News Headlines - 09 October 2018

What does 10,000,000 percent inflation look like? See Venezuela | ABS-CBN News

After seeing prices surge an already-unthinkable 1,000 percent last year, hyperinflation in Venezuela's imploding economy is set to hit nearly 1.4 million percent this year, the International Monetary Fund forecast in its World Economic Outlook released Monday.
But in 2019 that hyperinflation is expected to leave earth's orbit, hitting 10 million percent, a figure so large and improbable, readers of the report had to count the zeroes to make sure they had the correct number.

Russian girl made to eat a human by cannibal paedophile 'boyfriend' | Daily Mail Online

A schoolgirl at the centre of an horrific paedophile cannibal murder in Russia has told detectives how she used a frying pan to cook and eat the heart of the man she allegedly killed along with her 22-year-old 'boyfriend'.
The 12-year-old identified only as 'Valeria', reportedly told investigators the victim's heart was 'too sweet', but that his brains 'turned out to be much more tasty'.
Valeria had run away from home with Arkady Zverev, 22, and has admitted to taking part in the murder and dismembering of their landlord Alexander Popovich, 21, say police.

Meningitis scare at renowned Berlin sex club KitKat

Visitors to a famous sex club in Berlin have been urged to seek medical treatment after a clubber was taken ill with bacterial meningitis.
The KitKat Club said the man was in a serious condition in hospital after attending a party on Saturday night.

David Beckham’s son accused of racism by Chinese internet users | South China Morning Post

David Beckham’s eldest son Brooklyn has provoked a furious backlash among mainland Chinese internet users by posting a “racist” Instagram photo to his 11.6 million followers while on holiday in Venice.
The now-deleted post from the 19-year-old shows Chinese tourists in a gondola as well as in a local supermarket, with the caption “No place like Italy innit”.

Thousands pay respects to former Okinawa governor - NHK WORLD

Thousands of people have paid their respects to former Okinawa governor Takeshi Onaga, who died of cancer at the age of 67 in August... Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga read a letter of condolence from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. In the letter, Abe says he respects Onaga, who gave his life for Okinawa's development, and that the central government is determined to ease Okinawa's hosting burden.
Some attendees shouted "liar" and "go home."








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