News Headlines - 17 January 2019

Brexit vote news: MPs will debate and vote on Theresa May's plan B on January 29 | London Evening Standard

MPs will be able to vote on Theresa May's Brexit 'Plan B' on January 29, it has been confirmed... Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom said the Prime Minister would put forward a motion and make a statement on her next steps on Monday.
"A full day's debate on the motion will take place on Tuesday, 29 January, subject to the agreement of the house," Ms Leadsom told Parliament.

Brexit: EU ready to delay withdrawal until next year | The Times

European Union officials are examining plans to delay Brexit until 2020 after Germany and France indicated their willingness to extend withdrawal negotiations because of Britain’s political turmoil.
Diplomats and officials are preparing a longer than envisaged extension of the EU’s Article 50 exit procedure because the extent of Theresa May’s defeat in the House of Commons last night.
Previous planning had centred on a three-month delay to Brexit from March 29 until the end of June but now, according to multiple sources, EU officials are investigating legal routes to postpone Britain’s withdrawal until next year.

Singapore man linked to Tokyo's 2020 Olympics bid jailed for lying - The Mainichi

A Singaporean man linked to Tokyo's 2020 Olympics bid was sentenced to a week in jail on Tuesday for lying to officers from Singapore's anti-corruption agency investigating his company's shady financial transfers.
Tan Tong Han, 35, the owner of a now-defunct Singapore-based consultancy firm Black Tidings, was found by the court to have lied to Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau officers who were probing the firm's money transfers in 2015.
Tan had been charged in court in February last year at a time when media speculation was rife about his firm's alleged links to Tokyo's bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics and to an extortion and doping scandal involving Russian athlete Liliya Shobukhova and the International Association of Athletics Federations.

American Jason Spindler who survived 9/11 died in the Kenya attack - CNN

American businessman Jason Spindler survived the September 11 attacks in New York only to die this week in another act of terror.
Spindler was among those killed Tuesday in a terror attack on a Kenyan hotel compound, the company he founded said Wednesday... Spindler dedicated his life to helping others through his work as a business investment adviser, his parents told KTRK. It's what brought him to Nairobi, they said.

Volcano erupts on Kuchinoerabu, a small island in far south of Japan | South China Morning Post

A Japanese volcano erupted on Thursday, spewing ash and smoke 6km into the air over a small southern island. There were no reports of injuries or damage from the eruption on Kuchinoerabu, in the far south of Japan.
A local official said there had been no evacuations on the island, which is home to just 109 people.








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