alessandro Strumia, of Pisa University, made the comments during a presentation organised by the group... Cern said on Monday it was suspending Prof Strumia pending an investigation.

Russian woman squirts liquid on manspreaders on public transportation | The Independent

In a video, created by Anna Dovgalyuk from Russia, and viewed more than 1.5 million times, a woman brazenly walks up to seated passengers on the St Petersburg subway system and douses them with a clear liquid from a bottle.
Dovgalyuk claimed the substance was a strong bleach solution, used because it “eats colours in the fabric in a matter of minutes”, leaving “indelible stains” on the clothes of manspreaders.
However many internet viewers expressed doubt, suggesting that it was more likely to have been water.

Outcry over 'sexualised' photos of young girls in Ukrainian lingerie | Daily Mail Online

Police in Ukraine have vowed to charge the parents of six young girls who took part in a 'lingerie for children' fashion shoot.
The girls, aged eight to 14, were photographed wearing lacy underwear and shawls as part of a promotional campaign for fashion label Alla Frenkel's new line.
Frenkel's, which is based in Odessa, published the images on its website where they were branded 'sickening' for sexualising children.

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中国駆逐艦、「航行の自由」作戦の米艦に異常接近 南シナ海:AFPBB News

米太平洋艦隊(US Pacific Fleet)は1日、南シナ海(South China Sea)の南沙諸島(スプラトリー諸島、Spratly Islands)周辺で前日に「航行の自由」作戦を実施した米駆逐艦に、中国の駆逐艦が異常に接近していたことを明らかにした。中国艦は約41メートルの距離まで近づき、ディケーターは衝突を避けるために進行方向の変更を余儀なくされたという。

陸自が英陸軍と共同訓練 米軍以外とは国内初 - 産経ニュース


トヨタ、英で一時的に生産休止も 合意なし離脱なら:日本経済新聞


サマータイムにまつわるあれこれ、英国でもその将来は不透明(The Telegraph)

サマータイムは、エドワード朝時代の建築業者ウィリアム・ウィレット(William Willet)氏により1907年に発案された。……ウィレット氏は、「The Waste of Daylight(日照時間の無駄)」という冊子を作成し、全国的に時間を変えて、早起きしようと訴えた。……ドイツが1916年4月30日、ウィレット氏の時間を変更する案を実行したが、残念なことにウィレット氏は、その1年前の1915年に流感により58歳で亡くなっていた。

フランス実写版シティーハンターの予告編が公開! - シネマトゥデイ

漫画家・北条司の代表作「シティーハンター」をフランスで実写映画化した『ニッキー・ラルソン(原題) / Nicky Larson』の予告編が、ソニー・ピクチャーズ・フランスのYouTubeチャンネルで公開された。……監督を兼任するリョウ役のフィリップ・ラショーは、おバカコメディー『真夜中のパリでヒャッハー!』(2014)、『世界の果てまでヒャッハー!』(2015)を手掛けた人物で、予告編もコメディー色が強め。

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News Headlines - 01 October 2018

Japan's Abe suffers Okinawa election defeat over new US base

An opponent of the construction of a new US Marine base on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa won election as governor on Sunday, beating a candidate backed by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's ruling coalition.
Denny Tamaki, the son of a US serviceman and a Japanese mother, claimed victory over Atsushi Sakima in the closely fought race, Kyodo news agency reported. Tamaki opposes a government plan to build a new military facility, enabling the closure of the Futenma Marine base in the centre of a densely populated city.

3 charged after murder of Slovak journalist and his girlfriend | Euronews

Three people in Slovakia have been charged with the murder of an investigative journalist and his fiancée. The killings had sparked nationwide protests that brought down the government.
The 27-year-old journalist, Jan Kuciak, had been investigating links between top government officials and the mafia.
The suspects were among eight arrested in a house raid on Thursday. Five others in the same raid have since been released.

Frenchman in Nobel scandal jailed for 2 years for rape | AFP.com

A Swedish court on Monday sentenced a Frenchman at the heart of a Nobel scandal to two years in jail for rape in a scandal that emerged during the #MeToo campaign.
An influential figure in Stockholm's cultural scene, 72-year-old Jean-Claude Arnault went on trial last month on two counts of rape relating to incidents dating back to 2011.

Charles Aznavour, the 'Frank Sinatra of France', dies aged 94 | The Guardian

The French singer Charles Aznavour – often hailed as his country’s Frank Sinatra – has died at the age of 94, French media have reported, citing his spokesman.
Aznavour, who was born Shahnour Varinag Aznavourian in Paris to Armenian parents, sold more than 100m records in 80 countries and had about 1,400 songs to his name, including 1,300 he wrote himself. He was sometimes described as the French Sinatra because of his stirring, melancholic style.

Wembley stadium sale to Shahid Khan on course after FA board gives backing | The Guardian

The Football Association board has approved in principle the sale of Wembley stadium for £600m to the Fulham and Jacksonville Jaguars owner, Shahid Khan. The proposal, with protection for England, FA Cup and other prestige football matches to be played there, preservation of its name without a sponsor and reassurances that the proceeds will be spent on grassroots facilities, will next be presented to the FA council on 11 October.

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NAFTA、期限目前で合意 車は加メキシコに寛容 | ロイター


テスラCEOがSECと和解 罰金支払い会長退任:日本経済新聞


囲碁界がスマホ規制 超人AIの設計図公開で反対論一転:朝日新聞デジタル


本庶佑氏にノーベル医学・生理学賞 がん免疫治療薬を開発 - 産経ニュース


マケドニア:国名変更に暗雲 国民投票不成立 - 毎日新聞


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