News Headlines - 13 December 2018

Germany’s SPD struggles with Merkel’s successor | Financial Times

“In terms of the competition between the two parties, Kramp-Karrenbauer will make life more difficult for the SPD,” said Uwe Jun, a professor of politics at Trier University.
“She represents the social wing of the CDU, and her positions on social and economic issues are pretty close to those of the SPD. This could make it even harder for the SPD to draw a distinction to the CDU — and that was already a problem for the party.”

Putin's Stasi spy ID pass found in Germany - BBC News

A Stasi ID pass used by Vladimir Putin when he was a Soviet spy in former East Germany has been found in the Stasi secret police archive in Dresden... Mr Putin, then a KGB major, got it in 1985. It got him into Stasi facilities, but he may not have spied for them.

Huge cliff collapse in Cornwall captured by woman walking her dog | The Independent

A large cliff section collapsing onto a beach in Cornwall was caught on camera by a woman taking her dog for a walk.
Deborah Smith witnessed the dramatic coastal erosion at Lyntone Cliffs near Bude around 4pm on Monday afternoon, when she “saw the rocks moving and quickly videoed it” using her mobile phone.
Ms Smith, 54, said she ran away from the cliff edge shortly after the land plunged onto the beach below.

Icebergs ahead! Olafur Eliasson brings the frozen fjord to Britain | The Guardian

Olafur Eliasson is putting the chill into climate change. The revered Scandinavian artist has placed 24 large blocks of centuries-old ice, harvested from the Nuup Kangerlua fjord in Greenland, in a circle outside the Tate Modern in London, with another six on display in the City.
The purpose of Ice Watch London, a collaboration with award-winning Greenlandic geologist Minik Rosing, is to bring the effects of climate change closer to home, putting people in direct contact with its effects so that they can feel – and even sniff and lick – the ice as it slowly melts away.

Ecclestone says he attempted to buy Silverstone

Former Formula 1 chief Bernie Ecclestone says he has made enquiries about buying the Silverstone circuit – and was told that the venue is not for sale.
Ecclestone's claim comes as the future of the British GP remains in doubt, with the current contract expiring after next year's race.








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