News Headlines - 24 January 2019

S. Korea: Japanese Warplane Made Threatening Pass over Naval Vessel

South Korea says a Japanese military aircraft made a threatening low-altitude flight over one of its naval vessels Wednesday, describing it as a "provocative act."... Wednesday's incident is the latest chapter in a heated military dispute between two Asian neighbors since last month, when Tokyo claimed a South Korean destroyer locked its targeting radar on a Japanese surveillance plane in the Sea of Japan. Seoul accused the Japanese plane of flying too close to the destroyer, which was engaged in a rescue operation.

Nintendo's 'Splatoon' at Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt - V&A Blog

Our exhibition Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt goes behind the scenes at global game studios, revealing the amazing creative processes that go into some exceptional productions. Representing Nintendo is their fantastic take on the multiplayer third-person shooter, Splatoon (2015). Watch Producer Hisashi Nogami and Head of Software Development Shinya Takahashi visit the V&A exhibition to see for themselves how we represented the art and engineering of their game.

French Olympic probe raises questions about Japanese firm

In the French probe, investigators are examining $2 million authorized by Japanese Olympic Committee President Tsunekazu Takeda and paid to the Singapore-based consulting company Black Tidings and its head Ian Tan Tong Han. Black Tidings is suspected of channeling the money to Papa Massata Diack, one of the sons of the former IOC member from Senegal, Lamine Diack.
Lamine Diack is also the former head of the International Association of Athletics Federations, the world governing body for track and field.
Dentsu has links to both Diacks and is the IAAF’s long-time commercial partner with a contract that extends through 2029.

Apple lays off over 200 from Project Titan autonomous vehicle group

Apple dismissed just over 200 employees this week from Project Titan, its stealthy autonomous vehicle group, people familiar with the matter told CNBC... In August, Apple enlisted a Tesla engineering vice president and Apple veteran, Doug Field, to lead the Titan team alongside Bob Mansfield. This week’s dismissals from the group were seen internally as anticipated restructuring under the relatively new leadership.
Other employees who were impacted by the restructuring of Project Titan are staying at Apple, but moving to different parts of the company.

Bryan Singer’s Accusers Speak Out - The Atlantic

We spent 12 months investigating various lawsuits and allegations against Singer. In total, we spoke with more than 50 sources, including four men who have never before told their stories to reporters... The accusations against Singer cover a spectrum. Some of the alleged victims say they were seduced by the director while underage; others say they were raped. The victims we interviewed told us these experiences left them psychologically damaged, with substance-abuse problems, depression, and PTSD.








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