News Headlines - 30 November 2018

Prince Akishino questions Japanese government financing of Shinto-linked rite | The Japan Times

Prince Akishino, the younger son of Emperor Akihito, has questioned whether the state should finance one of the Shinto-linked rituals to be held following the Imperial succession... He expressed doubts at the news conference about the constitutionality of the Daijosai grand thanksgiving rite to be held in November next year, saying he believes it is a “highly religious” event.
The supreme law bans the state from engaging in religious activities. Shinto is Japan’s indigenous religion, in which the Emperor is venerated as a descendant of the sun goddess.

Met police knock suspects off mopeds in new tactic – dashcam video | The Guardian

UK police say tough tactics to tackle violent thieves on mopeds, including chasing them and knocking them off their bikes, has helped drive down crime. This year, a special team of 'Scorpion' drivers have knocked suspects off their mopeds 63 times

Supreme Court orders Mitsubishi to compensate Korean forced labor victims

South Korea’s top court on Thursday ruled in favor of Korean victims who were forced into labor during Japan’s colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula, ordering a Japanese company to compensate them for their unpaid work and reaffirming that an international treaty does not negate an individual’s rights to seek damages.
The Supreme Court upheld two lower court rulings against the Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., and ordered payments in the amount of 80 million won ($71,500) to the families of each of the six men who were forced to labor and 100 million to 120 million won to four female victims of forced labor, in separate cases.

In Indonesia Lion Air Crash, Black Box Data Reveal Pilots’ Struggle to Regain Control - The New York Times

Data from the jetliner that crashed into the Java Sea last month shows the pilots fought to save the plane almost from the moment it took off, as the Boeing 737’s nose was repeatedly forced down, apparently by an automatic system receiving incorrect sensor readings... The pilots managed to pull the nose back up over and over until finally losing control, leaving the plane, Lion Air Flight 610, to plummet into the ocean at 450 miles per hour, killing all 189 people on board.

Hang glider forced to cling on for his life after launching unattached | The Guardian

A first-time hang glider has spoken of how he was left holding on for his life after his pilot failed to fasten him to the glider.
Chris Gursky was forced to cling to the glider with one hand and his pilot with the other for more than two minutes or face a probably fatal fall to earth.








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