News Headlines - 11 February 2019

Iran marks 40 years since Islamic Revolution as Rouhani warns US - CNN

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stood before a big crowd celebrating the Islamic Revolution's 40th anniversary on Monday and vowed to boost his country's military and ballistic missile program, defying US pressure and sanctions... US President Donald Trump has said that the economic sanctions he re-imposed in 2018 sought to keep Iran's military -- namely its ballistic missile program -- in check.
Tehran has tried to present the anniversary rallies as a show of support for the regime and Rouhani has accused Trump of openly agitating for regime change in Iran.

Top South Korean lawmaker seeks apology from Emperor to end 'comfort women' dispute | The Japan Times

National Assembly Speaker Moon Hee-sang said in an interview Thursday that Emperor Akihito - as “the son of the main culprit of war crimes” - should deliver the apology before his planned abdication in May. Moon was asked how the two U.S. allies could resolve a worsening diplomatic feud fueled by disagreements over Japan’s 1910-45 occupation of the Korean Peninsula, much of it under his late father, Emperor Hirohito, posthumously known as Emperor Showa.

Prince Philip, 97, gives up driving licence - BBC News

The Duke of Edinburgh is to voluntarily give up his driving licence, Buckingham Palace has said.
It comes after the 97-year-old duke apologised over a car crash near the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, in which his Land Rover Freelander landed on its side after a collision with a Kia... Buckingham Palace said that he surrendered his licence on Saturday.

Russian islands declare emergency after mass invasion of polar bears | The Guardian

Russian environmental authorities have deployed a team of specialists to a remote Arctic region to sedate and remove dozens of hungry polar bears that have besieged the people living there.
The move came after officials in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, with a population of about 3,000 people, appealed for help... A state of emergency has been declared in the region.

Hawaii hit by heavy rains, large waves, blackouts -- and snow

A powerful winter storm in the Pacific triggered flooded roads, blacked out communities and even brought a rare sight to Hawaii -- snow.
At least three people were injured in the winter storm, which prompted Oahu Mayor Kirk Caldwell to declare a warning of "all hands on deck" and advise residents in certain areas to stay at home.








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