News Headlines - 21 December 2018

Two Chinese nationals charged with hacking U.S. government and military

Two Chinese nationals were charged with participating in a global hacking campaign that targeted the U.S. government and military — and stole the personal information of more than 100,000 Navy personnel, the Justice Department said Thursday.
Zhang Shilong and Zhu Hua, also known as "Godkiller," worked with an extensive network of Chinese hackers to infiltrate dozens of government agencies, private companies including oil and gas firms, NASA and the U.S. Attorney's Office in the Southern District of New York, according to a three-count indictment.

Japan accuses South Korea of 'extremely dangerous' radar lock on plane | Reuters

Japanese Defence Minister Takeshi Iwaya “strongly protested” to South Korea on Friday after a South Korean destroyer allegedly locked its targeting radar on a Japanese surveillance plane.

Watch Ukrainian MPs punch one another in the face as a fight breaks out in Parliament

unches were thrown in the Ukrainian parliament yesterday after a bill was passed that would require the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to change its name to indicate its ties to Russia.
Fighting broke out after Nestor Shufrych, a member of the Opposition Bloc, removed a poster from the podium which accused pro-Russian Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk of being an “agent” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

'Pineapple leather' offers vegan fashion alternative | Reuters

Pineapples aren’t just good to eat. A Spanish businesswoman is on a mission to convince us they’re also good to wear.
Carmen Hijosa has created Piñatex, a textile woven from the long fibers in the fruit’s discarded leaves that she hopes will give the fashion industry a sustainable alternative to leather.

Hotel steps in to give rooms to homeless over Christmas - BBC News

A second hotel in Hull has stepped in to offer 28 homeless people rooms over Christmas after their previous booking by a homeless project was cancelled.
The group had been due to stay at the Royal Hotel in Hull but were then told they could not, prompting an outcry.
The hotel later said they had been told about damage to rooms by the group at an Ibis hotel last Christmas.
Raise the Roof Hull Homeless Project says the allegations are "lies" and Ibis denies the claim.








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