News Headlines - 02 February 2019

EU-Japan trade: Five things about the world's biggest deal - BBC News

Cheaper wine and cheese for Japan, cheaper cars for the EU - part of what the EU-Japan trade deal, now in force, means.
The world's biggest such deal, it covers nearly a third of global GDP and 635 million people.
However there are warnings that the UK could lose its benefits if it leaves the EU without an agreement... Here are five things about the deal:
1) Services as well as Sancerre and Suzukis
2) Japan's emergence as a free trade champion
3) The UK may only be in it for 59 days
4) The climate component
5) Where does it leave the US and China?

Porn actor who filmed himself in threesome on busy Tube train fined £1,000

An adult performer who filmed himself and his former partner having a threesome on a Tube train in front of passengers has been fined £1,000.
Porn actor George Mason, 35, and Nicholas Mullan, 24, were with a third man, who has not been identified, on a Northern Line train between Leicester Square and Waterloo.
The incident happened in July 2017 but was not reported until February last year, when it was posted on Twitter.

Huge cocaine shipment swapped with salt to catch traffickers | The Guardian

Italian police have taken possession of more than two tonnes of cocaine in the largest drugs seizure in the country in 25 years, after a sting operation involving three other nations across two continents.
The drugs, discovered in 60 bags in a cargo container at the Port of Genoa, have a total value of €500m (£436m) and were found with the help of the British, Colombian and Spanish police... The container set off from Colombia and arrived in Genoa last week and was then destined for Barcelona in Spain.
To catch the traffickers in Barcelona, the Italian investigators replaced the cargo of drugs - 1,801 bricks of pure cocaine - with salt and let it continue on its journey. In the Catalan city, Spanish police arrested the alleged recipient of the shipment, a 59-year-old Spaniard.

Japan police probe 'uranium' on online auction site - The Straits Times

Japanese authorities are investigating how a substance that appears to be uranium came to be offered for sale on an online auction site, a nuclear official said on Thursday (Jan 31).
Police are trying to confirm whether the product is radioactive, he said, with local media reporting investigators are questioning "a number of people" suspected of involvement in the sale and purchase of the substance.

New biometric boarding launched at Miami International Airport | Miami Herald

On Friday, MIA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials unveiled a new biometric boarding process for a Lufthansa flight heading to Munich, Germany. Instead of showing their passports and boarding passes, passengers simply stopped in front of a camera, had their photo taken by an iPad-shaped, automated camera, and were cleared to board by a computer.
It’s the first of what could eventually be a systemwide phase-in, not just MIA but for most international flights in the U.S.. The roll-out allows airlines to better comply with a federal requirement that the U.S. government know who has left the country. Biometric systems have already been put in place at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, Boston-Logan, and Los Angeles international airports.








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