News Headlines - 22 November 2018

Interpol presidency vote: Russia in surprise loss to South Korea - BBC News

Mr Kim was chosen by Interpol's 194 member states at a meeting of its annual congress in Dubai.
He beat Russia's Alexander Prokopchuk, who has been accused of using Interpol's arrest warrant system to target critics of the Kremlin... The election follows the disappearance of Interpol's former president Meng Hongwei, who vanished on a trip to China in September. Beijing has since confirmed he has been detained and is being investigated for allegedly taking bribes.

Cult leader jailed in South Korea for raping eight female followers | Daily Mail Online

A South Korean religious cult leader who was a 'God' to his followers has been jailed for 15 years after he was convicted of raping eight of his female supporters.
Judge Chung Moon-sung told Seoul Central District court that Pastor Lee Jaerock had absolute religious authority over his followers, who were unable to resist him.
The cult leader's conviction comes after three of his followers went public earlier this year and revealed that Lee had summoned each of them to an apartment before raping them.

American killed on Andaman island home to uncontacted people, body yet to be recovered - India News

An American man was killed on an island inhabited by a tribe known to resist outside contact in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. And, his body still lies there.
The American was identified as 27-year-old John Allen Chau, who sources said was a Christian missionary who wanted to convert the Sentinelese tribe that inhabits the island where he was killed... The officer stressed that the Sentinelese must be left alone and that any forced contact with the outside world could put them in danger.

Sperm Whale Washed Up Off Sulawesi Had Plastic Bottles, Bags in Stomach | Jakarta Globe

A sperm whale found dead in Wakatobi National Park southeast of Sulawesi Island had nearly 6 kilograms of plastic waste, including 115 cups, in its stomach, park officials said on Tuesday.
The 9.5-meter whale was found in waters near Kapota Island, the park said in a statement... The cause of death was not known, but park officials found plastic bottles, bags, sandals and a sack with more than 1,000 pieces of string in the whale's stomach.

Softbank makes major pivot toward office, ride sharing:The Asahi Shimbun

Japan’s No. 3 wireless carrier will transfer 9,000 employees over the next few years from domestic telecom units to help expand joint businesses that parent company Softbank Group Corp. recently launched with Yahoo Japan and other startups based in China and the United States... Under the slogan “Half & Twice,” Softbank will effectively cut its workforce by half while encouraging employees to double the productivity of existing businesses.
The company has already relocated more than 500 personnel from engineering and sales departments and call centers to new business sections through its internal job posting system as of this month. An additional 200 employees are expected to be transferred as of Jan. 1, 2019.








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